Instant Knockout Fat Burner Review: How To Use, Ingredients, Benefits and Side Effects


instant knockout review

Weight loss pills are fairly controversial product and for good reason. Some are effective, some do nothing, and some are downright dangerous.

However, if chosen carefully, some of them can help you to lose weight and keep it off while adding many health benefits. The trick is to sort out the ones that use harsh chemicals that can damage your body from the ones that use natural formulations.

These products tend to work in one or more different ways:

  • Appetite suppression so that you don’t feel so hungry between meals
  • Thermogenesis where your body burns more calories even while resting
  • Less calorie absorption
  • Higher fat oxidation where instead of burning carbs for energy as usual, the body now burns fat for energy

You must bear in mind that even the best fat burning diet pill in the world cannot help you burn more than about a hundred or so extra calories. The most vital key to losing weight is to reduce your calorie intake. The math is that you have to take in fewer calories than you are burning. If you adhere to this principle, you will lose weight with or without diet pills.

That said, weight loss supplements make the process a whole lot easier. As long as they’re used according to the instructions and the weight loss is gradual, they are a safe, effective way to lose weight. Remember to always check with your doctor before beginning to use them.

About Instant Knockout

We’re looking at Instant Knockout in this article, which is a fat-burning product that’s very popular right now. Indeed, we have enlisted this product in our best fat burners segment. Instant Knockout is different from other diet pills because it contains a high percentage of glucomannan, a dietary fibre made from the roots of the konjac plant.

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The whole brand image for Instant Knockout centres around combat sports, but you don’t have to be a fighter to use it. These sports have rigid weight categories that prevent a person with a small build from having to fight against someone huge. Fighters therefore have to be a certain weight. Many of them use diet pills to help them achieve this before a competition. Mixed martial athletes like Diego Sanchez have endorsed Instant Knockout. He says it helped him drop over 20kg. John Dodson uses it too.

Losing weight isn’t just the goal of athletes. Many regular men and women like you and me struggle with weight loss issues and Instant Knockout seems to be one of the better products to help with that. Both men and women can use Instant Knockout.


For full ingredients list and their working, you need to browse official website.

Instant Knockout combines ten different natural ingredients for optimal health and weight loss. We examine some of them in detail here.

instant knockout ingredients
  • Glucomannan (Konjac Root)

This naturally occurring ingredient has been shown in studies to be safe and effective for weight loss. This extract of konjac root works as an appetite suppressant by combining with water, expanding in the stomach and causing you to feel full.  We all know that consuming fewer calories is the foundation of weight loss, so this ingredient is useful in helping with that. Instant Knockout contains a good dose of it, so it’s sure to help suppress your hunger pangs. The only real side effect is that because it absorbs water it can make you feel thirstier than usual. However, increasing your fluid intake quickly sorts that out.

  • Green Tea

Green tea is a good addition to diet pills. It not only helps with weight loss, but it also adds many vitamins and minerals to your daily intake. Green tea contains caffeine which aids fat burning by increasing the metabolic rate. The catechins in green tea seem to inhibit carbohydrate digestion and absorption. They also alter the microbiome in the gut, helping you to shed those unwanted kilos.

  • Green Coffee

Coffee beans are green seeds in the middle of the red coffee berry. They only turn brown when roasted, which creates the characteristic smell and taste of coffee as we know it. However, when beans are roasted, the chlorogenic acid content decreases. Chlorogenic acid is the chemical thought to stop fat accumulation in the body by inhibiting carbohydrate absorption. Green coffee extract is made from soaked and unroasted seeds.

  • Cayenne Powder

The ingredient in cayenne pepper that aids with weight loss is capsaicin. This is what gives capsicum peppers their characteristic pungency. Studies have shown definitively that cayenne pepper is effective for weight loss as it works in various ways. Firstly, it suppresses appetite and helps you to feel full for longer. This inhibits overeating. Secondly, it enhances fat metabolism. Capsaicin also inhibits insulin resistance and prevents the accumulation of fat in the liver. Altogether, this is a very good addition to any diet pill.

  • Black Pepper Extract

Black pepper contains piperine, a pungent alkaloid which naturally speeds up your metabolic rate and results in fat burning. This effect is known as dietary-induced thermogenesis and it’s a dieter’s best friend because it helps you burn more calories. Black pepper has also been shown to help you absorb nutrients.

  • Vitamin B6 and B12

These vitamins have been added to Instant Knockout because they play an essential role in the body’s energy metabolism. B12 is necessary for the metabolism of fats and proteins but it needs B6 to work. A study done on rats showed that vitamin B supplementation effectively reduced body weight gain and blood levels of fats.

