SonoBello Review: Does This Weight Loss Technique Works Like Diet pills?

Staying positive and being confident about your body is important. However, most people who struggle with bodyweight are insecure. Excess weight can be a health hazard as well. People are nowadays going to great lengths to try and lose weight.

Laser treatment is becoming one of the most common ways of losing weight. SonoBello is one of the most popular providers of laser treatment services.

Before you jump at it, it is important to find answers to the following questions.

Are SonoBello treatments effective? Can Sone Bello fat removal procedures help you lose weight?

What are the benefits?

Are SonoBello treatments safe?

Before we get to talk of whether it is safe or not, you need to understand how SonoBello treatments help you lose weight.

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Laser Liposuction Treatment

Laser Liposuction treatment is a slightly invasive cosmetic surgery procedure that melts fat deposits under your skin using laser beams. It is also known as Laser Lipolysis.

It can be used to get rid of fat in the following areas:

  • Upper arms
  • Stomach
  • Lower thighs
  • Flanks
  • Chin

Laser Liposuction is usually done by cosmetic surgeons, but it can also be done by a general practitioner. It is not a complicated procedure. You do not even have to be under general anesthesia.

You are most likely wondering, how is the procedure done?

In most cases, Laser Liposuction is recommended for people who want to lose belly fat. The procedure is done while you are awake, but your doctor will numb the area where the needle goes through.

An incision is made and a laser needle inserted under your skin. The laser melts and liquefies the fat under your skin. A small tube is then inserted beneath the skin to suck out the liquefied fat.  

You have to give your body time to recover from the procedure. You may have to stay down for a couple of days depending on how large the lipo site was. You should also stay away from any strenuous activities until you are fully recovered.

You may have to deal with bruising and swelling after the procedure. Cases of pain are rare. Laser Liposuction can make your skin tighter and firmer because it promotes collagen production.

Generally, Laser Liposuction is regarded as a safe fat removal procedure. However, it carries some minor risks, and it might cause some side effects.

Sono Bello Procedures

Sono Bello is known to be one of the best providers of Laser Liposuction in the USA.

Now that you have a better idea of what Sono Bello does, should you go for laser liposuction there?

Here is what Sono Bello promises to deliver.

  • Weight loss and Complete body transformation
  • Collagen boost

Sono Bello has a wide range of procedures that help with weight loss. They include;

  • TriSculpt
  • TriSculpt E/X
  • Venus Legacy
  • Chest EX

TriSculpt is a micro-laser liposuction procedure that involves the use of a power-assisted cannula. Most of the laser is equipment is used to for final touched after the liposuction has been done.

TriSculpt E/X is a micro-sculpting procedure that involves the removal of excess fat deposits from the lower abdomen.

Venus Legacy is a non-invasive procedure that uses radiofrequency and magnetic pulses to shape up problematic areas.

Chest EX is a micro-laser liposuction procedure that is meant for men. It focuses on the male chest area. It is used to deal with issues of “male boobs”

Some people have to go through multiple procedures to realize the results they are looking for. Most people have had to go for Sono Bello’s procedures three to five times to achieve the results they desire. Some people will go for up to 14 procedures to cover their whole bodies. You doctor at Sono Bello will guide you through deciding how many procedures you go through.

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Does Sono Bello procedures leave scars?

Yes, it does! Scars are inevitable when the procedure involves making incisions. Sono Bello clearly expresses its commitment to keeping the scars at a minimum though. The doctors will do their best to ensure they don’t leave you with any shouting scars. Also, most of the scars left behind usually fade out with time.

Most of the reviews we have seen point to Sono Bello as an effective weight loss option. Most of those of who have had procedures carried out them by Sono Bello are excited that they did not have to deal with any tough exercises of boring diets.

A lot of people have posted their before and after pictures. It seems that Sono Bello procedures can indeed help you lose weight.

How long does it take to see results?

According to the Sono Bello website, most people heal completely within two to three months, so long as they are using their compression devices properly. That does not mean that you’ll have to put your life on hold for up to six months. In fact, you should be up and going about with your business in a few days.

People’s bodies are different and will react and heal differently. Some will see some results within weeks, while others have to wait for months. Whatever you end up with after six months are your final results.

Can you gain the fat back after a Sono Bello procedure?

A Sono Bello liposuction removes about 50 to 70% of the fat cells in the area worked on. It is highly unlikely that the fat levels will go back to the initial levels even if you regain the weight. Keep in mind that it is possible to regain all the weight that you lose after the procedure. Also, fat removal does not necessarily mean weight loss. Your lifestyle counts for a lot when it comes to your weight. If you do not change your lifestyle, you might end up losing all the gains that you go from your procedure.

One question remains. Is it safe?

To put you in a better position to decide whether Sono Bello is your weight loss solution, let’s explore some of the downsides and side effects of laser liposuction.

Side Effects of Sono Bello Liposuction

We’ve already mentioned that you may have to deal with swelling and bruising immediately after a Sono Bello procedure, especially if it was invasive. You may also experience the following;

  • Localized pain
  • Sensitivity
  • Discomfort

These are natural reactions of the body after any invasive procedure, and they should go away in a few days. If they become severe, you should seek the attention of a doctor.

While we have not seen any complaints about Sono Bello procedures, you must familiarize yourself with the downsides of laser liposuction.

Liposuction procedures could cause the following;

  • Irregular skin surfaces – your skin might become wavy or bumpy because of uneven fat removal. You might also suffer reduced skin elasticity.
  • Fluid accumulations- liposuction can leave pockets under your skin and they start accumulating fluids. This might cause further complications.
  • Numbness
  • Infections
  • Internal punctures
  • Kidney and heart issues
  • Fat embolism
  • Lidocaine toxicity

Any qualified doctor knows about these dangers and they know what to do to avoid them. You just need to be aware that there is always a slight chance that something could go wrong. These are some of the consequences you might suffer if anything goes wrong.

So how much does Sono Bello Procedures cost?

Here are two of the most popular procedures by Sono Bello.

  • TriSculpt – $1395
  • Fit by SonoBello – $2995

You do not have to pay the amounts in full. You can pay in installments. Sono Bello provides various offers from time to time.

At this point, you should be able to decide whether you should go for Sono Bello weight loss procedures.

You are most likely reading this because you want to hear our recommendations.

We aim to put you in a position where you can decide for yourself. We do not seek to promote or discredit any brand.

Having said that, do we think Laser Liposuction is an ideal weight loss option?

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Should You Get Laser Liposuction?

You should know that you cannot get liposuction under certain circumstances. If you are over 45 years, obese, or ill, you should stay away from laser liposuction.

Also, there is no evidence that liposuction can help you deal with the health issues that come with excess weight. As such, we always advocate for exercise when it comes to losing weight. Liposuction might improve your body shape and reduce your weight, but it will not improve your health.

These assertions have nothing to do with Sono Bello. Based on all the information available about Sono Bello, we are confident that it offers quality services. If you must go through a liposuction procedure, we would not hesitate to recommend Sono Bello.

As we’ve mentioned earlier, a laser liposuction procedure is not necessarily a weight loss procedure, but it can lead to weight loss. You have to explore your objectives carefully before you decide to go for the procedure. You should go for the procedure only when you are sure it will get you where you want to be.


As mentioned earlier, something could go wrong during laser liposuction procedures and you could suffer serious consequences. Regardless of how great Sono Bello is, the risk is still there. Comprehensive Sono Bello procedures can be quite expensive as well.

If you are just seeking to lose weight, natural weight loss supplements are a better option. PhenQ and Leanbean are the best weight loss pills on the market today. They are a far much better option than surgical procedures.

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