The Best Natural Methods to Boost HGH

The Human Growth Hormone (HGH) is responsible for all the growth and development characteristics in the body. It stimulates all the growth that happens in the adolescent stage, and in adults, it is meant to maintain all the bodily functions in the right condition. However, as one ages, the concentration of the growth hormone starts to decline. That is the very reason that people “do not feel young anymore”. Taking injections with synthetic HGH may not always be the wise option. Rather, there are numerous natural ways to increase the HGH levels in your body. The best part about these natural ways is that they are easy and have no side effects.

The aim of this write-up is to present to you the various natural methods that can help you improve your HGH naturally and feel young always. But before we get into that, it would be good to gain a thorough understanding of what HGH is, how it is produced, how it works and how you can get HGH.

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What is HGH?

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HGH, or the Human Growth Hormone, is the basic growth hormone produced in the human body. As the name implies, it is a naturally released hormone that leads to the stimulation of growth characteristics in the bones, tissues and muscles. Furthermore, it is also responsible for the maintenance and regulation of various functionalities associated with energy generation in the cells, metabolism and proper brain activity. A good amount of HGH is associated with anti-aging characteristics.

This hormone is produced in the anterior portion of the pituitary gland, a tiny pea-sized gland that produces HGH in small spells, usually after an intense physical activity or when you are sleeping. While this hormone was originally thought to only stimulate growth and development in babies and teenagers, it has since then been subjected to extensive research and is today associated with the synthesis of proteins, burning of fats, management of diabetes etc.

Why do you need to increase HGH levels

The bad news is that once you hit the age of 30, your HGH concentration starts to decrease and as you grow older, it only declines further.

It is worth mentioning that there are various ways to improve the HGH levels in the body. One of the most commonly pursued means is HGH shots. This process involves the injection of synthetic HGH through needles and syringes. It is expensive and can often give rise to several side effects that may go on to cause harm to the body.

Once you have decided to adopt measures to improve your body’s HGH, shouldn’t you give it a thought as to why exactly you need a boost in your HGH levels?

Given below are some of the reasons why you would need to adopt means to increase your HGH levels:

  • Menopause and andropause in women and men respectively.
  • Little to no exercise.
  • Sagging muscles in the limbs.
  • Fat deposits in the abdomen.
  • Low musculoskeletal strength.
  • Excessive gain in weight or obesity.
  • Insomnia.
  • Finding it difficult to fall asleep in total darkness.
  • Hair fall.
  • Dry and unhealthy skin.
  • Loss of muscle mass.
  • Alcoholism

If you haven’t guessed it yet, most of these are basically the harmful signs of aging. They trigger within the composition of the human body due to various oxidative stresses that arise out of free radicals. One of the primary functionalities of HGH is to deal with these free radicals by inhibiting them.

So once you are pretty sure that you really need to do something to ensure that you’re HGH levels are always up, let us get to the various natural methods to do so. Let’s start off with a special section devoted to probably the easiest and most welcome means: food.

Foods that help to boost HGH levels

Following a healthy and nutritious diet is a huge asset. Not only does it induce a sense of well-being, keep diseases away and helps to maintain good health in general, but some foods also help in stimulating the release of HGH. Presented below are various foods that you should absolutely include into your diet in order to have a good amount of HGH within your body:

Eat melatonin rich foods for breakfast

It has been mentioned previously that HGH is naturally released in an enhanced manner when you sleep or workout. Melatonin is a hormone that regulates the sleep-wake cycle, and is released when you are fast asleep. Consuming foods rich in melatonin in the morning helps in fine-tuning this cycle.

Such foods include raspberries, grapes, nuts, oats, tomatoes, pomegranate and mustard seeds.

Serotonin releasing foods

Eating pineapple helps to stimulate the release of the feel-good hormone. This powerful hormone is a neurotransmitter that helps you to relax and induces good sleep characteristics. Some of the best foods to improve serotonin levels include pineapple, cheese, dark chocolate, salmon and eggs.

Vitamin D

People having a deficiency or low levels of male hormones in the body have been found to also have a deficiency in vitamin D. If you live in a region where the sun is bright and out for most of the year, you should not be having this issue. However, if you happen to live in a cold region or in a place where the sun is no visible for a certain part of the year, you should absolutely include vitamin D rich items into your diet. This includes fatty fish (salmon, mackerel, tuna), cheese, egg yolk and dairy products


L-Arginine is a powerful amino acid that is well-established to contributing towards growth features due to its functionalities of protein synthesis and enhancing the release of HGH. Foods rich in this amino acid include chicken, red meat, nuts, seeds, soy beans, brown rice and chocolate.


The release of dopamine triggers the pituitary gland to produce the Human Growth Hormone (HGH) in an enhanced manner. This HGH is then transported to your muscular mass. Some of the best food to help release dopamine are beef, chicken, salmon, banana, eggs, nuts and dairy products.


Another powerful amino acid, it is beneficial for protein synthesis in the muscle mass. One of the best sources of this amino acid is beef. The consumption of beef results in a huge increase of your HGH levels (nearly 4 times!). Other food sources of L-Ornithine include chicken, fish, eggs and soya bean.


