Proviron Review: Working, Benefits, Customer Reviews, Pros And Cons

In this Proviron tablet review, we try to unmask some claims regarding the potency of this product. The aim is to provide potential users with an informed opinion and user testimonials before utilization of the product.


Pro-viron tablets was manufactured specifically to deal with a medical condition known as hypogonadism, which results from the inability of the male sex glands located in the testes to produce sex hormones or testosterones. It may also be called low testosterone condition. In this review, the word “hypogonadism” and phrase “low testosterone” will used interchangeably.

Any one of the following factors may cause hypogonadism in males:

  • Exposure to radiation
  • The presence of kidney and liver diseases
  • Severe infections within the testicles region
  • Genetic disorders
  • Surgery done on the penis
  • Growth on the pituitary gland

The common symptoms of hypogonadism include; reduced growth of penis and testicles, muscle loss, erectile dysfunction, infertility, low sex drive, abnormal breast growth and fatigue. Depending on the causes of hypogonadism low testosterone, the condition and be chronic or curable.

It is claimed that Pro-viron tablets could treat disorders in men when the body is unable to produce sufficient sex hormones for sexual development by supplementing the amount the body is able to produce.

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Proviron Reviews: Overview of the Product  

This medication classified under the category of anabolic steroids and androgens are in 25mg tablet form and administered through the mouth. The manufacturers’ have laid claims that the product can achieve sex hormone boasting and overcome testosterone insufficiency in men.

Manufactured as white-rounded tables marked AX with, each packet has 50 tablets. However, it should be noted that its claims as has the most coveted drug for the treatment of infertility it at best disputed.

How Does Proviron Tablet work?

The drug, which is ingested in pill form, specifically; it contains mesterolone as the main ingredient. Mesterolone works by supplementing the amount of testosterone the body produces. However, continuous consumption of the Pro-viron can lead a rise in cholesterol levels and increase the risk of heart and liver problems. For these reasons it is not advisable for long term use.

Working Benefits of Using Pro-viron

The manufacturer has outlined the following benefits as potential working benefits from administration of the product:

  • Muscle building for athletes
  • Overcome potency imbalances due to testosterone insufficiency
  • Serve as a supplementary therapy in cases of declining virility not caused by insufficient testosterone
  • Stimulating the growth and development of testosterone vital organs such as the brain, All-Natural Ingredients

However, it is important to note that the condition been treated is a chronic sickness especially if the cause is genetic. Consequently, consultation with a physician is advised to avoid causing more damage to the body with a wrong prescription.

Ingredients Used in Proviron Tablets

Let’s consider the composition of the pro-vision tablets as the potency has a lot to do with the features of the ingredients.

  • Mesterolone

As earlier mentioned Mesterolone is the substance in pro-viron, it works by supplementing the amount of testosterone the body produces.

  • Lactose Monohydrate

This is a type of sugar used in drug production mainly due to its compressibility properties, which is used to form tablets. Beyond this it has little or no effect on the medication.

  • Maize Starch

Just like lactose monohydrate, maize starch has little or no potency on the drug, it ensures that the pro-viron tablet dissolves when ingested for easy absorption into the human body. It is used as a disintegrated in drug manufacturing.

  • Povidone

This is also used due in pro-viron production for its ability to disperse and suspend drugs. It makes the tablet readily dissolvable in water.

  • Methyl Hydrobenzoate

It is a chemical substance that serves as a preservative for pro-viron tablet

  • Propyl Hydrobenzoate

This is a natural substance found in plants and animals and it is acidic in nature and serves as a drug preservative.

  • Magnesium Stearate

It is a chemical compound used as additives in food and supplements.

Pros & Cons

Every product is not without its pros and cons, and pro-viron is not different. To help you, we have compiled this list of pros and cons that we have found and will give our opinion on if it’s worth the risk at the end.


  • Managing testosterone deficiency
  • Supporting male fertility
  • Treating delayed puberty
  • Mild in composition


  • It is a relatively weak sex hormones booster with partial activity
  • It is not suitable for testosterone replacement therapy

Having weighed the difference in pros and cons, though pro-viron is still being used in medicine today it has been found to be relatively weak in chemical composition in treating hypogonadism.

