Peak X Keto Review: Evidence-based Facts

Peak X keto is a ketone supplement that speeds up your entry into ketosis. This implies that it can speed up weight loss. But the question is, “can they do what they claim to do?”

Our team of researchers at NSFMI took up the task of researching the ingredients, reviews, side effects, and other facts about these pills. We present a review of this pill to help you decide whether it is worth purchasing or not.

But before then, let’s see an overview of ketosis.

What is ketosis?

Ketosis is a state of metabolism.

It is characterized by the production of ketone bodies from fat. Your system then uses these ketones for energy rather than carbs.

The body gets into ketosis when you eat a ketogenic diet – one with low-carb and high-fat foods (1).

Apart from speeding up weight loss, ketosis also has many other health benefits including reducing seizures in children with epilepsy (2).

Ketosis is associated with low-carb or ketogenic diets. Ketosis also occurs during infancy, pregnancy, starvation, and fasting (3456).

To switch your body into ketosis, you will have to eat fewer than 50g of carbs daily and in some cases, as little as 20g per day.

What this means is that you must exclude certain foods from your diet, like sugary soft drinks, candy, and grains. You should also reduce your intake of potatoes, legumes, and fruit.

When you eat a low-carb diet, your insulin levels will reduce. Your fat stores will release fatty acids in large amounts.

A large percentage of these fatty acids are transferred to your liver. The liver then oxidizes them and changes into ketones. Then, they can energize your body.

Ketones can cross your blood-brain barrier and energize your brain – something that fatty acids cannot do.

Introducing Peak X Keto

Peak X keto is a keto supplement that doubles as a weight loss formula. Peak X keto contains exogenous ketones. Those are their natural ingredients. Some studies have shown the benefits of ketone supplements. According to the studies, taking ketone supplements such as Peak X keto can minimize the time it takes to get into ketosis. Ketosis draws out energy from fats, so this helps you to lose weight.

There’s a very big snag we discovered concerning Peak X Keto. We discovered that its official site was no longer available on the web. When you click on the link to the site, it leads you to another product “Keto accelerator.” We could not find any link that led us to Peak X Keto.

Other products in this category include Noom, Kexotol, Keto Guido, and Keto Slim RX.

Who manufactures this product?

We’ve searched the web for the manufacturer of this product but found none. Peak X Keto has no official website, and all links redirect to another site.

Health benefits of Peak X Keto

Like we mentioned above, Peak X Keto doesn’t have any official website. When it was available, it did list the health benefits of the product. Some of the acclaimed benefits include:

  • Drawing energy from fat instead of carbs
  • Facilitates the burning of fat without exercise or diet
  • Gives you a good feeling
  • Increases your energy naturally

The manufacturer also claims that Peak X Keto is backed by a 100% refundable guarantee. It also claims that all the ingredients used are natural, and produced in the United States.

Ingredients used

A review of the websites marketing this supplement suggests that the only ingredient used for this ketogenic supplement are exogenous ketones.

A cursory look at exogenous ketones shows that there is some research backing the health claims of Peak X Keto. However, the shreds of evidence were not direct.

Over the years, many studies have been conducted on the weight-loss impact of exogenous supplements. The increasing popularity of keto diets and weight loss supplements have contributed to this.

A 2016 study documented in the Journal Nutrition and Metabolism showed that ketone supplements can increase levels of serum blood ketone. It is worth noting that this was an animal study.

A 2017 human study published in Frontiers in Physiology discovered that ketone supplements triggered ketosis. When your body gets into a state of ketosis, it burns fat for fuel and this helps with weight loss.

More research was carried out in 2018 – investigating the effects of ketone supplements on the keto flu. When you have keto flu, you will experience symptoms akin to that of flu during ketosis.

A 2019 study published in the journal Frontiers in Psychiatry found that exogenous ketone supplements were beneficial to mental health.

Weight loss effects of Peak X Keto

Preliminary studies have found that exogenous supplements contribute to weight loss. At the moment though, nutritional ketosis contributes more to weight loss than. Also, consistent burning of fat through physical exercise enhances weight loss.

Side effects of Peak X Keto

Well, at the moment, we do not know of any side effects, but then, ketosis on its own has some side effects. You will experience the following symptoms when your body switches from burning carbs for energy to burning fats.

  • Jitters
  • Fatigue
  • Nausea
  • Diarrhea
  • Constipation
  • Dizziness upon standing

How to use Peak X Keto

Each bottle contains 60 capsules. You take two capsules every day – one capsule two times daily, or two capsules once per day. However, because there’s no existing picture of the bottle, we assume that each bottle contains a one-month supply of the pill.

Where can I buy Peak X Keto?

Well, the bad news is that Peak X Keto is not available for sale online. We couldn’t find any website marketing. Perhaps it was an MLM of some sort. The old official website is no longer live online.


We can’t say that there’s anything wrong with Peak X Keto. However, there’s also nothing unique about it when compared to other products in the same category. They share similar ingredients and pricing. However, the one snag is that it is not available for sale online. The sales link took us to a different product altogether.


Weight loss pills are a tricky category of supplements. A little error and you may encounter serious problems. So, you must consider other options. NFSMI recommends PhenQ for men and Leanbean for women.

PhenQ and Leanbean are easy to administer, and they provide excellent results without any unnecessary side effects. Another advantage that both pills have is their “quick action.” So, if you are thinking about speeding up your weight loss journey, then Phenq and Leanbean are the way to go.

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