Certain oils such as coconut oil and frankincense oil help to boost your testosterone for a good amount of tome during the day. You can engage in intense workout sessions during this time of the day and maximize the benefits of HGH.


Once again, this is an amino acid. This is so potent that even little amounts of it can considerably increase your HGH levels. Some of the best food sources of glutamine are meat, fish, spinach, beans, eggs, yoghurt and eggs.

Observations from the HGH diet

The “HGH diet” is a term for the food sources that increase HGH in your body. We have outlined the various foods that fall under this category. The diet is rich in amino acids. This is pretty obvious because amino acids are some of the best nutrients for growth, simply because of the fact that they chemically give rise to proteins. Proteins are popularly known as the basic building blocks for growth, development and maintenance; something which the release of HGH aims to achieve. Therefore, this diet essentially comprises of foods that are rich in protein.

The mains foods in the HGH diet are meat, fish, eggs, dairy products, beans, leafy greens and nuts. It really shouldn’t be difficult to include these wholesome and delicious foods into your diet. However, do take note that your diet should be a healthy one. For instance, having meat and chicken through junk food won’t help much! This is due to the fact that the presence of fat deposits in areas like your belly, abdomen and thighs is a sign of low HGH in your body. So try to minimise the consumption of fatty foods as much as possible.

The inclusion of vitamin D, important hormones and oils into the picture make this all the more better. Following an HGH diet can actually contribute to good overall health in general.

It is also worth noting that your diet should be low on sugar. The consumption of sugar has been associated with health conditions such as obesity, rise in insulin levels and obesity. All of these result in low HGH levels. Therefore, keeping the sugar content low in the diet helps to elevate HGH in the body. This has also been proved by studies.

So now that we are pretty clear about what you got to eat to keep your HGH at a peak. Now let us get to what else you should do to get your HGH sorted. There are various simple activities which can help you out in this regard. Let’s get into them!

Shed body fat

It has been shown that the presence of excessive fat deposits in the body is linked to lower concentration of HGH. However, by losing fat in areas like the belly and abdomen can directly lead to a significant increase in the HGH levels. This can be understood by the fact that when the body burns out fat, there is more space in those areas for the synthesis of proteins and the subsequent growth of muscle mass. In other words, any part of the body gets more muscle and less fat. As such, the HGH gets a place to perform its functionality (which wouldn’t have been possible with fatty deposits).

Get sound sleep in the dark

Going to bed early, around an hour and a half or two before midnight, it aids in the sustained release of melatonin. This process helps to cool down the body and facilitates the release of HGH in the body. Though this release is a brief spell, it is sufficient enough for the hormone to reach out to all the important parts of the body such as the cells and the organs.

This is further supported by the fact that the body naturally produces more HGH during the night. Needless to say, this aspect has been established by research.

Additional studies have demonstrated that during sleep, HGH release is stimulated sometime before 12 AM and in the early hours of the morning.

Some of the best ways to ensure that you get a good night’s sleep include reading and avoiding the usage of your mobile and laptop before you sleep. Keep your bedroom clean and at a comfortable temperature. Finally, do not consume caffeine in the night. Get more than 7 hours of undisturbed and sound sleep.

Ensure that you control your insulin levels

It is suggested to have a light dinner. Eating a lot causes a rise in your insulin  levels. Research has shown that feasting on meal rich in carbohydrates or proteins right before bed inhibits the functionality of HGH. Just make sure that you eat your meal and go to bed at least 3 hours after finishing your meal. By the time you hit your bed, your insulin levels would have normalised. This also goes well in sync with the fact that HGH synthesis boosts at midnight.

Frequent fasting

It has been established by research that frequent fasting helps in improving HGH levels to a massive extent. By fasting for just two or three days, the HGH levels is increased considerably. Fasting also regulates the synthesis of HGH by the pituitary gland and basically reprograms it to start afresh. However, it is worth taking note that fasting for prolonged periods of time isn’t useful. Rather, fasting intermittently works better. Needless to mention, one should absolutely not fast in a way that leads to starvation.

Fasting is also associated with a sustained reduction in the insulin levels. With low levels of insulin, you have higher generation of HGH.

Engage in intense cardio exercises

Doing cardio exercises help a great deal in improving your body’s HGH levels naturally. While it is definitely difficult to participate in long sessions of cardio workout, short intervals of sessions helps in creating a spike in your HGH throughout the day. Activities like jogging, cycling, running or swimming are excellent options to boost both HGH and testosterone levels. These physical activities also help you in getting slim and attaining a toned body when complimented with exercise. As such, there is more room for the HGH to act and help you grow lean muscle mass. No matter what form of exercise you participate in, make sure that it is of high intensity. Research has demonstrated that the higher the intensity of exercise, the higher the boost in HGH levels.