  • Zinc

Zinc is a clever addition to this diet pill because overweight individuals have been shown to have low zinc levels in their bodies. Consuming 30mg a day improves BMI as well as cholesterol levels.

  • Chromium Picolinate

Chromium picolinate is a form of chromium, which is a mineral found in many supplements. It performs many actions in the body of interest to dieters. One of them is helping insulin to regulate blood sugar levels. Another is to reduce food cravings and suppress hunger. In addition, it has been shown to help people overcome binge eating.

  • Caffeine

Caffeine aids with thermogenesis and increased fat oxidation. That’s probably because it increases adrenaline production, which in turn helps to break down fat. One study showed that just 100mg of caffeine increased thermogenesis and raised the number of calories burned by about 100. Instant Knockout contains 300mg of caffeine, so you’re getting a good dose.

How to Take

The manufacturers recommend taking four capsules every day. It’s best to take one at about 8am before breakfast, and at 11am before lunch, one at 2pm before a snack and the last one at 6pm before dinner. It’s important to take them with water.

Pros Of Instant Knockout:

While Instant Knockout isn’t cheap, the suppliers do offer a bulk deal. If you buy three bottles you get a fourth one free. You definitely get what you pay for though, because Instant Knockout is one of the most effective fat burners on the market.

  • It’s an extremely effective appetite suppressant
  • Contains a good range of ingredients proven to be effective for weight loss
  • Free worldwide delivery
  • 90-day money back guarantee

Cons of Instant Knockout:

  • Some people find that the caffeine content in the supplement makes them feel jittery.
  • Instant Knockout doesn’t specify how much EGCG is in their product. This is the active ingredient in green tea.
  • Instant Knockout also doesn’t specify the amount of chlorogenic acid from green coffee that it contains.
  • This product is fairly expensive
  • Not suitable for vegans or vegetarians
  • High caffeine contact which is a con for those who are sensitive but a pro for those who aren’t

Women Specifics

Instant Knockout is a supplement that can be taken by both men and women, but we’ll have a look here at some facts specific to women. Most women find it harder to lose weight than men do. While there are several reasons, one of them is that females typically have a lower muscle mass than men, so they burn calories more slowly.

Another difference is that females have lower testosterone levels. This hinders their ability to build muscle mass, compounding the first problem. Testosterone also provides men with higher energy levels. To solve these issues, women need to manipulate their bodies’ metabolic activities as well as curb the appetite so that they can eat less. They also need to increase the body’s preference for burning fats rather than carbs for fuel.

Addressing all these things can help women to achieve their weight loss goals. By using a diet pill like Instant Knockout, they get a combination of an appetite suppressant as well as a thermogenic effect that works with both sides of the weight reduction equation. The result is faster and more efficient weight loss.

Women who have already arrived at their goal weight will also find diet supplements useful. The same reasons that make it difficult for women to lose weight also make it difficult for them to keep it off. In fact, during the first year after a diet most people regain fifty percent of what they lost. Unless you have a concrete plan of action for maintaining your new shape, the odds are high that you’ll regain it all plus more. Diet pills can help prevent this relapse.

Final Word

In reviewing the best diet pills on the market we’ve assessed several factors. The main ones are their ingredients, their customer ratings, our own research, and their safety. In the case of Instant Knockout, our conclusion is that it delivers what it offers. However, remember these pointers:

  • The best weight loss results can only be achieved when you combine supplements with a healthy, calorie-restricted diet and regular exercise.
  • Always check with your health care provider before starting any supplement so that they can assess if it’s safe for you as an individual. You may be on medications or have health issues that are not compatible with that particular diet pill.
  • Do your own research before buying a diet pill.
  • If you’re sensitive to the effects of caffeine be careful to choose a supplement where the levels aren’t too high. Side effects include feeling jittery and anxious as well as difficulty sleeping. Some types of hormonal birth control increase these effects so ask your doctor about that.
  • Look for supplements that have ingredients that complement one another, as with Instant Knockout. For instance, the theanine from the green tea extract enhances some of the good effects of caffeine and helps tone down the jittery feeling.

We recommend Instant Knockout fat burning supplements because they work and they’re safe. They provide a complete, well-rounded formulation that will keep you feeling in top form while you lose weight. The product helps with suppressing appetite so with fewer hunger pangs and cravings, you’ll want to consume fewer calories. On top of that, Instant Knockout increases energy levels so you actually feel like working out. Stay energised through your exercise sessions and for the rest of the day.

We understand that you want to begin losing weight but are looking for a helping hand for the journey. To save you from stumbling through all the pills on the market, we’ve done the research and conclude that Instant Knockout is one of the safest and most effective ones. The manufacturers have put a lot of time and research into formulating this exceptional diet pill. By combining ten quality, effective ingredients, they’ve come up with a winner.

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