Slimquick Pure Review: Should You Try It?

The first thing that comes to my mind whenever I discover a new weight loss product is always, ‘should I try it?’ That is what every weight enthusiast should be asking before using any weight loss supplement.

Well, with SlimQuick weight loss supplement, the question is not a matter of yes or no. It is your health you’re gambling with here, and you can’t just use a product that you bump into.


There are a lot of things you need to understand about SlimQuick and its twin SlimQuick Pure before you can give it a try. One of them is the negative and positive effects it’s likely to bring to your body.

Before we proceed to the review, let’s see the advantages and disadvantages you’ll get from using SlimQuick weight supplement.

The Pros

  • Energy-boosting
  • Great performance
  • Health benefits
  • Weight loss

The Cons

  • No scientific evidence backing the claims
  • Negative side effects
  • No ingredient that burns fat directly
  • Suppresses appetite
  • Awful taste

Our Recommendations

When the negatives weigh on the positive effects, then we do not recommend SlimQuick as your ideal weight loss supplement. But you don’t have to worry because we have great weight loss alternatives you can try out instead.

PhenQ for men and Leanbean for women are the best weight loss supplements in the market you should try out for better results.

But then if you feel like you still want to try SlimQuick Pure and see for yourself, we won’t deny you that chance.

This SlimQuick/SlimQuick Pure Review is going to tell you everything you need to know about this famous weight loss pill. What is it, does it work, what are the ingredients, what are the benefits and the side effects, and what previous users are saying about it?

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What is SlimQuick?

SlimQuick and SlimQuick Pure mean the same thing. According to the manufacturer, this is a weight loss supplement that helps users loss three times their weight in just a few weeks.

The supplement is apparently geared towards women who want to achieve that slim waist within a short time. The ingredients do this with the aid of natural ingredients such as caffeine and green tea.

This, however, comes with a price.

Unlike other supplements that claim to work independently without any diet change or exercise, SlimQuick requires more. You must be prepared to use SlimQuick alongside a strict low-calorie diet as well as an exercise routine.

If you’re the lazy type and you can’t avoid those unhealthy snacks, I’m sorry to disappoint, but SlimQuick won’t work in your case.

The Manufacturer’s Claims

According to the manufacturer, SlimQuick is clinically proven to help overweight women lose up to three times their initial weight when taken together with a low-calorie diet.  

The supplement uses ingredients that are proven to aid effective weight loss in just three weeks. The ingredients that constitute this supplement are 100% natural that all work together to aid weight loss.

To ensure maximum weight loss, these ingredients focus on various goals, including increased metabolism, energy boost, and reduced appetite.

According to studies, women find it difficult to lose weight naturally hence require the intervention of supplements to help boost certain body function that aid the fat burning process.

The key reasons why women struggle to lose weight include hormonal changes, low energy, increased appetite, stress, water retention, and a slower metabolism.

SlimQuick Pure is, therefore, designed to work on these factors that prevent women from losing weight faster. The supplement has natural ingredients, and they work well to combat the six ways that the bodywork against us.

So, how does Slimquick Pure do all these? Let’s find out more about that below.

Slim Quick Ingredients

To aid its functions and ensure quick results, SlimQuick Pure features very powerful and efficient natural ingredients. Alongside these ingredients, there are also powerful minerals that help ensure weight loss.

It is important to understand that Slimquick/SlimQuick Pure is a proprietary formula. This means the supplement blends a number of ingredients in this formula with no specific indication of how much of each ingredient is used.

The list of ingredients is as follows.

  • Caffeine
  • Green Tea Extract
  • Chaste Tree Extract
  • BioPure Green Tea
  • L-Tyrosine
  • Turmeric
  • Bacopa Extract
  • Capsicum Extract
  • Pomegranate

While there are many ingredients involved in the working of this formula, there are only two ingredients that form a foundation of this supplement. Caffeine and green tea extracts are the main ingredients involved in the production of this supplement.

Caffeine ingredients work to increase thermogenesis in the body. The excess production of heat from this process enables the body to burn excess fat and glucose in the body, which then results in weight loss.

Green tea extract also contains high levels of Cachetins, which increases the burning of fat and calorie in the body. It does this by increasing the metabolism rate, which then results in weight loss.

Well, this is where the value of SlimQuick lies as these ingredients are clinically proven to slightly elevate metabolism and increase fat burning. The remaining ones are applied for weight loss, even though their effectiveness for this purpose is still questionable.

Does Slim Quick Work?

SlimQuick manufacturers have quoted some studies to prove that their supplement is indeed working as claimed. Most of these studies revolve around green tea extracts, which is the main ingredient in SlimQuick.

Most of these studies agree that this ingredient, together with a calorie-restricted diet of 1350 calories a day, can indeed aid three times weight loss of the initial weight. However, there is no specific time period when this can happen

Another study published in journal Nature, also proves that green tea extract is indeed safe for use and effective in weight loss. The study also concludes that this ingredient has some side effects, but they are not too advanced to prevent healthy people from trying it.

