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PhenQ Review 2019 : Ingredients, Working, Benefits & Side Effects

PhenQ : Ingredients, Testimonials, Pricing, Benefits & Side Effects

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Being on the heavier side of the scale is never someone’s desire. Infact, many people want to have a body that is in shape and healthy. The thing is, once you have gained weight, losing it is very hard. You got to be dedicated enough to plan and stick to a routine, eat healthy food and indulge in exercises that make every part of your body move.

It all already sounds tough? Does it?

We have a remedy that can calm down your weight related worries. Today, we are going to talk about PhenQ – a miracle diet supplement that helps in burning fat deposits no matter how stubborn they are. We are also going to address your concerns and tell you the best way to lose weight (& fat) easily with PhenQ.

Read on, do not miss anything from our experience with the pill!

PhenQ: A summary of what it is

Made by Wolfson Berg, PhenQ has made a name for itself in the weight loss region. It is gracefully recommended by its users who never stop thanking the product for what it has done to them. The pill has a 5 in one pill action plan where its formulation plays a vital role. With ingredients picked carefully, the pill targets stored fat in multiple ways (we will discuss this later in the article).

phenq reviews
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When we received the product, we were actually excited to see how its 5 in 1 action works. As the days passed, the results became evident for us. The pill is made using carefully selected ingredients in portions that are very well  researched to have a positive influence on the body. Every ingredient used to manufacture has been studied extensively for its effectiveness on fat deposits and influence on the rate of metabolism.

Approved by the Food and Drug Administration (FDA), PhenQ is a safe and proven way to lose weight and lead a healthy lifestyle. More so, even the labs that make the pills are certified and work under strictly monitored conditions.

PhenQ Ingredients: Composition and benefits of individual ingredient

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Its functions are:

  • A blend of alpha-lipoic acid and cystine.
  • Works as a fat burner that retains muscle mass
  • Prevents any damage that can occur from oxidative stress
  • Keeps away excess from depositing
  • It does not have a strong effect that overpowers the body overnight


Its functions are:

  • Derived from cactus
  • Rich source of Amino acid that can help in boosting levels of dopamine in the body – this keeps mood in check
  • It suppress appetite
  • Adds roughage

L-Carnitine Tartrate:

Its functions are:

  • Keeps away fatigue
  • Suppresses negative mood swings
  • Burns fat
  • Works as a low impact nootropic

Caffeine Anhydrous:

Its functions are:

  • Dehydrated form of coffee
  • Contains amounts of caffeine that will keep you alert
  • Enhances energy levels in the body

Capsicum Extract:

  • It’s a blend of capsicum, niacin, and piperine
  • Acts as a thermogenic compound that raises body temperature leading to fat melting
  • Keeps you alert
  • Support immunity system

Other ingredients are:

  • Niacin Powder
  • Calcium carbonate
  • Perine Extract

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Benefits of PhenQ – Discussed

PhenQ works in five directions on fat depositions. It amazed us initially when we read about it. It took the pill two weeks to start showing its effect. We are blown over by how well this pill works and stands tall in support of every claim made about it.

Here is how this diet pill will benefit you:

  • The pill is 100% safe
  • Proven lab research on selection of ingredients
  • Everything that is in the pill has been clearly mentioned
  • The pill acts on stubborn fat depositions
  • It prevents fat from accumulating again
  • Slows down excess fat production in the body
  • Control appetite, so you do not binge eat during/after the diet
  • Keeps your mood and wellbeing in good spirits
  • Energises your body so that you can go about the day without feeling exhausted
  • The pill is suitable for all genders
  • Absolutely no need to take other health supplements to make PhenQ work better
  • Ingredients are picked such that they target every aspect of the body
  • Speeds up rate of metabolism so that fat burning keeps going naturally
  • Made in labs certified by the Food and Drug Administration (FDA)
  • Consumer services are very professional and they can help you with planning a regime
  • Confidentiality of each order is guaranteed
  • The product comes with a return policy

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PhenQ in action – Does it really works?

With the intention to burn fat and control appetite, this product is formulated such that it works in multiple ways on the body. This product is a 5 in 1 type and by saying so, we must confess – it truly does everything the company claims about it.

