Testogen Review 2019 : Ingredients, Working, Benefits & Side Effects

About Testogen

If you are searching for enhancement that will increase your testosterone levels, and boost your sex drive, take a look at this review to discover whether Testogen is your go-to product or not.

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Testogen is a testosterone-packed supplement that claims to increase the testosterone levels in men who have low levels of this hormone. The manufacturer indicates that the item is made using natural products; as such, it has no adverse effects on your health when taken in the right proportions.

Testogen Ingredients

This supplement is produced using naturally occurring products, which penetrate your bloodstream, then deposit the deficient nutrients into the required organs to ensure that you perform optimally in your workout routine.

More so, these nutrients are also essential for increasing your sex drive, one of the vital performance aspects of a man. Here is a break down of the ingredients used.

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1) Bioperine 95% Piperine

This element is extracted directly from black pepper. It is essential in increasing the body’s metabolism. One more thing that BioPerine Piperine does is that it helps your body absorb all other minerals in the booster, as well as in the meals you take. In addition to this, it is essential in fostering weight loss.

2) Boron

When taken in the right portion, boron has a variety of health benefits to bodybuilders and men with erectile dysfunction. How? Well, this mineral is packed with testosterone, the primary active ingredient in men.

You also benefit from its muscle building and muscle coordination properties. Best of all, this mineral helps in increasing the density of your bones.

3) D-Aspartic acid

This mineral has one major benefit in your body: it enhances the production of natural androstenedione. And do you know the importance of androstenedione? No? Let me explain how it works. As an athlete, you want to keep your energy levels at their peak consistently.

Additionally, you want to have a healthy supply of red blood cells and want to achieve rapid recovery from injuries while working out. D-aspartic acid does all of these.  At the same time, it increases your sex drive and your performance levels in bed.

4) Fenugreek extract

The extract from fenugreek seeds is magical since it contains several natural minerals such as magnesium and iron. Magnesium is a key ingredient when it comes to the development of healthy bones.

As for iron, you need it to increase your blood count. Overall, fenugreek is your go-to plant when you want to boost testosterone levels and control sugar in the blood. Which athlete wouldn’t want such properties in their supplements?

5) Magnesium

Magnesium is a mineral that helps to infuse calcium into the bones. Strong bones are essential for bodybuilders because they carry heavy weights.

Additionally, magnesium helps in reducing blood pressure, blood sugar, and also control other aspects of your body that are essential for your overall well-being. Most importantly, magnesium regulates your sleeping patterns, ensuring that you sleep well at night.

6) Nettle leaf extract

You may know it as that harsh plant that is untouchable, but the extract from its leaves are beneficial in reducing pain. Weight lifters experience pain during and after working out. Rather than drown you in laboratory-made painkillers, Testogen has in it this natural ingredient that comes in handy when your body cannot handle pain.

7) Red ginseng powder

The Asian red ginseng is a multi-tasked item. You know why? Because it can help improve your focus and also regulate your blood sugar. These two components are essential for a person to perform in bed and the gym. More so, red ginseng powder has properties that help correct erectile dysfunction.

8) Selenium

As men age, the volume of testosterone they produce reduces significantly. As such, you need to feed on meals with this supplement in plenty. Selenium helps you to increase the amount of testosterone, which is the most vital hormone in increasing sex drive in men.

9) Vitamin B6

Your brain is the central organ that controls all body activities, including exercise. Thanks to this vitamin, your brain can develop and function optimally. Also, B6 ensures that your nervous system works at its peak and that enough melatonin is produced by the brain. Melatonin is the hormone that helps your mind establish regular sleeping patterns.

10) Vitamin D3

Strong bones are a vital part of the life of a bodybuilder. These bones are made healthy with the help of calcium. However, your body needs a sufficient supply of vitamin D3, for the calcium to be absorbed into your bones.

11) Vitamin K1

For your blood to clot quickly, you need a good amount of vitamin k1. Also, how well your liver functions depends on the amount of vitamin k1 that is deposited into it. Testogen has a healthy amount of this vitamin to ensure that any injuries do not lead to a bleed out and that your liver effortlessly synthesizes the proteins you eat.

12) Zinc

Zinc is useful in keeping your muscles healthy by providing healing properties, which are essential for repairing your body after rigorous workout sessions. Also, when you take your meals, it is this mineral that helps your body to use up all the calories, rather than store them up as fat. More so, zinc is useful in keeping your immune system at its best.

Benefits of using Testogen

Now that you have gone through the ingredients used in making this product, you may be wondering, how is this testosterone boosting supplement beneficial to me? Here are seven reasons that prompt you to get yourself a pack of these supplements.