Where to Buy Pro-viron?

Pro-viron is available their official websites, you should always avoid purchasing supplements like pro-viron on third-party websites to avoid fakes.

 Proviron Side Effects

As earlier stated it is not advisable to begin consumption of the product without a physician’s warning. However, in using the drugs the following side effects should be looked at for:

Allergic Reaction

Unfortunately, a lot of people live with allergies and some allergic reactions can worsen the condition of hypogonadism. This is why it is important to ensure that you do not react with the main ingredient mesterolone before trying this supplement.

Pre-Existing Medication

Just like with any other supplement, it is always best to consult speak with your physician before taking Pro-viron if you are already on other medications. There is always a chance that the ingredients within this testosterone booster and your medications could react with one another.

The following are the list of medications that may interfere with the usage of pro-viron:

  • Phenobarbital, drugs used to treat seizures
  • Neuromuscular blockers like anesthetics used for managing paralysis
  • Thyroxine
  • Cyclosporine drug used for suppressing the immune system
  • Medications for diabetes

Other Medical Problems

The medication is meant to boost testosterone levels, however but it is common for those suffering from this condition to also suffer from other underlying medical issues. If you fall under this category, speak with your physician before taking Sugar Balance to ensure it will does not damage to body organs.

The other medical conditions discovered as possible side effects from the use of Pro-viron tablets include:

  • Fluid retention
  • Psychiatric disturbances like aggression and depression
  • Acne
  • Headache
  • Excessive hairiness
  • Difficulties in respiration
  • Swelling on the lips
  • Rashes on the body

Who Should Refrain from Pro-viron?

The list on who should avoid taking pro-viron is long and it is important to note them.

Those who should avoid this supplement altogether include:

  • Anyone that has a liver problem
  • Anyone with kidney problem
  • Anyone suffering from epilepsy
  • Anyone having high blood pressure
  • Anyone having constant migraine
  • Anyone with abnormal pauses in breathing while asleep
  • Anyone with a blood disorder of excess red blood cells being produced
  • Anyone with metabolism disorder

Dosage & Tips to Start

Before taking Pro-viron, it is important to note that this is androgen supplement meant for those who with low testosterone and are trying to increase the potency of the testosterone in their body.  If you are only looking to replace weak testosterone in the body this might not be the ideal product.

The recommended dosage is one tablet three times a day but not without a doctor’s directions, the instruction is always to take one capsule 3 times a day during mealtimes.

When taking Pro-viron tablets, it is recommended to drink lots of water to help it to work properly. Since water is the best thing for the body anyway, this is a good thing.

User experience with Pro-viron

Reviews from many persons who have used the product has not always been satisfactory. The manufacturer’s claim that it can solve infertility has often been controversial as several persons have revealed frustration in lack of improvement in their sex life.

Users still continue to complain of week erections, low libido and inability to satisfy their spouses. As a result, they are reluctant to introduce the product to others.

Some have complained of severe medical conditions and complication arising from adverse chemical reactions to using pro-viron whilst they were managing high blood pressure situation. In fact, studies have revealed an increase in the growth of cancerous cells by persons trying to combine both medications. It was important to seek the doctor’s advice before trying out the drugs.

Proviron Review: Closing Thoughts

In conclusion, based on my review on the product, while it contains mesterolone as its main product known as sex hormone booster as well as aiding to improve the performance of testosterone, the reviews from many users does not support the claims of the manufacturers.

I think the review has pretty much covered a lot on hypogonadism and medical facts on Proviron. In most cases, low testosterone can only be treated managed by a process called hypogonadism transfer. This treatment involves taking medications containing the sex hormone which your body is deficient in such as testosterone, or pituitary hormones to replace the ones that the body no longer produces.

While pro-viron can boost in less severe cases it is considered a weak androgen to be used as a replacement for the natural testosterone hence to negative reviews it has received,

If you cannot get Proviron for one reason or the other and you must go for an alternative. We recommend TestoPrime. It is yet another bodybuilding supplement that we have investigated and found to be effective. We would love to hear from you about what your experience with TestBoost has been like.

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