The five action plan of the product are:

  • The product controls and suppresses hunger pangs. Once your hunger gets in control, the journey of weight loss becomes easier. By suppressing hunger, the pill makes room for fat melting and digestion. More so, you will feel hungry when your body needs food for real.
  • It burns deposits of fat. With daily consumption of food and lack of exercise, fat deposits in the form of layer. Each layer is stubborn than the previous one. Reaching these layers of fat is not easy. Irrespective of how many hours you spend working out, chances are very high that fat layers will not melt. Ingredients present in PhenQ are chosen in a way that they target these stubborn fat depositions and melt them layer by layer. Unlike expected time, this forced melting of fat is quick and effective.
  • It prevents production of fat in the body. When you eat food rich in carbohydrates, the body digests and takes out fat from it. These digests are stored in the body in the form of fat. PhenQ prevents that from happening. As soon as fat is produced, it makes the body digest it. This way, weight and mass is maintained. The pill boosts metabolism rate and makes sure fat gets burned leaving no time for it to accommodate.
  • As more amount of fat is now being burnt by the body, you are sure to feel more energized. This explains why despite being on a weight loss schedule, you will not be feeling exhausted and tired.
  • Mood is an important parameter for anyone to get into workout mode and stay dedicated to it. With ingredients picked carefully enough to uplift mood, this product is surely a worthy investment. Many times it happens that you just do not feel like exercising, this is where mood lifters work and make you go about the schedule without giving up.

The 5 in 1 action the pill takes on the body is phenomenal. While we expect all this to be just words, the product has proved that it can do whatever that has been claimed. We are in awe of how well this product works.

Testimonials from users of PhenQ

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The side effects related to PhenQ

PhenQ is manufactured very carefully. The ingredients are chosen after research and the dosage is recommended after many lab trials. All that kept at one place, the question still can bother someone – Is there any side-effects I should be knowing?

The answer is – There is absolutely no side-effects related to the consumption of PhenQ.

The product is 100%. More so, it is made in FDA approved labs with a formulation that just affects the fat burning process.


Here are a few things you must do when on a diet with PhenQ:

  • Exercise regularly. The pills is not a magic pill, you must pair its dosage with exercising
  • Eat healthy food. The more healthy food you eat, the more your body detoxifies itself
  • Drink plenty of water – start with 1.5 liters a day and keep increasing slowly
  • Do not weigh yourself regularly. Weight loss does not happen overnight. You must keep working.

Who must not take PhenQ

Consider avoiding taking this diet pill if:

  • You are pregnant
  • Are breastfeeding a newborn
  • Below the age of 18 years
  • Have degenerative stomach issues
  • Are prone of giddiness
  • Have any kind of heart disorder

Here are some consumer complaints about the product

Every since I got on the diet plan, I had to take time out to hit the gym. I thought if doing yoga but was not sure that it will work. I wish there was a manual talking about the exercises one must do.

Allan Kazak

It took me a month to realise I needed to workout to make the weight loss effect show more effectively. Overall once I started moving around, I was surprised how well this pill works. There is no other way to make it work better for you

Zoe McGannal

Dosage: Directions of usage to get the best out of this fat burning pill

Aside from pairing PhenQ with exercising, you must know the correct way to pop it in. Initially, you should take 1 pill a day. As you advance the weight loss program start taking 2 pills a day. Do not exceed the two pill per day limit.

Also, consider engaging in exercises like:

  • Cycling
  • Swimming
  • Zumba
  • Martial arts
  • Trekking

These activities involve an enormous amount of energy and ensure more fat is burned.

About the manufacturer

Made by Wolfson Berg, PhenQ has been in the market for quite a long time. It has proven itself worthy of every penny that is invested in it. Over the years, the product has been recommended by its consumers to anyone who wants to lose weight. This speaks volumes about how effective and genuine their product is.

Prices and discounts

PhenQ is only sold online. It cannot be brought from a vendor or from a pharmacy.

The prices are:
Get one bottle for $69.95
Get two bottle and one for free at $131.90
Get four bottles and one for free at $189.95
For best prices, check the website:


PhenQ has us in awe. We cannot talk enough about how well this product has worked for us. With ingredients picked carefully to give maximum output, the product targets 5 ways in which weight can target a body.

Our favourite part of this supplement?

It has ingredients that keep you in a good mood and in high spirits. PhenQ is totally worth every penny!

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