While there are no studies proving the efficiency on the remaining ingredients as far as weight loss is concerned, we all know that a strict diet, exercise together with a supplement can help aid weight loss within a short period.

This means there is no doubt this supplement will work to help women lose weight. However, the results can be temporary unless you stick to a strict diet and a never-ending fitness routine.

Some facts dispute the online descriptions about the working of SlimQuick Pure. First, if you look at the list of ingredients, there is no specific one that seems to directly impact the burning of fat in the body.

The ingredients are indeed natural and safe, but there are no direct effects of the ingredients on diet suppression or even the reduction of water retention in the body.

All we see are supplement that can boost stamina and athletic performance and these features are essential for an effective gym workout. There could be a reason to believe that this supplement prepares your body to work on the cause of the problem rather than working on the problem itself.

Could it be that the intense workout strength after taking this supplement is what aids weight loss? There is a lot of effort needed on your side to aid the effectiveness of this supplement.

With a proper diet and a good exercise regime, then SlimQuick/SlimQuick Pure will indeed work in your favor.

How to Use SlimQuick?

SlimQuick is made in capsule and powder form, and you need to mix it with a pack of 16 oz. of water. Stir well to dissolve and take it twice every day in the morning and afternoon.

The manufacturer recommends that you take one serving of this supplement in the morning and afternoon when you’re just starting. When your body gets used to it, you should take two servings in the morning and two in the afternoon.

You should take this supplement at the time you’re taking your meals and follow a strict low-fat diet without forgetting some physical exercise. Take it five hours before getting to bed because the high caffeine content might interfere with your sleep.

SlimQuick/SlimQuick Pure Side Effects

Like any other supplement, SlimQuick also comes with its share of side effects that every user must be aware of before indulging into it. These side effects include:

  • Nausea
  • Vomiting
  • Restlessness
  • Nervousness
  • Increased heart rate
  • Anxiety
  • Insomnia

According to what’s stated in the ingredients list, we found out that SlimQuick contains up to 500mg. This is way more than the recommended daily intake of the caffeine of 400mg maximum.

This supplement is, therefore, not good for people who can’t tolerate high caffeine content in the body. You should also avoid taking it with other caffeine beverages such as tea and coffee to reduce the amount of caffeine your body gets every day.

Apart from caffeine, other ingredients such as Phytosome and green tea extract are also known to produce some undesirable effects on the body.

What Users Are Saying About SlimQuick

It’s always important to find reviews from previous users before using a product and thanks to the Internet; these are very easy to come by. From what we came across on Amazon, it seems like SlimQuick is quite a popular product with several customer reviews.

Most comments are a mixture of love and hate depending on individual experiences.

Some people are happy with the supplement because it boosts energy levels. Others complained about the high caffeine content that leaves them feeling anxious, nauseous, jittery and heart palpitations after use.

Some users, despite experiencing the unpleasant side effects, commended the supplement for the effectiveness in weight loss. These buyers testified of losing weight a few weeks after taking the supplement with a low-calorie diet with little or no exercise at all.

Others appreciated the product for its effects on heightening energy levels and motivating them to stay true to a strict diet and exercise routine. The users state that if you stay loyal to the recommended diet plan and exercise routine, then this supplement is definitely going to work.


Who is SlimQuick Pure for?

SlimQuick is not for the faint-hearted individuals that want to take the supplement today and see results tomorrow. Neither is the supplement for the lazy guys that do not want to go to the gym nor change their diet. Then supplement is for those ready to hit the gym and stick to a strict diet and those that are patient enough to wait for the results.

Is there SlimQuick for men?

SlimQuick Pure is a weight loss supplement specifically made for women. However, there is another version meant for men with a slight difference from that of men. There is no indication that this supplement won’t work on men only that men might want those that aid muscle growth.

Who shouldn’t use SlimQuick?

SlimQuick might be safe and made from natural ingredients, but this supplement is not for everyone. If you’re sensitive to caffeine, you should stay away from this supplement as it contains a lot of caffeine content. People with high blood pressure should stay away from SlimQuick Pure. Green tea is also known to interrupt some medication.

Where to buy Slim Quick Pure

If you’re convinced that this is the supplement for you, SlimQuick Pure is available from your favorite online stores such as Amazon and Walmart. You can also go through the manufacturer’s website and buy the supplement at a discounted price.

Bottom Line

Our conclusion about SlimQuick is a mix of reactions. We’re not saying that the supplement is good or bad nor do we suggest that it’s effective or not. It has his share of attributes as well as drawbacks.

You must also understand that what works for me might not work for you. You need to adhere to a strict diet and an exercise routine which might be a lot of work for some people, especially if you have a busy schedule.

Even though some users testify to have seen some changes in weight, there is no sufficient evidence that shows that they actually lost three times their weight in just three weeks. This claim appears impossible.

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