Sizegenetics Review: How It Works, Pricing, Benefits And Side Effects

Many people are currently having problems with their sexual lives. Men, specifically, find it challenging to be confident enough before their partners if they have a small penis or in case they experience erectile dysfunction. 

This makes them turn to the artificial ways of improving the quality of their sexual lives. Among the conventional methods used by many people, is penis extenders. There are many types of such products in the market, and it is always upon the client to do their research so that they are sure with the one they are buying.

In this post, we will review Sizegenetics to see whether it is worth the money that people spend to get it.

What Is Sizegenetics And How Does It Help In Penis Enlargement?

Sizegenetics is a penis extender that has been used for a long duration. The name might make you imagine that it is some organic method used to increase the size of penis. Well, that is just a name. The device does not have any elements of genetic in it. It is a tool that one puts on for a given period after which they can increase penis size and also improve its performance.

Most people are used to the traditional methods of using pills and herbs.Such people may not understand how penis size extenders work. There is so much hype surrounding the product, but that does not guarantee you the best results. You have to do your research so that you compared the good and bad things about the product. This is the only way that you can be sure to make a choice that will bring you a lot of benefits. You need to understand how the product works and why it continues to be a popular product in the market.

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Sizegenetics Mechanism and How To Use:

The tool makes use of the idea of traction to increase penis size. Unlike the other penis extenders, Sizegenetics focuses on changing the size of the flaccid penis.This is a feature that makes it a unique product.Previous research by experts has proved that it is a method of penis enlargement that is friendly to the body. Most people care about the side effects of using any technique. The herbs and pills are the ones mainly known to have an either short-term or long-term impact on the user’s body.

Other people may argue that the size of the penis does not matter during intercourse. This is a notion that is yet to be proved because most of the women consider size of the penis as one of the most critical factors during intercourse. Majority of the women have stated that the size should be of a given standard if they are to enjoy the sex. Men with smaller penises suffer self-esteem problems as they feel they are not able to satisfy their partners well. This prompts them to start looking for ways they can use to increase the size. The working mechanism of Sizegenetics helps it to achieve the desired results within a few months.

Benefits Of Using Sizegenetics

  • Increase in penis size

The primary reason why majority of the men go for this product is that they wish to increase size. The device is constructed in a way that any gain in length is not lost once you remove it. There are some penis extenders that may show increase in size, but then after they are removed, the penis goes back to its normal size. For this device, you can be sure that the flaccid size will be maintained even after you are done using it.The use of this device enables you to get the best size that will allow you to satisfy your partner.

  • It helps to correct the posture of the penis

The curvature of the penis sometimes also limits your ability to perform well. You may have been looking for a method to fix this. Sizegenetics enables you to get good shape that can help you get a proper shape. The device holds the penis in the best position you wish to have. When this happens, the muscles are conditioned to remain in a posture that enables you to have the curvature you want.

  • Helps in improving erection

Sometimes, one fails to get an erection that can satisfy your partner.In most cases, it means that the penis tissue does not have the ability to get hard so that you have a hard erection. Sizegenetics helps in strengthening the tissue so that you have the best erection. In most cases, people think they are impotent when they cannot have an erection. The truth is that the tissues may have weakened and all they have to do is to get a means that can be used to strengthen the tissue.Improved erection also means that you can have a prolonged erection. Sometime, you may be having an erection that does not last long. Sizegenetics helps to enhance the performance of the penis to the best of its level.

  • Helps to improve self-confidence

If you are not confident enough, it may not be possible to satisfy your partner. You should always be in the right state of mind. In case you feel you have a small penis or you may not be able to get a firm erection, you will not satisfy your partner.The device helps to improve size and performance. Once you start using it, you will notice the changes and this will help improve your performance.

  • The device is essential if you have problems in controlling ejaculation

Premature ejaculation is a problem that results from one’s inability to control ejaculation. If you are to satisfy your partner, you should be able to control it for long. Sizegenetics is a device that helps in improving blood flow to the penis tissues. This makes them more effective, and you will notice that your ability to control ejaculation will be enhanced. You will also solve the problem of impotence as a result of low sperm count. As a result of the increased blood flow, the penis tissues get a lot of nutrients supply which results in a lot of sperm production.

What Makes Up Sizegenetics?

