Synbiotic 365 Review – Is It The Ultimate Solution To Your Digestive Needs?

In the modern civilization that we live in, technological advancements have allowed the creation and concentration of the most potent, minerals, natural vitamins, and other essential nutrients. These are encapsulated and prescribed in dosages for individuals with digestive issues or who always feel bloated. 

One such supplement that claims to be a fantastic solution to all your gut and digestive predicaments is in the form of United Naturals Synbiotic 365. The product contains beneficial prebiotic vitamin B and probiotics that work together to create a healthy gut. Probiotics present in the formula will help develop a healthy gut flora and improve digestion simultaneously. Let’s dig deeper to find out why this supplement is attracting a broad audience.

What Is Synbiotic 365?

Synbiotic 365 is described as a perfect blend of different prebiotics, probiotics, and vitamin B complex. The creation of this product was founded on the fact that probiotics are harmless bacteria that live within our bodies. Surprisingly, they are helpful can even benefit the body by improving gut health.

The founder of the United Nations developed Synbiotic 365 intending to save others from digestive discomfort after witnessing his girlfriend suffering from a life-threatening condition from a gut-related issue. It was from this point that Synbiotic was conceived.

What Is The Purpose Of Synbiotic 365?

There are several benefits associated with a healthy gut flora including, a drop in obesity, improved cognitive functioning, stronger immunity, and regulation of blood sugar levels, among others. That said, it is essential to ensure the gut is always at a healthy state to secrete the vital hormones responsible for optimal body functioning.

If the gut is disturbed, it affects the release of the critical hormones, which consequently adversely affect the entire body. The good news, however, is that this severity can be avoided by supplementation or eating the right diets with the former method gaining popularity in recent times. The purpose of both these methods is to enhance the gut’s health.

The Synbiotic 365 formula is also made up of prebiotics. These enrichments from specific ingredients play an essential role in energizing and maintaining the gut’s bacteria. Moreover, prebiotics promotes nutrient absorption and regulate bowel function.  So, if you are experiencing symptoms related to IBS, diabetes, or even obesity, Synbiotic 365 may be what you need.

Synbiotic 365 Ingredients List

 The formula comprises of a blend of several prebiotics, vitamin B, and probiotics. Let us delve deep into the ingredient’s list.

Vitamin B Complex

Although most supplements constitute some of the essential vitamins in B complex family, not all constitute all of the eight elements. The great thing about Synbiotic 365 is that it represents all the eight potent vitamin B family vitamins.

Understand that vitamin deficiency is a dangerous thing and may lead to life-threatening cases in some cases. Fortunately, Synbiotic 365 is equipped with all vitamin B complex vitamins to any related illnesses.

Illnesses associated with the lack of vitamin B deficiency include anemia, compromised immunity, mood swings, exhaustion, growth, and mental problems. This is where Synbiotic 365 comes.

For example, niacinamide aids in boosting the user’s immunity, just like the folate contained therein helps with growth and mental development.  In other words, the supplement does not only help with gut issues, but it also facilitates problems of vitamin deficiency.


Probiotic in the Synbiotic formula comprises a blend of over 20 billion CFU including, OPTI-BIOME Bacillus subtilis MB40 Lactobacillus casei Lc-11, among many others. Besides, it contains a bifid bacterium, which plays a vital role in the management of diabetes as well as reducing inflammation.

Research points to the direction that Bifidobacterium longum and Bifidobacterium lactis both have a positive effect on the body’s immune system and can also relieve specific allergies. Moreover, probiotics have many benefits for the gut and digestive systems.

In all honesty, we do not intake enough amounts of probiotics through our diets. That said, Synbiotic 365 is one of the surest ways to ensuring you are not deprived of all probiotics. It is an excellent way to attain most of the essential probiotics.


Prebiotics constitute of fiber. It is a well-known fact that that fiber has no nutritional value since it can neither be digested nor absorbed by the body. What seems to elude most people’s minds is that prebiotics is a crucial aspect when it comes to maintaining the probiotic bacteria.

