JES Extender Review: How It Works, Pricing, Benefits & Side Effects


When it comes to satisfying partners’ sexual needs, men continue to suffer in silence. Most of the have them have turned to supplements and other methods without really researching what they need to do to perform better. In the past, people used herbs and pills to increase penis size and also have the ability to satisfy their partners better.Currently, most men are looking for penis enlargement devices without knowing the ones they should purchase. JES Extender is one of the widely known penis enlargement tools in the market.

The choice of the device to use depends on many things. The primary factor that people always look at is whether the method can in still some confidence in them. The reason why a majority of the people find it hard to satisfy their partners is lack of confidence. Anyone that finds efficient means of getting their confidence can get back to excellent performance. JES Extender is known to many people. In this piece, we critically look at the device and how it has performed over the years.In the end, we provide a verdict on whether it is the best device in the market or not.

What Is JES Extender and Why Is It So Popular?

JES Extender is a penis enlargement device that has been in the market for over 20 years. The manufacturer of the equipment claims that it is the best since it helps to achieve the desired within a short period. Over the years, the manufacturer has been making improvements to the product with a view of achieving better results. Currently, the manufacturer claims that it can increase the size of the penis by 20-30%.

The popularity of the device has been increasing over the years. The primary reason behind this is that unlike the other penis enhancement devices, the JES Extender does not involve intake of any substances into the body. This is a mechanically made tool that focuses on stretching the penis muscles to increase the overall size of the penis.

The popularity has also gone up as a result of the many people who have tested it. Such people continue to give positive feedback which makes other people interested. Manufacturers started by selling it locally but currently, they are doing a lot of overseas shipping. This means that people are learning about it. They are also encouraging each other which has resulted in the high number of users.

Another reason for its popularity is that medical experts have tested it and proved that it is an excellent device to use. With such surety, even those who doubted the device in the past are now using it. Unlike the pills and herbs, one does not have to keep buying the equipment from time to time. Once they make a one-time purchase, they can use it for as long as they want.

What Benefits Come from Using JES Extender?

The product has a lot of benefits that have led to its popularity. Using the device will result in the following:

  • Increase in penis size

The first noticeable change that many people realize is an increase in the size of the penis. This relates to both the length and width. The length of the penis increase by about 24% of the original length. This means that even those with relatively short ones can get a length that can satisfy their partners well. The thickness, on the other hand, increases by about 19%. Compared to other penis extenders devices, JES Extender helps men to achieve more. People may argue that size does not matter during sex. The fact is that is matters. According most women, they consider size of penis as one of the factors that determine their level of satisfaction.

  • Helps to improve erection

As a result of the drinking habits or foods that people take, it may not be possible to have the best quality erection. Having quick and hard erections come with a controlled lifestyle. One must be exercising regularly and taking the recommended foods. Sometimes, it is not possible for some people to maintain this type of life. Those who drink and smoke have problems with getting hard erections. The use of this device can help correct this problem.JES Extender helps to improve blood supply the penis muscles. It is only possible to get the best erections when you have adequate supply of blood to the penis muscles.

  • Helps to correct impotence and premature ejaculation

There are many men across the world who suffer from either of the two conditions.Many people who have used the device to help solve the problem of premature ejaculation have reported that it is beneficial. Both hard erections and improved blood supply contribute towards improving stability and hence the period that a man takes when having sex.Impotence sometimes results from ejaculation that is too little to effect any fertilization. The device also performs well is ensuring that such a person increases their sperm count. This happens because blood supply is increased and the confidence of the user also improves gradually.

  • It is also designed to help correct the curvature of the penis

There are cases where people have penis curvature that may make it hard for them to satisfy their partners. One might not have any problem with premature ejaculation and erections, but the shape might be a problem. In such a case, they can also make use of JES Extender and will be sure to get the best shape within a short duration. The tool is made in a way that it has a firm grip on the penis in a specific position. This can help have the penis in a shape that will not bring any problem to your performance.