Usage of HGH supplements

HGH supplements are products that come in the form of oral pills and are made up of natural ingredients, each of which have been scientifically tested and proven to boost your body’s HGH levels in a naturally progressive way. Unlike HGH injections, which requires the administration of synthetic HGH into the body, potentially leading to side effects, the growth hormone pills are completely natural and do not cause any side effects.

There are many such HGH pills available in the market and unfortunately, many of them are ineffective and some even tend to be harmful. So it might become a challenge to pick the best one among them all. Thankfully, we have reviewed the best HGH supplements and analysed some of the best HGH supplements available today. If you are curious about the best HGH supplement, then you should know that GenF20 Plus is the best product in this category.

The use of HGH supplements is definitely one if the most effective ways to achieve the purpose. Of course, you can derive the best out of them if you also include a nutritious protein rich diet and intense exercise.

Run a hot bath and soak yourself

Submerging yourself into a hot bath can help you to release more HGH. The body reaches a relaxed stage with conditions like this, and the longer period of time you soak yourself in the hot bath, the more effective it is.


Yes, no kidding! Actual research has shown that laughing often brings about stress relief and contributes towards a significant boost in the HGH levels. Laughter is indeed the best medicine. But it is also one of the best ways to increase the production of HGH. Basically, laughter relaxes your body and keeps away anxiety and stresses. As such, you also tend to produce more dopamine, which stimulates the natural release of HGH from the pituitary glands.

Main functions of HGH: How does the growth hormone work

The synthesis of HGH leads to numerous important functionalities in the body, which make this growth hormone so crucial. Here are the main functions of HGH:

Is responsible for all growth characteristics in the body

This is a pretty obvious one. For something known as Human Growth Hormone, this is the most basic aspect. HGH works to form the cellular structure that is responsible for the development of the musculoskeletal system. It basically signals proteins to synthesise in the nucleus of the cell, which subsequently contributes towards the growth of the various components of the musculoskeletal system. All of this leads to the enhanced synthesis of proteins within the bulk of your muscle tissues. Proteins, by nature, engage in the growth and development of your muscles.

Promotes your metabolic rate

HGH acts as a catalyst to boost the rate of metabolism. With higher metabolic rate, your body can burn fat more easily and help you to lose weight. HGH slow interacts with the liver to further aid in the metabolism of glucose. This particular aspect works better when HGH is boosted naturally in your body. Taking synthetic HGH through injections could go on to cause a significant rise in your blood sugar levels. Ultimately, the improved metabolism achieved through the HGH increase helps to burn calories more easily. As such, growth is progressed in the right way by helping to grow muscles and shedding fat.

Benefits of HGH: How does the growth hormone help your body

HGH is a basic and essential hormone that offers many benefits to the body, resulting in good overall health and the functioning of the different parts. Let’s check them out:

Lean muscle mass growth

As you grow older, your HGH levels decrease. This is something you know by now. What you probably would not know is that as you age, a certain hormone known as myostatin makes your muscles lose mass and size. HGH helps in blocking out the functionality of myostatin. In addition, it also contributes towards the synthesis of proteins from various amino acids. As such, your muscles are maintained in spite of age.

Development of the musculoskeletal system

The release of HGH gives rise to the generation of collagen and osteoblasts. The former binds the skin to the ligaments and the bones via muscles, while the latter helps in the growth, development and maintenance of the bones.

Burning of fat

HGH synthesis leads to the metabolism of lipids. This is achieved by the triggering of the enzyme lipase, known for eliminating fats in the body. Lipase is responsible for a process called lipolysis. This involves the disintegration of the stored fat deposits, also known as triglycerides, into a useful form of fat: free fatty acids. It is worth noting that the triglycerides or the stored fat is not eliminated. Rather, they are collapsed into simpler units (fatty acids). These useful fats are converted into energy that is used by the body for helping you engage in intense workout sessions and lose weight.

Maintains proper functioning of the brain

HGH helps in stimulating the release of neurotransmitters in the brain, including dopamine and serotonin. This growth hormone further contributes to the generation of neurons in a process known as neurogenesis. This becomes especially useful as you age and your brain develops the chances of facing age-related issues. An enhanced and natural production of HGH helps a great deal at that time.

Heart health

HGH offers many health benefits to the heart and the cardiovascular system in general. It helps in stimulating the production of nitric oxide (NO) in the blood vessels, leads to the creation of new blood vessels and facilitates the flow of blood throughout the body at a steady rate. All of this makes sure that the heart functions properly and is not subjected to any complications.

Helps you embrace your youth all over again

The aim of improving the concentration of HGH in the body is to stimulate an enhanced HGH synthesis that mimics the HGH release one had in their youth. As such, the release of HGH produces anti-aging characteristics that can actually make you feel young all over again!


Declining HGH levels with age can be a real cause of concern. People mostly tend to try expensive and potentially harmful synthetic HGH injections. Thankfully, there are numerous natural ways to boost HGH levels to just like it was in your youth.

These methods are pretty simple, easy to understand and are effective in serving the purpose. There are just so many benefits of having high HGH levels in your body. Who doesn’t want to feel young, after all! Follow these natural ways and see yourself transform your life for good.

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