L-Theanine: Nutrition Health Benefits, Usage, and Possible Side Effects

Amino acids are some of the strongest and most potent chemical compounds that come with a wide range of health benefits. They are essential nutrients, meaning that while they can be synthesized by the body, the amount produced is not enough for meeting the requirements needed. As such, it is required to fulfil the needs through food sources.
Amino acids are so important because they help in the synthesis of proteins in the body composition. Proteins are the basis of all the growth characteristics of the body and is often recognised as the most significant nutrient.
There are close to 20 essential amino acids, and one of the most ones is L-Theanine. It is found commonly even in tea leaves. Therefore, one can even derive this nutrient out if black and green tea. In addition, it is an amazing stress buster as it effectively combats stress issues and helps the consumer to relax. This has been the outcome of much research. It does not even make you feel sleepy or drowsy.

L-Theanine has been recognised for a very long time as  a very efficient nutrient to help relax and deal with anxiety issues. They are also available in the form of supplements (pills), and are used widely to battle stress. In fact, many stress management programs recommend supplements rich in L-Theanine for people.
This has led the usage of L-Theanine in multiple health supplements. Apart from stress and anxiety management, it also helps to keep the consumer motivated for taking on physically and mentally demanding challenges. However, L-Theanine is beneficial not just as a stress buster but also presents a whole range of health benefits that make it a very popular ingredient in general.
The objective of this article is to give you a detailed coverage of L-Theanine and the various health benefits that it offers. Furthermore, it also presents the extensive research that has established L-Theanine as a top-notch ingredient to be used in supplements. With that being said, let us her into this article that will also highlight the dosage and other related concepts of this amino acid.

Health Benefits of L-Theanine

Stress relief and anxiety management

Something as simple as tea is termed as one of the best means to combat stress and anxiety. This is even backed by research.
Multiple experimental trials have established that subjects taking L-Theanine supplements experienced a significant reduction in stress.
Studies have shown that L-Theanine performs its functionality without causing any drowsiness or other related effects.
Medical findings have even demonstrated that people with schizophrenia consuming L-Theanine supplements experienced an improvement in their symptoms.

Increased mental alertness

L-Theanine and caffeine together work with utmost effectiveness to increase mental alertness and activity.
A recent study on some youngsters showcased that the intake of this amino acid helped to improve their mental performance parameters.
In addition, it has been noticed that the effects of L-Theanine can be felt in as low as half an hour.
These studies have also been applied on students. Naturally, the results have shown that these supplements helped a great deal in improving their overall academic and mental performance.

Boosts natural immunity

Research has shown that the consumption of L-Theanine helps in boosting the immune system and keeps infections away.
Further studies have gone on to show that this amino acid keeps away inflammation of the digestive tract. In addition, it also deals with the infection of the respiratory system.
Both of these functionalities are based on the fact that L-Theanine helps to promote the maintenance and proper working of the inner lining of the tracts located in the body.

Anti-cancer properties

Several studies have demonstrated that the consumption of L-Theanine helps in boosting the effectiveness of drugs that are meant to treat cancer.
Though tea cannot help in treating cancer, studies have displayed that  the regular consumption of tea aids in reducing the risk of cancer.
A Chinese study on a group of female subjects with ovarian cancer showed that those who consumed tea on a regular basis had a higher mortality rate than those who did not.
Further studies have clearly stated that those who drink tea are much less likely to develop cancer than non-tea drinkers.

Makes you sleep better

Research on both humans and animals have showcased that a regular dosage of L-Theanine helps to improve the quality of sleep. In addition, it helped in reducing the heart rate in a stabilised way. This leads to a relaxed feeling in an individual who is taking the supplement.
A recent study on children over a period of one and a half months demonstrated that a large number of boys under the age of 12 taking L-Theanine tablets helped them in getting better sleep and rest. It even helps to get longer duration of sleep.
Additional research has also displayed the ability of L-Theanine to improve sleep quality in people with schizophrenia.

Provides relief against Sinusitis

A cup of tea is often recommended for effectively dealing with sinusitis. Reports from established books say that L-Theanine aids in the movement of cilia within the nose. This helps to clear up the mucus deposits in the sinus region. The functionality of the cilia improves and as such, the sinusitis condition vastly improves.

Possible side effects

The best source of tea is L-Theanine. So there aren’t really any side effects to be concerned about when taking this nutrient.
There are a few minor reports of green tea reducing the effectiveness of drugs, including those meant for cancer treatment.
Too much of everything is bad anyway. So taking a lot of this amino acid can cause minor side effects such as nausea and upset stomach.
Pregnant and lactating women should refrain from consuming too much of tea.
The same is advised for children as well.


There is no recommended dosage of L-Theanine as such. It is not exactly harmful in any way. The usual consumption of this amino acid through normal food sources is more than enough to make up for the required dosage. Supplements may be used to derive the health benefits. In such a case, consult your doctor for the correct dosage for your body.


L-Theanine can be obtained from something as simple as a cup of tea. The consumption of tea is enjoyed by countless people from all over the world, and as such, there are very rare cases of L-Theanine deficiency.
There are a large number of benefits that one can get out of this powerful amino acid. You are advised to get yourself cleared for the intake of this ingredient, that is, through supplements. Enjoy your cup of tea, but don’t drink too much of it. Once you are sure that you are taking the right amounts, you should totally enjoy it!

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