Zantrex review: Does this high-energy fat burner work?

“Weight isn’t going to lose itself” – or so says the tagline on the Zantrex website. Their plan? To help you lose that weight – “up to 15.6% body fat!” – through their high-energy fat burner supplement.

But does Zantrex fat burner work? This review will lay out whether Zantrex is the right weight loss supplement for you. We’ll look at the ingredients in Zantrex and their claimed effects, the mechanisms of action it claims to use, and the feedback from real customers.

After reading this review you’ll be equipped with the knowledge to decide whether or not to buy Zantrex.

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What is Zantrex?

It’s a range of weight loss supplements, containing three products. This review is about Zantrex®-3 High Energy Fat Burner: A supplement that claims to help you lose body fat.

How does Zantrex work?

zantrex review

This fat burner claims four mechanisms of action, which allegedly work alongside each other to deliver weight loss results:

  • BMI-reducing body sculpting

The Zantrex formula is heavy on botanicals: Extracts from plant leaves, seeds, and flowers. Many ingredients we frequently see on fat burner ingredient labels are missing from Zantrex: Omissions that don’t fill us with confidence. Usually products that claim to reduce BMI would larger servings of soluble fiber than we see here.

  • Energy boosting

A few of the ingredients in Zantrex are natural sources of caffeine. Included in this list are green tea extract, guarana, kola nut, and coffee bean extract. When combined, the Zantrex website says this equates to about 200mg of caffeine per serving: Quite a high amount! The goal here is to give you the energy you need to smash a workout, and to burn additional calories.

  • Workout optimising

It’s claimed that the methylxanthines in the Zantrex formula will increase your alertness and boost mood – both useful things when it comes to keeping yourself focussed on a tough workout. A significant part of weight loss is burning calories through exercise, so optimising your workout by fuelling you to go harder for longer should help you to achieve this.

  • Advanced thermogenesis

Thermogenesis means raising your body temperature slightly (still within a safe range) to stimulate the burning of additional calories. The idea is that you’ll burn more calories than normal while at rest, and while exercising. And the more calories burned, the less left over for your body to store as fat.

What are the ingredients of Zantrex?

Knowing the ingredients of a fat burner you’re planning to take is very important. This section reviews the ingredients you’ll find in Zantrex: What they are and what they claim to do.

All of the Zantrex ingredients are wrapped in a proprietary blend, totalling 964mg. Because it’s a blend, you can’t be sure how much of each specific ingredient is included. One thing to point out is that with just 964mg of active ingredients it doesn’t feel you get a lot of bang for your buck. 

Here’s what you’ll find inside:

  • Citrus (fruit) extract

It’s thought that citrus fruits can stimulate metabolism, an effect that would increase your body’s efficiency at storing and breaking down fat for energy. Citrus fruits are also linked to feelings of fullness, thanks to the fact they take a long time to digest in your stomach. This may reduce your appetite and help you to eat less.

  • Guarana (fruit) extract

This fruit extract is a great source of caffeine, and caffeine is linked to all sorts of weight loss benefits. You might experience a better metabolic rate, higher energy levels, improved attention and focus, and more. 

  • Coffee (bean) extract

Another prime source of caffeine, the coffee bean extract in the Zantrex formula should bolster the effect of guarana and other stimulants in this list. Caffeine from coffee has been the subject of many scientific studies into exercise efficiency and weight loss, with results like greater workout duration and higher time until exhaustion being shown.

  • Kola (seed) extract

As well as being another source of caffeine (meaning it should contribute to the effects outlined above), kola nut is thought to aid digestion by stimulating the production of gastric acid. A more efficient digestive process might reduce the amount of fat absorbed from the food you eat, by helping your digestive system to process things more quickly.

  • Green tea (leaf) extract

Green tea extract contains catechins and caffeine. Catechins are involved in the regulation of thermogenesis in your body, and it’s thought that green tea extract acts as a thermogenic. This means you should expect to burn more calories at rest and during exercise than you would otherwise, thanks to these thermogenic effects.

  • Kelp (Ascophyllum nodosum) powder (whole plant)

It’s thought that a natural fiber found in kelp can slow the absorption of fat into your body. When combined with other digestive effects of ingredients, Zantrex may lead to reductions in the amount of fat ingested from your diet. The less fat that enters your body, the less fat you have to burn to achieve your weight loss goals.

  • Fennel (seed) powder

Fennel seeds contain an ingredient called saunf, and it’s believed that saunf has many potential weight loss effects. First up, it could contribute to normal metabolism, which as we’ve seen earlier should help your body to transport, store, and burn fat more efficiently. Fennel, and the saunf it contains, may also improve the absorption of vitamins and minerals from the food you eat.