  • Helps to improve confidence

Anyone that has problems associated with an erection has issues with self-confidence. When it comes to sex, their confidence goes low and directly affects their ability to maintain the relationship. The use of this device can help boost confidence as will notice improvements with time.

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Has JES Extender Been Tested?

Though the manufacturer claims that the product can be trusted to provide the best results, there has always been need to do tests to ascertain this. There are many companies that have carried out experiments. They have proved that the device is indeed helping many people to overcome the challenges they have. The good part about the product is that it has also been noted that it does not come with any negative implications. The tests have proved that it can be trusted to continue being used a penis enlargement device for the future.

What Are The Results That Come With Using JES Extender?

When you the device, there are results that you should expect to notice either in the short run or in the future. They include:

  • Increase in size of the penis. This is the first thing that one should note when they make use of this device. The increase in size should be both for the length and the circumference.
  • Quick and harder erections. Anyone that used to experience not-so-hard erections can be sure to improve the quality of erection they have. The device helps to keep blood supply to the penis high which then supplies the penis with necessary nutrients it needs to erect efficiently.
  • Increase in the quantity of ejaculation. When the nutrients are supplied in the rightamount, the penis can produce more sperms that will help increase one’s, sperm count. For those who had problems with low sperm count, they can be sure to solve this problem within a short time. Once the amount of ejaculation increase, they can effect fertilization.
  • Correction in the curvature of the penis. If you are a person that has a bad penis curvature, you can also be sure to correct this and the best shape.

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Is There Any Proof That the Device Is Safe For Use?

Yes, there are a lot of factors that when considered, makes the use of this device a safe method for penis enlargement. The first reason is that it has been tested by professionals who have found out that it can be trusted to provide the best results without causing any adverse side effects on the user.

The second reason that makes this a device that can be trusted is the fact that there are many people using it all over the world. For a product to exist in the market for over 20 years and still have many clients means that it satisfies clients to a great extent. The fact that it continues to compete with some of the latest devices that have been invented recently makes it a quality device that can be trusted.

Another reason that makes it a device to trust is the fact that its usage does not entail consuming any form of substance. In the past, people used to take herbs and pills to increase penis size and have hard and prolonged erections. Though they got the results they needed, it was also noted that the use of such products led to adverse side effects on the health of the user.

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What Are the Pros And Cons Of Using JES Extender?

Just like any other commodity that one can purchase from the market, it has both the sweet and the sour side.A comparison between the two sides can easily make clients make a decision on whether to buy it or go for the other products in the market:


  • It can increase the size of the penis within a short duration. Compared to the other devices in the market, it has been proved that JES Extender performs faster. Within the first seven days of usage, one will already be noticing a change in the size of the penis.
  • The device increases the quality of erections within a short duration. With the constant blood supply, one can be sure to start getting the best erections that can help boost their confidence.
  • One can put on the device, and no one will notice. Unlike the other big ones that can only use when they are at home, this device allows one to put it on whether they are at home or work.
  • It is made of soft material that will not in any way interfere with the penis tissues.
  • The product relieves you the problem of having to take pills daily. It only requires you to put it on. The good thing about this product is that you only have to purchase it once. After the purchase, you can use it over and over until you achieve your desired results.


  • You have to put up with the stress of having to wear it for long if you have the best results. Many people feel uncomfortable having to wear it daily.
  • The price is relatively high compared to the use of other methods. The price is this device is what makes people go for other means such as the use of pills, injections, and herbs that have been used from the traditional times.
  • It comes in several models which makes it hard for first-time clients to make a choice. You will have to get professional advice before you buy a specific model. They are the ones that know the model that can best fit your requirements.


The device offers a reliable means of enlarging the penis.The use of the equipment does not have any adverse side effects. This makes it be far much better than the other penis enlargement methods that people have been using. Despite the high prices, I can say that it is a process worth the money. The good thing is that you only have to spend once. Unlike the use of pills and herbs, you do not have to keep paying every time to keep up the good performance. If you are looking for a penis enlargement method, I would advise you to use JES Extender

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