Skinny Brew Review: Can a Cup of Coffee Help You Lose Weight?

What if your cup of coffee could do more than just load up your system with caffeine? People often talk of slimming teas, but coffee is not common in weight loss circles. Not anymore! Skinny Brew is being marketed as some magic coffee that can help you shed off some pounds.

Advertisers and promoters can say anything just to get you to make a purchase. That does not mean that everything said about a weight loss solution such as Skinny Brew is a lie. It means there is a thin line between what’s real, and what is said to just hype up the product.

Let’s try and unearth the facts about Skinny Brew? Does it really help with weight loss? What are the ingredients used to make it? Does it have side effects? You need answers to these and more questions before you jump on any weight loss product or program.

What is Skinny Brew?

Skinny Brew is marketed as a coffee-blend that helps you burn fat and lose weight. According to the manufacturers, Skinny Brew contains premium French-roast coffee, nootropics, green tea, and caffeine boosters.

Here is an elaborate list of the benefits claimed by Skinny Brew producers.

  • Thermogenesis activation
  • Boosted metabolism
  • Enhanced focus and concentration
  • Weight loss and easier weight management

The goal here is to lose weight the healthy way. If indeed Skinny Brew delivers the first three benefit, it can help you shed off and keep your weight at manageable levels.

Such kind of benefits and the promise of losing weight naturally will definitely draw the attention of any fitness enthusiast. However, a smart person will try to establish the facts before jumping into the bandwagon.

Truth be told, a lot of the weight loss supplements in the market are either ineffective or detrimental to your health in the long run. Some products are absolute rip-offs and are made by companies that are hell-bent on scamming you of your hard-earned money.

These factors necessitate the need to take a closer look at Skinny Brew and establish what it really has to offer, rather than just take the manufacturer’s word.

Before we explore anything about Skinny Brew itself, let’s find out who the manufacturers are.

Who Manufacturers Skinny Brew?

It is not clear who manufacturers Skinny Brew, but the sole international distributor is “It Works”. It Works seems like a reputable company. It was founded in 1995 and it has other product lines. Its headquarters are in Florida, although it was started in Michigan.

You might wonder why it is necessary to research the company behind the product. The reputation of the company speaks a lot about its products. If you found that It Works had a bad reputation, you’d have enough grounds to stay away from Skinny Brew. In fact, any health supplement leaves a lot to be desired if there is no transparency about who produces it and how it is produced.

Now let’s talk about the supplement itself. What does it contain?

Skinny Brew Ingredients

Here is a list of the ingredients present in Skinny Brew.

  • Chromium Picolinate
  • Coffee Powder
  • Green Coffee Bean Extract
  • Guarana Seed Extract
  • Yerba Mate Leaf Extract
  • L-Theanine
  • Chicory Root Inulin
  • Griffonia Simplicifolia Seed Extract
  • Bacopa Monierri
  • Green Tea Leaf Extract
  • Alpha GPC
  • Rhodiola Rosea Extract

There are some very impressive ingredients in the list above. Take for instance the Guarana seed extracts. They are rich in antioxidants, they promote heart health, and they have a proven ability to promote weight loss. Other ingredients such as chicory root inulin, green tea extracts, and Yerba Mate leaf extracts are popular in weight loss circles.

It is nice that Skinny Brew’s list of ingredients has been made public. There is no dosage information though. There’s no way to know whether these ingredients are available in enough amounts.

Based on the list of ingredients above, it is safe to imagine that Skinny Brew could indeed help you lose weight. One thing that is certain is that Skinny Brew will give your body a strong caffeine hit. Over half of the ingredients above have caffeine. Caffeine does help to enhance focus and concentration, and it can give you the boost you need while engaged in your weight loss exercises.

How does Skinny Brew Work?

The most prominent effect of Skinny Brew is a strong caffeine hit. It boosts your energy levels and in turn, makes your body alert and active. This alone can boost your metabolism, even if you are not exercising or engaging in any physical activity. That is not to say that you can take Skinny Brew, then sit back and wait to lose weight.

The supplement has a lot of antioxidants and it will boost blood flow and rejuvenate your body cells. This renewed vigour can help kick the thermogenesis process in your body a notch higher. However, there is no evidence that Skinny Brew can directly contribute to the thermogenesis process.

If you were to try Skinny Brew, we would recommend mixing it up an elaborate work-out plan. We think it can contribute to weight loss, but we are not convinced that it can do much on its own.

Before you decide whether you’d want to try Skinny Brew or not, let’s explore whether it has side effects.

Skinny Brew Side Effects

A better part of Skinny Brew is made up of stimulants. The label says the supplement has 225mg of caffeine per serving. However, going by the list of ingredients above, we have a hunch that it might have a lot more than that. Too much of caffeine and other stimulants can have some side effects. They include;

  • Shaking and jitteriness
  • Feeling uneasy in the stomach
  • Edgy moods and high irritability
  • Headaches

As a result of the high caffeine content, pregnant or nursing women should not use Skinny Brew. If you have any underlying medical conditions or you are taking medication, seek the advice of a doctor first.

How do you use Skinny Brew?

Given that Skinny Brew is packaged as a beverage, it is quite easy to prepare and use. It comes in sachets and each sachet is supposed to make one cup of coffee. You can prepare it with eight ounces of either milk or plain water. You can prepare it cold or hot depending on your preference.

Skinny Brew is available on its official website and Amazon. You can also buy from third-party distributors or affiliate platforms. The price ranges from $49 to $187 depending on the amount purchased and how frequent of a buyer you are.

Our Verdict

We are not ones to sit on the fence with any health supplement. Skinny Brew seems to us like it has something to offer. Maybe not as much as the seller and promoters might promise, but there is something in it worth reaching out for. Since it is also sold at a fair price, we do recommend that you try it out. Just be cognizant of the high caffeine hits with every serving, and the effects they could have. Listen to your body keenly and note how it responds. Feel free to go through the best weight loss products on the market.

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