A series of resources on produce safety that describe best practices for receiving, storing, handling, and purchasing fresh and fresh-cut produce through videos, fact sheets, and PowerPoint presentations. ET106-11.
Produce Safety Videos
The Produce Lab Videos – Culinary Techniques
The Produce Lab Videos – Good Agricultural Practices (GAPS)
The Produce Lab Videos – Quality and Condition
Produce Safety Fact Sheets
Produce Safety Presentations and Talking Points
Produce Safety University – Additional Resources


Conducting a Mock Recall of Produce in a School Nutrition Operation
This mock recall resource developed by the USDA provides instruction on how to practice conducting a school district-wide recall of fresh produce.
View or DownloadLeafy Green Safe Handling Posters
Set of nine full-color, 11″ x 17″ posters, downloadable in a high resolution, print-ready pdf. Iowa State.
View or DownloadProcuring Local Foods for Child Nutrition Programs
USDA Farm to School Procurement Guide.
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School Composting – A Manual for Connecticut Schools
This manual was developed by the state of Connecticut based on the experiences the composting program at Mansfield Middle School. The goal is to provide a model for initiating and implementing a school composting program.
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School Garden Scenarios – activity
Training activity poses two scenarios related to school gardens.
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Food Safety Practices to Expect from Your Fresh-Cut Produce Processor
Use the information in this guide, developed by the USDA, to verify if a potential or current supplier is a reputable source of fresh-cut produce for your school nutrition program.
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Food Safety Practices to Expect from Your Fresh Produce Distributor
This document, developed by the USDA, defines terms and common language used by distributors and other wholesalers to help you communicate more effectively. It also offers guidance on conducting a site visit to fresh produce distributors’ facilities.
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