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Nu image Medical Review
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Have you been worrying too much about losing weight? Maybe even exercising 6 days a week with very slow results? The HCG drops by Nu Image Medicals is exactly what you are need right now. Established in 2004, Nu Image Medicals develops the purest form of HCG. Unlike the Homeopathic HCG drops, Nu Image sells only pure HCG so that you get 100% results and is almost 4 times better than any mixed HCG solutions.

In addition, it is prescription HCG which means you can buy this only after getting a doctor’s prescription. This assures that the product you are buying is actually good for your health. You can stay in constant contact with the official staff members throughout your diet phase through phone calls, email and live chat. Nu Image Medicals provides you with through options on how you would like to take the HCG with your HCG diet. You may choose to take HCG through drops, injections or pellets. All of them give you the same 100% results.

NOTE: We are no longer recommending this product for our visitors. This product is much costlier, less effective and has more side effects. We recommend Official HCG Diet drops. The Official HCG Diet Drops is actually a newer option, and it’s one that actually uses synthesized HCG from labs. This means that whether male or female these are a safe product to use.

The Idea

The HCG hormone is naturally released by the placenta in pregnant women to utilize the stored (or) reserved fat and make use of this fat to nourish the fetus. In 1954, an endocrinologist Dr Albert Simeons proposed the idea that HCG could be used as a method to lose weight by reducing the appetite after noticing malnourished women giving birth to babies with good health.

Previously only HCG injections were available but now we get drops and pellets too. This comes as great news since many people avoid injections owing to an allergy or plain fear.

Following the HCG diet plan along with the usage of pure HCG does wonders to your body.

Nu Image HCG Drops

Nu image Medical HCG

These HCG drops are developed in pharmaceutical labs approved by the Food and Drugs Administration (FDA). When you are planning to buy them, you cannot​straight go to a market and get them. If you do, the product you are purchasing is definitely not pure. You need to get a medical consultation done either by going straight to their clinics or over a phone call. The official staffs – the physicians talk to you and understand your health and discuss your needs and only then prescribe you the drops. The Nu Image HCG drops are prescription products and so cannot be purchased legally without a proper medical prescription given by a doctor. This confirms that the product you are buying is safe to use.

There is a diet plan of 26 days and 40 days. You can expect to lose about 10-15 pounds in the 26 days’ schedule and about 25-35 in the latter. We mostly talk only about the 40 days scheme since it’s the more preferred one among the users. The plan totally depends on how much weight you desire to lose. These HCG drops tend to deal with the functioning of the Hypothalamus and reduces the overall appetite. It resets your system and increases your body metabolism. This way more fat gets burnt and utilized making you lose those extra unnecessary pounds in your thighs, belly and waist. With very less hunger, you can easily carry out the whole Nu Image HCG program without feeling starved and frustrated.

Our body has three types of fats

  1. Structural Fat: This fat is important for internal organs like kidneys, liver etc. It provides the bedding required to protect these vital organs.
  2. Reserved Fat: The reserved fat is the one that provides you with the necessary stamina when you take a diet low in calories.
  3. Abnormal Fat: This is the extra fat, the fat that your body absolutely does not need. It gets accumulated in thighs, waist and belly regions mainly. The HCG diet works to help you get rid of this stubborn fat.

What is the HCG diet program?

The HCG diet plan typically involves 3 phases.

  1. Phase 1 – The Loading phase: This stage starts 2 days prior to you begin the low calorie diet. This is when you start taking your HCG drops (the procedure shall be explained next) and should eat large amounts of calories. Eat whatever you like; eat that pastry you have been craving to eat with no worries. The calories you consume these two days is what is going to provide you with the stamina through the entire dieting period. Once you have loaded yourself, your body is now ready to go for a low calorie diet without feeling starved.
  2. Phase 2 –The Weight Loss Phase: This is when you start the low calorie diet. The calorie you now take should be as low as only 500 calories. Generally when taking a calorie deficit diet, people tend to feel weaker and weaker each day but since you have loaded yourself with enough calories in the loading phase, you swing through the phase easily without feeling starved or weak. In fact, you start feeling healthier. You need to avoid sugary foods and too much caffeine in this phase. By the end of this phase, let’s say a month, you must have lost 25 – 40 lbs depending on other factors along with the HCG drops like your diet and exercise you might be doing.
  3. Phase 3 – Maintenance or Stabilization phase: The last phase starts after you’ve stopped taking the drops at the end of the 2nd phase. You now slowly start taking normal foods, gradually increasing the calories content in the meals you take (not exceeding too much, obviously. Just how much is required for the normal functioning)

By the end of all the three phases, your metabolic system has been reset and it works more efficiently. You don’t get frustrated with hunger and you feel healthier with a lesser body weight. HCG diet works best only when using pure HCG. Hence, Nu Image HCG drops are definitely the best option to help you lose weight.

When using the drops, there is a particular method to use them and how is that? Let us explain how to correctly use the Nu Image HCG drops.

How to use the Nu Image HCG drops?

These oral weight loss drops comes with liquid vitamin B12 ( Sublingual Cyanocobalamin. Both must be mixed before usage.