There are facts about the product that any prospective client must know before they decide on buying the product or not.Some of the facts include the following:

  • It has a 58-way comfort that helps is usage with the entire system package
  • The traction can produce about 2800 mg force which is the right amount of pressure needed to exert tension on the penis tissue
  • A lot of clinical tests have proved that it is a safe method of increasing penis size and performance
  • Has extra elongation of up to 2 inches which provides room for bigger penis size. Not all the penis extenders have this kind of feature. Some are just for the small penis which leaves out the bigger ones that may also need improvement in efficiency.
  • It has an excellent case that can be used to store it once you are not using it. This is important as it helps you to keep your privacy.
  • It also has comfort pads that help in cushioning the penis.

How Does Sizegenetics Perform The Work?

Sizegenetics makes use of the traction principle to improve the performance of the penis. When pressure is exerted on a muscle, it helps in growth. Sizegenetics makes use of the same policy to grow muscles on the penis which also results in the overall growth of the organ. This is same technique that bodybuilders are always using to increase muscle size. This is how they can attain the big body size that most of them have.

Sizegenetics continually exerts pressure on the muscles which prompts them to grow. The tension results in micro-tears which needed to repaired by the surrounding cells. A lot of nutrients will be brought for this purpose,and one will experience growth. The micro-tears are not painful and are so tiny to be seen with the naked eye.

As you continue to use the product regularly, the repair of the results of the micro tearin multiple multiplicationsof the cells and hence growth of the penis. As growth occurs, one will also be able to control the curvature that the penis takes.The device is made in a way that it stays parallel to the cell growth hence resulting ina healthy posture of the penis.

What Should You Expect When You Use Sizegenetics?

The use of this device results indifferent things. All the results help one to improve the quality of intercourse they have with their partners. You should expect the following when using the device:

  • You should notice a change in the size of the penis within the first 3-4 weeks of usage.
  • Within the first eight weeks of usage, you are likely to note a 15% increase in size.
  • After 24 weeks, the increase will add up to 30%.
  • You will experience harder erections that will last longer than before you started using the device.
  • Amount of ejaculation will increase as a result of increased supply of nutrients and blood to the tissues.
  • You will improve on how you control ejaculation. The tissue will be strengthened when using the device, and this will enhance your ability to control ejaculations for a better sexual experience.

The results are permanent, and you do not have to continue using the device once you have achieved your desired results. The good thing that you will still have it so you can commence the usage again when you feel inefficient.

Is It A Safe Method Of Penis Enlargement?

The problem that many people have with penis enlargement methods is whether they are safe or not. The problem started after many people began experiencing issues as a result of using herbs and pills enlarge the organ.

The use of Sizegenetics is 100% safe. It does not involve the use of any chemically manufactured substance that can affect the body negatively. There is no chance of getting harmful substances into your body as you do not have to consume anything.

The manufacturers of the product ensure that it is medically fit for use. It is of the best quality, and all material used do not affect the skin.The design also gives you high level of comfortability such that you can wear it when at home or work.

What Are The Pros And Cons Of Using Sizegenetics?


  • The product is recognized by most plastic surgeons as a sure way of increasing penis size.
  • Has the ability to increase penis size by up to 2 inches lengthwise and 1.2 inches in terms of girth.
  • If you do not experience the results you wish to get while using the tool as prescribed, you are guaranteed to get double the money you spent to buy the device back.
  • All permanent results can be noticed after six months of usage. After this, you can stop the usage.
  • The design is made in a way that it does not show on your pants. You can wear it to work, and no one will notice. This means you can use it when performing your daily activities.


  • you will have to wait for at least six months before you can see the permanent results.
  • During the initial stages of use, some people always experience redness. The penis becomes red, which worries most of the people though it does not pose any problem to your health.

What Is The Cost Of Acquiring Sizegenetics?

The ultimate system goes for $299.95. This comes with free shipping to your preferred location. You save $200 since the original price is $499.95.


Based on the benefits that one can enjoy when they make use of this product, it is evident that it is a product to trust. It can help one to correct the problems they have had for a long duration. It is also important to note that when using the device, the increase will only be a percentage of your initial size. This means that the gain is not equal for all people. The price is friendly to the pocket since you will save a right amount of money from the discount. Generally, Sizegenetics is a good penis size extender that any man can use.

Editors tip: SizeGenetics is the #1 penis enlargement device to address your penis issues. It is medically cleared to be effective in dealing with erectile dysfunction and is 100% safe for usage. The Ultimate Pack of SizeGenetics is the best deal on the internet for any penis extender. If you think it won’t work, just try it get complete refund if it is found to be ineffective. With a track record of 100% guaranteed results, you will see for yourself why this is the best device for your dick!

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