State Agency Guidance on Procurement
USDA’s Food and Nutrition Service (FNS) has developed an online web-based procurement training guide to help State agencies administer the school meals programs.  This training tool will provide State agencies with a better understanding of how to best perform responsibilities in the area of SFA procurements, and provide more information on the Federal procurement process requirements, particularly the requirement for free and open competition.  The overarching goal is to help the State Agencies, as well as the SFAs, understand the responsibilities for following regulations when providing nutritious meals to America’s school children.
This guidance was developed for state agency staff and is now available to the public.
To help you understand this training’s goals and structure, we have divided its content into three broad topic areas.
Topic 1: General Requirements and Responsibilities 
This topic will enable State agency staff to understand Federal requirements pertaining to the procurement process, especially the requirement for free and open competition, and the role of the SFA and the State agency in properly implementing these requirements.Register for this course: State Agency Guidance on Procurement Topic 1
Topic 2: How Procurement Works: Planning, Executing, and Administering a Competitive Procurement 
This topic will provide detailed information about each stage of the procurement process.Register for this course: State Agency Guidance on Procurement Topic 2
Topic 3: Special Considerations
This topic will address issues common to all school food service procurements, discuss specific issues related to the most common types of procurements often conducted by SFAs, and will summarize some approaches that State agencies might use in evaluating the SFA’s planning and execution of procurement actions.