Leanbean Review : Ingredients, Benefits, Side Effects And How To Use


In our modern culture, being lean, trim and fit is seen as attractive and healthy. It boosts our confidence and is perceived as a sign that we are caring for ourselves. Today’s lifestyle, however, leaves little time for exercising and eating as we should, and many of us end up with weight issues. So, what to do?

Luckily, modern science has stepped in to help in the form of diet pills. They work by suppressing your appetite, increasing your metabolic rate so that you burn more fat. Some even deliver a few extra vitamins and minerals.

There are many out there on the market, and it can be difficult for a non-medical person to sift through them all. Our experts have done the hard work for you and found some of the best diet pills available today. On top of that, we’ve also put together some advice for using them safely and effectively.

About Leanbean, The Female Fat Burner

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Leanbean is getting rave reviews so we thought we’d look into it and see if all the hype is true. Leanbean is a brand of diet pill that has been formulated specifically with women in mind.

It promotes fat loss by increasing metabolism and by controlling appetite. The product is sold by Ultimate Life Ltd. in the UK.

Leanbean ranks right at the top of our list of best diet pills because it’s natural, effective and safe. This dietary supplement comes in a convenient monthly supply of 120 tablets.

The formula is marketed as being specially for women as it targets their specific fat storage areas such as the thighs and belly. Leanbean get our vote as one of the healthiest and most effective diet pills around right now.

How Leanbean Works

Leanbean is thermogenic, meaning that it causes the body to burn more energy than usual. In combination with a restricted calorie diet program, this will cause noticeable weight loss in a short period of time. It works in a remarkably simple way by enabling you to burn more fat than normal by increasing your metabolic rate.

While it’s doing that, it prevents those hunger pangs which sabotage your best weight loss efforts. Some of the ingredients in Leanbean even help you to sleep better, there by giving you more energy for your daily exercise program while being in calorie deficit. When you sleep better, emotional over eating is prevented as well.

Buy 3 Get 1 Bottle Free (Limited time offer)

The product is a combination of twelve ingredients, all natural, that all have an important weight loss function. It has the ability to reduce cravings so that you stick to whatever diet plan you’re on.

Leanbean Ingredients

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The best part about Leanbean is that it’s a completely natural product with no harmful additives. It’s formulated with healthy ingredients, some of which are superfoods, and some are vitamins and minerals. For instance, green tea, green coffee, turmeric, cayenne pepper and Garcinia cambogia. Of course, you can find a combination of a few of these ingredients in other diet pills, but only Leanbean seems to have combined them all in the best ratios. A lot of diet pills contain either ingredients to burn excess fat or ones to suppress the appetite. Leanbean is unique because it includes different ingredients that do both.

This combination will result in increased energy levels, and improved fat burning leading to a lower percentage of body fat. There are no harmful additives and no animal products. The pills are therefore acceptable for vegans to take.

Many of the best diet pills contain similar ingredients to one another. We’re going to have a closer look at some of the ingredients in Leanbean and see how they help with weight loss.

1. Garcinia cambogia

This is a fruit that resembles a small pumpkin. It grows in India and Southeast Asia but is exported worldwide. The active weight loss ingredient in the fruit is hydroxycitric acid (HCA). This is what is extracted and either sold alone as a supplement or added to other ingredients in weight loss pills.

Research into its efficacy has been done on both animals and humans with mixed results. The extract seems to be most effective for weight loss when combined with a sensible diet, so keep this in mind when reading the marketing claims. It is also said to enhance athletic endurance.

Some of the side effects which have been listed are as follows:

  • Nausea
  • Headaches
  • Rashes
  • Digestive disturbances
  • Lowered blood sugar levels

Garcinia and its extracts may react with certain medications, so talk to your health provider before taking it. People who have the following conditions must avoid it:

  • Diabetes
  • Liver damage
  • Kidney problems
  • Pregnant or breastfeeding

To sum up, Garcinia cambogia has been used for hundreds of years and appears to be safe and effective for most people when taken as a weight loss supplement. The side effects are minimized when it’s taken as a combination product as in Leanbean.

2. Green tea extract

Green tea is a popular health drink and supplement that’s taken for many reasons, one of them being weight loss. This is an excellent additive to look for in weight loss pills because of its many benefits besides weight loss. It has a high concentration of vitamins and minerals, some of which have antioxidant properties.

The caffeine it contains works as a stimulant to help with fat burning and to improve exercise endurance. The caffeine raises the metabolic rate significantly, helping you burn more fat. Green tea also contains theanine which is a kind of amino acid that has a calming, stress reducing effect. As we know, many people binge eat when they’re stressed, so green tea extract will help with that.