Directions to mix HCG with Sublingual Cyanocobalamin

  • Extract 10 ml of liquid vitamin B12 using the 10 ml syringe provided. Release it into an empty vial.
  • Then withdraw the HCG from the bottle and empty it into the vial which now contains Sublingual Cyanocobalamin.
  • Close the bottle using the stopper provided.

Throughout the mixing you should not shake the solution.

You must take 3-4 drops under your tongue. The drops should preferably be taken near the large vein for faster absorption. It takes about 10 minutes to absorb. Your doctor will advise you to repeat the process 2 or 3 times a day. No food or drinks must be consumed 30 minutes prior and after using the drops.

You may contact the staff members of Nu Image in case of a doubt.

Side Effects of using pure Human Chorionic Gonadotropin

It is important that you buy pure HCG directly from Nu Image Medicals after getting an official prescription written by a doctor or physician. The only side effects you might notice are headache, nausea and dizziness. This happens because of the low calorie diet and not the HCG. After your body gets used to the change in diet, gradually all side effects go away. Buying HCG without medical prescription from the market is both illegal and hazardous to your health.

Since prescription HCG is expensive, an alternative option would be HCG Complex. It is a homeopathic solution and definitely better than the supposedly pure HCG from markets.

The Difference between prescription HCG and homeopathic HCG

The prescription HCG from the U.S pharmacy contains only the pure product. According to the HCG diet plan, it works best only when you use pure HCG. The HCG diet drops resets your metabolism, reduces your appetite and helps you get rid of the abnormal fat from your body. Throughout the process, you don’t feel starved and hence not frustrated. This is not the case with homeopathic HCG. These weight loss drops are so diluted, HCG does not work in it’s complete efficiency. You are going to feel starved, frustrated and you would start losing muscle weight. They still are healthy and do work though. HCG Complex and HCG Triumph are some good options. Homeopathic weight loss drops need prescription and are much cheaper. But pure HCG definitely is superior to the homeopathic product.

Where to order Nu Image HCG drops?

The HCG diet drops cannot be directly bought. You will need to enroll to their diet program and they will connect you to a doctor who would talk to you about your health and needs. Only after getting a doctor’s prescription you can order your diet plan accordingly. This ensures and gives you comfort that the product you are buying is indeed legal and safe to use.

You can contact the office staff anytime throughout the week and talk to them over a phone call or via mail. If you live somewhere near their pharmacy labs in the U.S, you may go visit them directly. The contact details are as follows:

Address: 1209 N Tampa St.

Tampa, FL 33602

Contact number: 888 5203438

Email ID: info@nuimagemedical.com

NOTE: We are no longer recommending this product for our visitors. This product is much costlier, less effective and has more side effects. We recommend Official HCG Diet drops. The Official HCG Diet Drops is actually a newer option, and it’s one that actually uses synthesized HCG from labs. This means that whether male or female these are a safe product to use.

Testimonials by real users


Q. Is Nu Image HCG diet drops and injections legal?

A. Yes, these weight loss drops and injections are totally legal. The thing is you can legally buy them only after a doctor or physician prescribes it to you. You will need to enroll to the HCG program and after a series of procedures, you are ready to buy the product.

Q. Is there any side effects of using the HCG drops?

A. The only reported side effects are headache, little dizziness and nausea. These are not the result of using HCG. The HCG diet demands a low calorie diet which results in some harmless side effects that go away once your body gets used to the change. Hazardous side effects are reported only when people buy them from markets without a prescription. This HCG is not pure and you should never buy them.

Q. Can I use HCG during my period cycles?

A. No, you are not supposed to use HCG when on periods. You stop taking the drops/injections during this time. You may start once you are done. Also, pregnant women are restricted from taking up this weight loss program. Always talk to a doctor prior using.

Q. I am diabetic. Can I take HCG injections?

A. Yes, a person on diabetes can use HCG injections and the weight loss diet drops. It is indeed beneficial to people with diabetes since patients with high sugar levels are advised to maintain a healthy weight. HCG injections reduce your appetite and weight and increases your metabolism. All these factors make it healthy for a diabetic patient. Consult a doctor in case of any concern.

Q. Can a male use HCG for weight loss?

A. Although the Human Chorionic Gonadotropin is released only in women, both men and women can  go for the HCG diet program. It works in the exact same way in both genders.

 Q. How much exercise should I do while on HCG diet?

A. You are not supposed to exercise during this phase. You need to store the calories consumed during the loading phase to give you enough stamina when on low calorie diet. It is advised to not waste it on exercise. You may talk to a doctor and go for light workout.


The Nu Image Medicals HCG diet program is the safest method to lose weight. Only pure HCG can work efficiently by improving body metabolism while reducing appetite. The program provides you with the three-phased diet plan. A 500 calories per day diet in the second phase is absolutely necessary. Following the rules properly helps you achieve the weight you desire within a month. You start the weight loss program after you get a prescription from a doctor. So you can rest assured that you have no harmful effects to worry about.

Nu image Medicals are ready to help you 24×7. They are well known for their quality programs and products and excellent customer services. Their labs are FDA approved. The only drawback would be the high cost. But when you want the best results, a little price to pay is totally worth it.

So stop stressing and consult a doctor today, enroll in the program and start with the HCG diet program. Go lose those stubborn pounds in ease.

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