SeroVital Review : Does This Anti Aging Product Works Or Its Just A Scam?

SeroVital is a well known anti-aging tablet among some of the old folks. It is renowned for its amazing effects on the skin of the aged, it makes the skin look young and tender that it’s hard to know the actual age of the user by looks. This review will guide you through all you need to know about this unique product and how it works.

All About HGH

HGH also called the human growth hormone is the tissue present in the body responsible for cell repair, growth, metabolism, nourishments, and recovery from strain. When your cells can quickly repair from being torn or worn out, you can then age slowly.

This is why HGH is vital for one to stay looking young and healthy. It is also directly involved in how easily you can perform strenuous physical activities. These are qualities that are reduced in the body as one ages.

Athletes and other individuals involved in sports are the biggest supporters of HGH, even though they are illegal to be taken without a doctor’s prescription.

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The SeroVital

SeroVital is a food supplement drug that claims to offer older women to stay young and healthy while eliminating anti-aging symptoms. The drug is recommended for ladies with ages 45 and above to have better clear skin even in advanced stages of their lives. The product works by amplifying the HGH (Human Growth Hormones) levels in the body through a natural process. The product is produced by SanMedica international.

SeroVital Review HGH

Whether these claims are valid is still left for us to determine, but we will examine the contents and then determine if better products exist in the market. First of all, let’s see what the scientific implication of the product means.

SeroVital does not contain the HGH in them, but they have supplements that encourage the growth of natural HGH in the human body. The product contains amino acids which, when combined with some Asian herbs, promote the development of hGH in the body. The amino acids counter the effects of aging that are always evident in the body and hair. When there is enough HGH in the body, aging can be halted quickly, allowing an individual to age gracefully. SeroVital is purported to cause the growth of hGH by over 682%.

As mentioned before, SeroVital doesn’t come with the hGH but has a wide range of ingredients that induce hGH growth. The elements have been said to contain constituents of vitamins, minerals, and amino acids that combine well to improve the body’s metabolism and overall health.

SeroVital was designed primarily for the golden ladies ( those 40 and above) to aid their anti-aging and good skin development. Still, it has been proven to find massive applications for other purposes. Some of them include:

  • Aids in weight loss and loss of fats.
  • It’s been researched to boost sexual drive.
  • It induces improvements in energy levels for the user.
  • It helps in boosting the mood of individuals.
  • It helps in boosting muscle mass that is lean and thin.
  • It also eliminates wrinkles that appear on the body and fill you with good energy.

SeroVital HGH has been researched by medical experts concerning the constituents that are in this drug and can deduct that it was made primarily to solve the aging problems of individuals who are struggling with looking young and fresh.

How Does the SeroVital HGH Work?

Like we mentioned before, the SeroVital HGH is merely a supplement that consists of vital ingredients that react together to promote the growth of hGH. The components perform all the work of hGH boost in the body and are researched to boost its levels. The manufacturer has shown that they conducted medical research on 15 patients to determine the outcome.

The efficacy of the drug can only be as a result of changes noticed in the amount of hGH in the body, the elimination of aging body cells, which can be seen on the skin texture, the elimination of fat cells in the body, and an improvement in the general metabolism in the body. The process does not guarantee a quick fix. Instead, it’s a progressive one that can be monitored over time. With time, the changes will be evident for everyone to see.

The next stop is where we will look at the beautiful ingredients that make SeroVital HGH an effective body supplement.

Ingredients Used in SeroVital

SeroVital HGH comes with a host of vital ingredients that combine to perform the reversal work on body aging while promoting a healthy and young look. The ingredients have been researched and tested to be potent and safe for ingestion into the body system. The ingredients used for the supplements include:

  • L-Lysine Hydrochloride

This is a vital amino acid that promotes the growth of protein for the muscles. It’s a mood booster because it reduces stress and the amount of calcium that the body absorbs. It’s one of the famous supplements recommended for athletes, sportspeople, and women because of its efficacy. The ingredient is also responsible for collagen production in a way that aids in skin renewal. The body depends on collagen daily to recover from surface pressure and wear.

  • L-Arginine Hydrochloride

It’s an essential amino acid present in the body that induces massive secretion of hGH in the body. It’s also effective in hormone production in the body. These hormones are responsible for improved body metabolism, which can promote vascular function. These reactions can lead to the eliminating of aging of the body to the barest minimum. 

  • Oxo-Proline

This is another compound of amino acid that halts the oxidation process that induces aging. It’s an auxiliary compound for metabolism and is effective in boosting the memory function of the body. The ingredients are most suitable for the body system of higher adults.

  • N-Acetyl L-Cysteine

Thick mucus in the body is one of the causes of pulmonary diseases, which can cause heart-related problems. The N-acetyl l-cysteine aids in loosening this mucus so that the airways can be freed up.

The compound is also effective in the protection of brain components, and this serves as a mechanism that protects it from age-related illnesses such as dementia and other brain illness.

  • L-Glutamine

This is perhaps the most vital amino acid in the body due to its anti-inflammatory qualities. It aids body skin regeneration more than any other compound that is contained in the bloodstream. This implies that it works overtime on any affected body part, including joints.

  • Schizonepeta Powder

This unique herb is a member of the catnip family, traditionally used in Chinese households to treat fevers and the common cold. It produces a euphoric effect when taken into the body and is a mood booster that improves energy levels. It’s also used for varieties of conditions such as acute menstrual flow and many other ailments.

Side Effects of SeroVital HGH

The natural ingredients of the SeroVital HGH aside, it does not dispute that some compounds can cause adverse effects on the body when they are ingested. The potential side effects of taking SeroVital HGH may include:

  • Bloating of the stomach due to amino acid reaction.
  • Constipation and indigestion.
  • Difficulty in breathing may lead to asthma symptoms.
  • Massive Diarrhea from acid reactions in the intestine.
  • Stomach pains that may come with other symptoms.

SeroVital HGH Dosage

The time you take to take your dosage may not matter as long as you do not take any food apart from drinking water for at least 2 hours before and after ingesting the SeroVital HGH. You have to take a daily dosage of four capsules.

In advanced dosage cases, you should ingest two capsules in the morning after taking your breakfast and another four tablets in the evening on an empty stomach. The manufacturer’s guide recommends that you do not eat 2 hours before and after taking it for the evening dosage.

When to Avoid Taking SeroVital HGH

The drug is not recommended for the following conditions:

  • Younger ones between the ages of 1 – 18.
  • Pregnant women.
  • Anybody that has preexisting medical conditions that may cause the body to react to the drug.

Generally, the advice of a medical professional is paramount in situations like this so that you can avoid taking the supplement on occasions that may cause serious harm to the body.

How Long can one Take the SeroVital HGH, and How Long Before it Starts Taking Effect?

Ingesting the SeroVital HGH is not limited to any time frame. You can swallow it for as long as you want to ensure long-lasting effects on your body.

The company researched time before the SeroVital HGH can start taking effect has been proven to be 3 months. This is enough time for the amino acids to finish comprehensive work on your body’s system.


I think the review has pretty much covered the medically proven aspects of the SeroVital HGH. It sure does boost HGH growth in the body but may differ from person to person.

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