3. Green coffee extract

Extract of green coffee is made from unroasted coffee beans. They contain chlorogenic acids, which are antioxidant compounds. Among other things, they help lower blood pressure and assist with weight loss. Roasted coffee has fewer of these acids, which is why just drinking a cup of coffee doesn’t have the same beneficial effects. Any side effects will be mild and experienced only by those with caffeine sensitivity. These include an upset stomach, raised pulse rate, and problems with sleeping and restlessness.

4. Turmeric

Turmeric is good for overall health as it reduces inflammation in the body. Obesity causes inflammation, increasing the risk of developing diseases like diabetes and heart disease. The active ingredient in the spice is curcumin which has been found to suppress the growth of fatty tissue in the body.

5. Cayenne pepper

Cayenne pepper is a spice that’s useful in weight loss because it suppresses the appetite and speeds up the metabolic rate, helping to burn calories faster. Capsaicin, the active ingredient, does this by promoting thermogenesis.

6. Glucomannan

Konjac is otherwise known as elephant yam. It’s a plant found in Asia. The roots yield a water-soluble fiber called glucomannan that aids in weight loss in a few ways. It’s low in calories but when mixed with water takes up room in your stomach, promoting a feeling of fullness. It also delays the emptying of the stomach, meaning that you can go for longer times between eating without feeling hungry. As a bonus, glucomannan provides nourishment for your gut friendly bacteria, which indirectly help with weight control.

7. Raspberry Ketones

Raspberry ketones are a chemical found in raspberries said to increase metabolic rate. They’re thought to have an effect on the hormone adiponectin. This hormone increases the rate at which fat is burned. It also suppresses the appetite.

8. Chromium Picolinate

This is a mineral that’s essential to the body because it helps to regulate blood sugar levels.

9. Vitamins B6 and B12

The B vitamins have a large part to play in carbohydrate metabolism and the process of converting blood glucose to energy.

After carefully assessing the ingredients listed for Leanbean, we believe the product to be good value for money as there are no “fillers”. Every ingredient is there for a specific purpose and has a specific role to play in helping women to meet their weight loss goals.

Leanbean Benefits

Apart from the benefits of the individual ingredients, which we’ve already discussed, Leanbean’s unique ingredient combination yields other benefits. Of course, every diet supplement gives different results for different individuals, but the overall reviews are positive. Users report that Leanbean helps them feel full for longer, reducing their urge to snack all the time. They also report less bloating. Side effects seem to be few andare definitely without the jitters or nervousness that some diet pills cause.

There are several other benefits, one being that vegans and vegetarians can take them. The supplements are made by a well-known, reputable company that even offers a three-month money back guarantee. This is very unusual for a diet pill company and is a sign of their confidence in the product.

Leanbean is available from the official Leanbean website only. This ensures that you are getting the genuine product and not a fake. It can, however, be shipped all over the world.

How to Take Leanbean

To prevent stomach discomfort, drink lots of water every time you take a capsule. You need to take one capsule four times a day just before mealtimes.

While the product has been specially formulated for women because of their higher body fat to muscle ratio, there’s no reason that men cannot take it too. There are no ingredients that would cause a hormone imbalance in men. Women are known to struggle more than men with food cravings. This is largely due to hormones. The product seeks to address this problem as well. However, we repeat that it is perfectly safe for men to use as well.

Leanbean Cons

Apart from the few side effects that some users describe there aren’t many negatives for this product. The price may be prohibitive for some, because it’s a first-class product coming at a premium price. To help with this though, the company offers a “bikini bundle” which provides good value for money. It consists of a three-month supply plus another free bottle.


In your search for the best diet pill, remember that while you want to lose weight in the short term you don’t want to cause yourself any harm. Look for pills that use natural ingredients and are free of artificial sweeteners, colorants and flavorings, and most importantly do not contain steroids.

Women from all walks of life can use Leanbean. It is not just for athletes, the obese, or some other specific group. Like any diet pill, Leanbean works properly when in combination with a calorie restricted, healthy diet and a regular exercise training schedule. Think of diet and exercise as two of the staples for healthy weight loss, and of Leanbean as a boost to help you gain momentum and control cravings.

So, after doing thorough research on this diet pill, or diet supplement, we do not hesitate to recommend Leanbean, believing it to be both safe and effective. We stress the fact that it is not a “magic bullet” that will miraculously dissolve your fat. Rather, it is supposed to work in conjunction with a healthy calorie restricted diet and regular exercise program. Leanbean is a supplement that will make the weight loss process more comfortable for you.

You really have nothing to lose (besides weight!) because of the three-month money back guarantee. So, if you’ve been struggling to lose those extra kilos despite dieting and working out, why not give Leanbean a try?