  • It helps in reducing bad cholesterol:
    Bad cholesterol increases your chances of suffering from heart diseases. More so, tasks such as pumping blood to the heart can prove to be difficult in people whose cholesterol levels are higher than usual.
  • Goodbye to LDL:
    Thanks to this product, you can say goodbye to LDL. In addition to reducing LDL, Testogen prompts your body to produce the good type, HDL, which also helps to lessen the levels of bad cholesterol from your system.
  • Increases your stamina and strength :
    Considering that you spend a lot of time lifting weights, it is crucial to increase your strength levels. Why? Because as time goes by, you may need to add more weight to what you already lift.
  • More energy:
    More so, when it comes to performance between the sheets, it is undeniable that you need to bring your ‘A’ game onto the table. Having more strength ensures you do not keep stopping to flex your muscles.
  • Aids in fat burning :
    Less fat and more muscles is the mantra when it comes to Testogen supplements.
  • Keeps your erections stronger for longer :
    Say goodbye to inflated tires, thanks to the many testosterone boosting plants used in the production of this T booster.
  • Improve your performance :
    Low energy levels equate to less performance time. However, this changes when you include Testogen in your daily routine.
  • Makes it faster for you to recover after workout sessions :
    No need to worry about recurring pain since this supplement has enough nutrients to help your muscles recover from strain every day.
  • Increases testosterone in the body
  • Helping you establish regular sleeping patterns
  • Boosts your sex drive

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How does Testogen work?

Testogen contains a set of very powerful testosterone boosting ingredients that have a good amount of scientific research to support their usage in the supplement. The ingredients work to activate the functionality of the testes in producing the male sex hormone, testosterone in an enhanced manner. In other words, the receptors in the testes that are responsible for the synthesis of testosterone are triggered by the absorption of these ingredients.

In addition, there is a free flow of testosterone into the muscles. This contributes towards increased strength and better physical performance during intense workout sessions.

For a testosterone booster to work, its ingredients should be present in the right concentrations, which are suitable for enhancing the synthesis of testosterone. Testogen presents its potent T boosting components in the right amounts. This ensures that the supplement will fulfill its functionality.

Testogen has reported overall positive reviews and has established itself as one of the most popular testosterone boosting supplements available online. It has a high reorder rate and is widely applauded by its users. Many reviews even call Testogen as the best testosterone boosting supplement. So yeah, it definitely does work.

Dosage: How to use Testogen

Testogen comes in a small package that contains 120 capsules. These you have to take every day depending on how low your testosterone levels are. Say for instance; you are a healthy person who needs a slight boost in energy and stamina, taking one to two tablets daily would suffice.

You can take one in the morning, and another in the evening. However, if yours is a case of age and diminished testosterone levels, you may have to increase the dosage. You can take one or two more and make it a daily dose of four tablets. Remember, you need to be acutely deficient of testosterone for you to take four capsules.

Take note, however, that these should be the maximum number of tablets you swallow on any day. But why should you do this when the booster is made out of natural ingredients? If this is you asking the question, then you may like to know that too much of this product has adverse effects. I mean, too much of anything is poisonous, right?

More so, the body will only absorb as much as it requires then excrete the rest in your urine. So, taking more than what is required leads to wastage of nutrients, and once you look at the price tag on each Testogen container, you will understand the need to use only what is required.

Aside from the capsules, the product also comes as instant booster drops. Unlike the tablets, these come in handy when you need instant energy. One to three drops will work just fine when you feel that your energy levels have dropped significantly.

The liquid comes in a 60ml bottle, fully equipped with a dropper for accuracy when using it. Aside from boosting your energy, the solution also maintains a healthy balance of testosterone in the body regularly. Be sure to use the recommended amount for the best outcome.

How do I use Testogen?

Whether you buy the tablets or the drops, the mode of intake is the same. Both items ought to be taken orally. Ensure that you eat a well-balanced meal after taking this supplement.

Possible Side Effects

This supplement is made up of natural ingredients that have been scientifically proven to successfully boost testosterone levels. In addition, most of these ingredients are based on herbs. As such, they are known to be 100% for consumption. In fact, the supplement itself is approved by the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) for usage. Therefore, there are absolutely no reported side effects. If you are sticking to the recommended dosage, you should never have to worry about any form of side effects.

What body changes does Testogen produce?

The supplement is composed of numerous potent testosterone boosting ingredients that include the ever-dependable D-Aspartic Acid, Zinc, and Magnesium which together form the ZMA formulation. These ingredients work to inhibit the functionality of the Sex Hormone Binding Globulin (SHBG) hormone, thereby producing more testosterone naturally. The combination performs anabolic (muscle gain) and catabolic (fat loss) functionalities with the increased concentration of testosterone in the bloodstream. This directly results in the metabolism of glucose and fatty deposits, which are flushed out by sweat and fecal matter.

Fenugreek Extract and Ginseng are noted sex hormone booster which also helps in improving the flow of blood through the vessels. This improves your libido as you get a higher concentration of blood and pumping of testosterone throughout the body.