The entire network of prebiotic work together to relieve the users from constipation while softening their stools. The source of prebiotic, which is the inulin, helps to control appetite by controlling the pangs of hunger. Besides, fiber is also a great ingredient that regulates cholesterol levels in the body.

Other Ingredients

The Synbiotic 365 formula contains some inactive ingredients in the form of rice hull concentrate and hypromellose. Unless you have rice allergy, rice hull concentrate is absolutely safe. There is no clinical evidence that associates hypromellose with adverse side effects. 

Overall, the ingredients list is great. Probiotics, prebiotics, and Vitamin B complex ingredients are all tested and proven as safe and beneficial.

How Does Synbiotic 365 Work?

The gut flora lives and flourishes in the gut. It helps boost the immune system by fighting harmful organisms and regulating digestion. However, this working mechanism can be affected when the flora is disturbed and fails to work properly.

Synbiotic 365 is a dietary supplement that was created to help with digestive and gut problems to promote a healthy life. The combination of vitamin B, probiotics, and prebiotics help to treat discomforts arising due to an unhealthy flora. The presence of vitamins means a healthy brain, mental, and nervous system. Also, they facilitate the absorption of nutrients into the gut.

With a single capsule of Synbiotic 365 containing 14 probiotic strands, vitamin B, and a prebiotic, United Naturals are dedicated to improving the lives of those who suffer from the gut and digestive problems.

Synbiotic 365 Side Effects

The ingredient list reveals that this product is safe. The proportions of each ingredient have been well-balanced, meaning it has no potential side effects. However, each person reacts differently to certain supplement dosages.

The product is a viable option for people who do not take dairy products, nuts, gluten, or any genetically modified organism. It claims to have no allergen, making it safe even for the average person. Just like any other supplement, Synbiotic 365 is not perfect and may cause some side effects, including:

  • Low appetite
  • Diarrhea
  • Constipation
  • Bloating and gas

What Are The Pros And Cons Of Synbiotic 365?

There are several significant advantages and a few disadvantages associated with using Synbiotic 365. Here is a breakdown of the advantages and disadvantages.


  • Treats bloating permanently
  • Leads to a healthy gut flora
  • A blend of probiotic, prebiotic, and vitamin B complex family vitamins
  • Quantity discounts
  • Refund policy


  • May not work for some people
  • Refunds may be impossible when purchased in other places like Amazon and eBay, only from the official site
  • Limited reviews

Conclusion: Does Synbiotic 365 Work?

To conclude, the health of the gut flora is essential to ensure that you lead a happy life. From the precedent review, we feel that the product has limited reviews with the available ones indicating mixed reactions. There is positive feedback that means that synbiotic 365 is beneficial due to the presence of robust ingredients.

On the downside, there are many complaints about the product on issues of late deliveries, refund problems, and product failing to achieve the claimed results. In essence, the success of this product is not guaranteed – it may or may not work.

We recommend that you consult a physician before making a purchase decision. The doctor will assess you for allergies and any condition that may deter the supplement from working. Do not take any chance with gut flora as you risk worsening the situation. This certainly doesn’t sound appealing, does it? Only seek after supplements that will promote and enhance your kind of lifestyle.

After thorough research of many probiotic products available in the market today, we suggest that you skip this product and find a better option. What we have in mind is COA Performance Probiotic by Bauer Nutrition. We think that this product is a better alternative going by the fact that it has far more positive reviews than symbiotic 365. Furthermore, it is much more efficient in improving your digestive and gut health.

Editor’s Choice

Over the years, Bauer Nutrition has made a name for itself as one of the most reputable companies in the world, delivering quality supplements. For anyone looking to achieve robust gut and digestive health, you will be glad to know that this company never goes back on its promises. Specifically, their probiotic product, COA Performance Probiotic, is a massive add-on for any person with the aforementioned goals.

What makes this product stand out over the rest of the industry is its quality formulation. It contains three digestive enzymes and a strain of 10 beneficial strains. These are important for improving increasing the number of helpful bacteria, which, in turn, leads to a healthy gut.

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