The 10 Best Nutrition Schools to Pursue Degree in Nutrition: Updated 2019

If you have chosen to pursue a career in nutrition, we can assure you that it is a very rewarding and enthralling career indeed. With the ever growing scale of health problems all around the world, the need for nutritionists has never been more. To meet this demand, schools offering a degree in nutrition have been cropping up all throughout. But do they all provide the necessary standards and chops needed to be a top notch nutritionist?

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A good university does more than just arm you with a nutrition degree. You are trained to practice the very essence of nutrition and are exposed to a large set of topics which are meant to increase your knowledge base and practical application skills. In fact, most nutrition programs cover topics you didn’t even probably associate with the science of nutrition such as business, statistics, ecology, sociology etc.
In addition to classroom lectures, you are made to do hands-on field work and an internship to further chisel you to perfection. In a nutshell, you are given a real-time career oriented experience while you are still studying for your degree. Not to mention, you are given introduced to research methods and field analysis of advanced nutrition solutions. With an area as dynamic as nutrition, these aspects become critical in carving a good nutritionist or dietitian out of you.
Now that we are pretty clear with what one can expect out of a good nutrition courses in a university, which are the ones which offers the very best program? This is the motivation behind this article wherein we have reviewed all the well-known schools offering you a course program in nutrition and carefully selected the 10 best ones. We have given utmost importance to the details, curriculum, courses and other relevant intricacies of the program(s) being offered. Also, we have given due attention to the value and reputation of the school as a whole. Let’s choose the best nutrition school for the nutritionist in you!

  1. Cornell University

The Ivy League Universities are surely going to bag some strong spots in our list and Cornell does it the best. Starting off is the largest academic nutrition department in the U.S. The school offers a wide array of streams which include human nutrition, international nutrition and community nutrition to name a few. All of these are offered by the Division of Nutritional Sciences that lies within the College of Ecology and the College of Agriculture and Life Sciences.
You can pursue an undergraduate major in Nutritional Sciences and also take up a master’s and/or a PhD in the same. The undergraduate curriculum is famed to cover some of the most significant and pressing topics in the world of nutrition in the most comprehensive way. They offer exceptional insight into the multidisciplinary aspects of research. With such legacy and grandeur, Cornell University is undoubtedly the best school to pursue a nutrition degree.
Refer the details of the Cornell University nutrition degree here.

  1. Harvard University

Is there any list where Harvard doesn’t figure out in? With a golden reputation, Harvard’s Department of Nutrition (T.H. Chan School of Public Health) is infamous for giving you courses that encompass 3 routes available for training: Public Health Nutrition, Nutritional Biochemistry and Nutritional Epidemiology. Like Cornell, the university places emphasis on a multidisciplinary mode of study to better equip their students.
Harvard takes the multidisciplinary path to new lengths by undertaking in-depth studies into the link between diet and the various underlying diseases associated with it. Harvard never ceases to amaze.
Refer the details of the Harvard University nutrition degree here.

  1. Michigan State University

MSU’s famed Department of Food Science and Human Nutrition (College of Agriculture and Natural Resources) offers comprehensive bachelor’s programs in food science, dietetics and nutritional sciences. Among these the dietetics program in particular is one of the largest and most recognized establishments in the U.S.
The academic unit of the school puts special focus in the prevention of diseases which result out of lack in nutrition, food safety and production. Perhaps the most noteworthy point regarding MSU’s nutrition program is the immensely active nutrition clubs runs by the student body.
Refer the details of the Michigan State University nutrition degree here.

  1. Florida State University

Florida has come of the best nutrition programs and almost all of their schools are worth a mention. However, the Florida State University (FSU) takes the cake for being a premier school in providing invaluable education in the field of sports nutrition. The Department of Food, Nutrition and Exercise Science happens to be the largest department in the College of Human Sciences and that speaks volumes about the specialized attention the College has given to this department.
This department offers bachelor’s degrees in Athletic Training, Exercise Science and Food and Nutrition Sciences. The Food and Nutrition Sciences presents 2 majors which include Dietetics and Food and Nutrition Science per se. Regardless of the program you choose, the school puts a lot of emphasis on providing their students with hands-on field experience to enhance their practical knowledge and skills in application.
Refer the details of the Florida State University nutrition degree here.

  1. Purdue University

Purdue offers an impressive range of nutrition programs that include Human and Clinical Nutrition, Biochemical and Molecular Nutrition, Public Health and Education etc. In addition, Purdue is widely known to have some really good faculty who boast of extensive experience and expertise in various fields related to nutrition.
Purdue’s School of Food Sciences offers some really good courses in food processing and food technology through a very holistic approach. Plus, they take a keen interest in studying the relation between nutrition and the health of aging people.
Refer the details of the Purdue University nutrition degree here.

  1. Johns Hopkins University

Johns Hopkins University has always held a name in the field of nutrition and public health. The primary strength of this premier university lies in its distinguished and world renowned faculty. The faculty, along with numerous affiliates, is engaged in studies concerned with diverse areas such as food policies, health issues stemming out of lack in nutrition, micronutrient supplements and their application in mother and child care…the list goes on.
John Hopkins arms you with a very formidable degree in nutrition that allows you to extend your reach in diverse areas as highlighted above. The faculty collaborations with schools located in other countries gives you the much needed outlook on different perspectives of health and nutrition.
Refer the details of the Johns Hopkins University nutrition degree here.

  1. Ohio State University

Some of you might have seen this coming. Anyone even remotely involved in the field of nutrition might have come across or at least heard of Ohio State’s internship program pertaining to the Department of Human Sciences of the university. This internship is probably the best nutrition internship you can get out of any school.
Ohio State also makes a name for itself through its research, teaching and specialized focus on nutrient metabolism, weight management, sports nutrition, disease prevention and healthy eating habits. As such, the university follows a very broad perspective in imparting quality education in the field of nutrition to its students. This is evident from the caliber exhibited by Ohio State’s graduates.
Refer the details of the Ohio State University nutrition degree here.

  1. McMaster University

The programs offered by McMaster are widely acclaimed for their preferential focus on learning through experience. You are offered degrees in both Life Sciences and Kinesiology whilst putting emphasis on nutrition.
As mentioned, the university believes in learning through experience and hence, you get to work in the most cutting-edge and advanced labs to arm you with strong practical knowledge. This university is also famous for its seminars which especially deal with the current research areas in nutrition.
Refer the details of the McMaster University nutrition degree here.

  1. Virginia Tech University

Virginia Tech’s Department of Human Nutrition, Foods and Exercise offers you a unique blend of nutrition and exercise science whish not only sets it apart  from other nutrition schools in this regards but also makes Virginia Tech an undisputed lead in the practice of preventing disease through good diet.
The school strongly deals with community service and awareness, giving their students a dash of personal development and good practices. To top it up, the experienced faculty takes a lot of interest in weight management and human behavior. We can vouch for the fact that you are going to enjoy studying in Virginia Tech University and learn a lot from the unique and holistic approach within its programs.
Refer the details of the Virginia Tech University nutrition degree here.

  1. University of Connecticut

The University of Connecticut’s Nutritional Sciences Department delves deep into the fields of Community Nutrition, Molecular Nutrition and Human Nutrition and Metabolism. In addition, the university also gives a lot of attention to interdisciplinary courses as it is evident from their extensive collaboration with several university units such as the Department of Sports, Leisure and Exercise Sciences, University of Connecticut Health Center etc. Last but not the least, the faculty put a lot of emphasis on obesity and the nuances associated with it.
Refer the details of the University of Connecticut nutrition degree here.

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