The testes have vitamin receptors that are triggered by the various forms of vitamins present in the supplement. These are the bioavailable forms (specifically vitamins K1 and D3) that amplify the effectiveness of the vitamins in itself and thereby activates the receptors in the testes. This significantly increases the production of testosterone.

Lastly, BioPerine. This is a trading name for 95% Piperine, extracted from black pepper. BioPerine, a patented formula, is the best-known bioavailability enhancer. It increases the fraction of the ingredients that get absorbed into the system and shows effectiveness. The blend of all these ingredients is super effective in improving the synthesis of testosterone and promote its associated effects on the sexual, cardiovascular and musculoskeletal system. The ingredients together make up a very potent pharmaceutical formulation that has been successfully tested out on various subjects throughout the years, and are updated to be included in this powerful testosterone boosting supplement.

Some Testimonials regarding Testogen

Tom Rayfield wrote, “I have been using Testogen for a month. let me summarise how the past few weeks have gone for me:

In week 1, there wasn’t much difference in the first week, but I did feel some minor changes such as feeling positive. Of course, this might have been due to my expectations.

In week 2, I started feeling stronger and more energetic. I even felt more focused and driven. Best of all, I could see veins starting to pop out of my muscles. I was super amazed by this!

In week 3, I felt way stronger than I have ever before. Engaging in strenuous physical activities and weightlifting became a lot easier. In addition, I got more productive in my work. 

In week 4, I was a transformed individual! I could see my body popping with veins and completely muscular. I actually look like a devoted bodybuilder now. I am focused and I feel sharp. I totally recommend this product! This is me after 3 months now:”

Testogen: Before and After Pics

These amazing test booster pills produce a complete transformation to your body with increased muscle mass and reduced abdominal fat

Pricing And Packaging:

You can be sure that this is one of the most costly supplements available for bodybuilders. A single bottle costs $59.99, and it has in it 120 pills. A breakdown of this amount confirms that each capsule costs $0.49.

However, looking at the number of ingredients used in its production, you can say safely conclude that it is worth the price. However, the manufacturer offers a better price for individuals who buy the supplement in bulk.

For instance, there is a promotional provision that gives any buyer an extra bottle of pills if you purchase two bottles at a go. The price for these items is $119.99 for three bottles, which means you reduce the amount you have to spend on each tablet up to $0.33.

As for the solution, the price differs a little. Each 60ml bottle costs $24.75. This is much higher than the capsules, probably because the concentration of ingredients is also higher, plus the contents also differ slightly.

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Where should you buy Testogen from?

The best place to get yourself this supplement is the official Wolfson Berg Limited website. Here, the customer service team will avail you with all the necessary information on how to use this product. More so, you can browse the website for offers that this organization avails.

These are never constant, so if you find a good bargain at the moment, take it. Another place you can find this product is at a sports store. You know one of those places that sell workout equipment and supplements? That’s precisely where you should head to in case you don’t get this item on the manufacturer’s website.

You can also check out other supplement review websites for similar products. Necessarily, you will not get the item from them directly. The site owners provide a link, which redirects you to a store once you click on it.

These online sites are one of the best places to visit since using them can have you qualifying for a crazy discount. This is all thanks to the affiliate programs that Wolfson Berg uses to source for more clients. Oh, and if you are a member of an online shop like Amazon, you can also take advantage of this platform to get the supplement.


Q. Is Testogen safe for usage?

A. Yes, absolutely! Made up of 100% natural ingredients that have been clinically tested, it is completely safe.

Q. Can I purchase Testogen from Amazon?

A. Yes, you can purchase it from Amazon. However, do keep in find that there are many fraudulent sellers who sell fake products on platforms like Amazon. So check out the details before you make the purchase. Hence, you are suggested to purchase the product from the official website.

Q. Can I buy Testogen from stores like GNC, Walmart or eBay?

A. Though Testogen is available in stores such as GNC, Walmart, and eBay, the product may not be genuine. So, it is important to take careful consideration before buying the product from such stores.

Q. Does Testogen have any side-effects?

A. No, it has no side-effects to it,

Q. Is Testogen suitable for men above the age of 40?

A. Yes, the supplement is in fact suitable for men of all ages.

Q. Where should I buy Testogen from?

A. You should ideally buy from the official website.


Testogen supplements are among the best products in this line of merchandise. This is simply because they are a product of easily available natural ingredients. As such, you are assured of total safety when it comes to using them.

When you get this item, you need not worry about any side effects, since there are none. Expect your hair to grow and your strength and stamina to increase instantly. These results are visible within a month or less.

However, they vary depending on how low your testosterone levels were. Take caution not to take more than what you require, and always consult with your doctor or nutritionist before you start using these pills.

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