  • Alpha lipoic acid

This acid is linked to improved conversion of carbohydrates to energy within the body. This is beneficial because carbohydrates can be stored as fat cells. As a result, many people are looking to increase the ratio of carbs that are used right away versus those that are stored as fat.

You’ll find a few other ingredients inside, too. These bind the capsules together and provide colouring. They are: Gelatin, rice flour, magnesium stearate, silicon dioxide, titanium dioxide, FD&C Red 40, and FD&C Blue 1.

How do I take Zantrex?

You take two capsules in the morning and two with your main meal. That’s a total of four each day – a limit that you should not exceed. It’s advised that you wash each serving down with a glass of water.

What are the side effects of Zantrex?

Because Zantrex contains high levels of stimulants, some people have reported side effects like fast heartbeat, sleep disturbance, anxiety, and nausea with these sorts of ingredients. It’s recommended that you stop taking Zantrex or any other supplement if you encounter these issues. If you’re concerned about side effects prior to starting taking this fat burner, you can trial two tablets a day instead of four to determine your tolerance.

Reviews on Amazon also mention potential gastrointestinal side effects.

Does Zantrex interact with other medicines?

There are no specific warnings on the Zantrex website about whether it has adverse interactions with other medicines, but they do suggest speaking with a doctor if you’re unsure. You should do this if you’re planning to take (or already taking) other supplements.

In general, caffeine can interact with prescription and over-the-counter medicines, so if you’re taking any medication it may be best to have a chat with your doctor and check there’s no risk of dangerous effects.

How long can I take Zantrex?

This fat burner should be taken alongside exercise and a healthy diet, so it’s advised that you take it for the duration of any fitness regime. Some people continue taking fat burners once they’ve reached their target weight in order to not go backwards.

Who will benefit from Zantrex?

This fat burner is suitable for use by men or women. It’s designed to complement weight loss efforts, and will benefit anybody who wants to boost the results they’re already seeing from a caloric-deficit lifestyle.

People under 18 should not take Zantrex, and nor should women who are pregnant or breastfeeding.

Because Zantrex contains gelatine, it’s not suitable for vegans or even vegetarians.

If you’re unsure about whether Zantrex (or any supplement) is safe to take, speak to a doctor or health professional about the potential risks.

How much does Zantrex cost?

Each bottle of Zantrex contains 56 capsules, and it costs $39.99 to buy Zantrex from the official website. Unlike many other fat burner supplements, Zantrex doesn’t seem to be available in discounted multi-buy packages.

Where can I buy Zantrex?

This fat burner can be bought from the official Zantrex website. The preferred payment method is Paypal, but cards are also accepted. You can choose from American Express, Visa, MaterCard, or Discover.

The Zantrex website lists the following retailers where their supplements can be purchased:

  • Amazon.com
  • Walmart
  • Target
  • Kohl’s
  • Walgreens
  • Rite Aid Pharmacy
  • CVS

What people are saying about Zantrex

Reading Zantrex reviews is a good way to strengthen your understanding of the product. Here are some reviews from actual buyers:

“I’m on my Third bottle. I do recommend thesebut BE CAREFUL and Start Slowly!”


“Works great even if you only take one capsule per day.”


“The side effects were a downside and I’m not sure if these pills were the main reason for the amount of weight I lost, but believe they have played a role.”


“They don’t actually cause me to lose any weight at all but then I haven’t gained any either

Kelly O’Leary

“I wasn’t impressed. I don’t get jittery from these types of products but even while being on a diet and exercise regiment I didn’t see any difference.”

Mandy M

Zantrex review of pros and cons

This at-a-glance table sums up the pros and cons of Zantrex:

All-natural ingredients
Heavily reliant on stimulants – high stimulant levels
Available to buy from lots of stores
Ingredient quantities hidden in a proprietary blend: Not transparent
Contains gelatine: A meat derivative
Expensive shipping outside USA
Variety of possible side effects

Zantrex review verdict

This fat burner makes some bold claims. We can’t say whether you’ll lose 15.6% of your body fat: Ultimately the results you see come down to the level of the caloric deficit you’re running.

What we will say is that the Zantrex formula doesn’t include some of the more reliably effective fat burner ingredients we’d expect to see, and seems to rely very heavily on the stimulant effect of caffeine included in ingredients like green tea extract, guarana, kola nut, and coffee bean extract. Some of the extracts have some links to weight loss, but there are none of the most common appetite suppressants or thermogenics that we’d generally expect.

With such a large and variedamount of stimulants some users have reported side effects. Some reviewers advise starting slowly to figure out your tolerance to this product: Advice we would echo.

The relatively low price tag may appeal to some people looking to buy fat burners, but we think most of you would be able to find a supplement that’s better balanced, and better tailored to your needs.

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