Tribulus terrestris: Nutrition health benefits, side effects and dosage

Herbal ingredients are one of the most popular components in health supplements. These herbal ingredients are derived from plants, and are therefore considered natural and organic. Furthermore, natural herbs are usually associated with many health benefits and come with little to no side effects. A supplement composed of natural herbs is after all, more reliable than one having synthetic elements and chemical additives. It is worth noting that most herbal ingredients have bee used in ancient medicine for centuries. As such, these ingredients do not just have the backing of scientific research, but they also carry a history of being used extensively.

Among the most potent herbs to be used in today’s supplements is the Tribulus terrestris. Belonging to the caltrop family, this plant can successfully grow in dry climatic conditions and is widely found in the EMEA region (Europe, Middle East and Africa) and parts of Asia. This plant, more particularly the roots and fruit, have been widely used in ancient Chinese and Indian Ayurvedic medicine. With time, the Tribulus terrestris, also known as the puncture vine, began to be recognised for its pharmaceutical value.

With extensive research and experimental studies on this plant, it comes with a wide range of health benefits. This article aims to cover the various health benefits associated with this plant, how to take it and to see if it really is a wonder herb.

Health benefits of Tribulus terrestris


One of the most significant health benefits to be associated with Tribulus terrestris is its ability to naturally boost testosterone levels in the body. Much research has been conducted on this aspect and it has been found that Tribulus terrestris (TT) is an excellent aphrodisiac. As such, your libido is automatically enhanced and you have a higher sex drive. Almost all test boosters in the market does contain Tribulus Terrestris.

Further studies have demonstrated the potential of TT to boost testosterone levels. It does so by stimulating the synthesis and release of testosterone in the body. However, the evidence supporting the testosterone boosting potential of TT is not as strong as its aphrodisiac characteristics. Almost all top 6 test booster products which we have reviewed does contain Tribulus Terrestris. However, the use of TT as a testosterone boosting ingredient has immense potential and therefore, TT is widely used in all top grade testosterone boosting supplements. The good news is that the powerful aphrodisiac nature of TT is more than enough to improve your sex life to a great extent.


Research has established the contribution of TT to your sex drive. An experimental study on men with low drive showed that an administration of 750mg to 1500mg of TT on a daily basis for a period of 2 months improved their sex drive by nearly 79%.

A similar study on women with an administration of 500mg to 1500mg of TT on a daily basis for a period of 3 months showed a 67% improvement in their sex drive.

The libido boosting nature of TT has led to its usage in various supplements that are meant to improve your sex life. In fact, studies have shown that Tribulus terrestris in supplements is supremely beneficial for enhancing sexual desire, pleasure and orgasms in women as well.

TT is also shown to help in getting stronger erections and enhancing sexual pleasure with a dosage of 1500mg.


Studies have shown that professional athletes have reported a improvement in their physical performance characteristics and a fitter body. In addition, they reported increased muscle mass and lower body fat. This may credited to the potential of TT to boost testosterone, as high levels of testosterone is linked to these physical characteristics. However, this study is limited to men alone and there is no experimental evidence to support the same benefits in women.


It has been demonstrated that the consumption of TT restores fluid balance and helps in producing more urine.


An experimental study in a test tube has proven that TT has anti-inflammatory characteristics.


Studies in mice have shown that TT has the potential to lift one’s mood and keep anxiety away. It is based on this very concept that TT is seen as a potential agent to help in depression.


Further studies in rats have demonstrated how TT can potentially boost the functionality of the immune system. Supplements containing TT helps in maintaining good overall health and safeguarding the body against diseases.


Animal experiments have demonstrated that the administration of TT in health supplements help to provide pain relief.


Test-tube research has shown that TT has the potential to inhibit the growth of abnormal cells and preventing their conversion of cancerous cells and tumour.

It is worth noting that many of these tests have been conducted on animals and laboratory conditions (such as test-tube experiments), and tests on humans are either limited. However, supplements with Tribulus terrestris have shown remarkable results nonetheless. As such, TT continues to be used widely in multiple health supplements.

The health benefits of Tribulus terrestris is credited to the presence of certain chemical compounds known as saponins. Health supplements containing TT usually contain a concentration of 45%-60% saponins.


As it is pretty obvious, the most noteworthy property of Tribulus terrestris is its ability to boost your sexual functions like libido, pleasure, arousal and orgasms. As such, the required dosage for this aspect is 250mg to 1500mg of TT per day.

Side effects

There have been various studies conducted to assess the safety of using TT in supplements in both men and women. The studies have revealed no safety concerns associated with TT. In other words, there are no side effects.

However, there is the potential of minor side effects such as cramps in the abdomen and stomach.

Though the supplements containing TT come with no side effects, it is nonetheless important to keep the possible side effects in mind.


With many potential health benefits associated with Tribulus terrestris (TT), the usage of this herb is immense. The boosting of sexual functions in both men and women is proven beyond doubt, and as such, people can take TT containing supplements to enjoy a more pleasurable and healthy sex life. Studies on the other aspects of TT is still premature. But this plant displays a huge possibility in being one of the best herbal ingredients in general to be used in health supplements.

In conclusion, we totally approve the ever growing usage of TT among the ingredients of various supplements. Also, we are excited about further research being conducted on the many potential health benefits of this seemingly wonder herb.

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