IDlife Reviews: Is it the best Weight loss and Weight Management Product?

So, you’ve been looking for the best products to help you achieve your body goals, but you’ve not found anything that satisfies your needs.

Many products are tailored to meet the needs of a specific group of people. So, when you use them, they don’t work for you.

IDLife has made it their mission to help people get what they want by using an in-house process to vet the health of the customers.

They promise to give you only packages that are right for you.

We became curious.

To understand how the agency works and how effective the ingredients in each supplement is, we studied everything about it. We looked at the clinical studies that have been performed on ingredients in the product.

The founder of IDLife, Logan Stout, is a retired baseball player whose priority is healthy living. IDLife is a way of reaching out and helping people achieve the same health goals.

Let’s show you the things we found about IDLife.

What is IDLife?

IDLIfe uses a system known as IDNutrition to recognize all the health problems of clients and provide the best supplements and programs for them. We don’t know how they do this, but they claim it works.

According to them, everyone has special needs. Some ingredients which may help some people will not help others.

So, people have been using IDLife because they understand the differences between different groups of people and still satisfy everyone’s needs.

What’s more?

Some products recommended by IDLife also accommodate medical conditions.

For instance, if you have a medical condition that requires you to eat a particular thing, the products given to you by IDLife would be customized through supplements, hydration programs, and protein shakes, to include that ingredient.

Users have said that the products exceed their expectations and deliver great results.

Features of IDLife Products

We were able to study customer reviews and the features of some IDLife products and services. Here are some things we found about the products. The ingredients are:

Scientifically proven

IDLife claims that to be able to help all their clients, they have nutritionists and doctors who continuously research and test products to help people.

According to the company, ID Nutrition was released after 15 years of research on the supplements and the technology behind them. However, we haven’t seen the results of the studies anywhere online.

Specific (Customized)

Before you start receiving products and recommendations from IDLife, they start with a quick analysis. They ask for your age, current diet, medical history, and lifestyle, to know the best products that will benefit you, and what you’ll most likely be allergic to.


IDLife doesn’t just specialize in one product and try to tweak that product to help everyone. They have different solutions to people’s problems, and these solutions are always of high quality. They include lean muscle promotion, special chews, meal replacement, and antioxidant-based hydration.

To reach a larger audience and sell more goods, IDLife uses multi-level marketing (MLM).

How IDLife Started

Before IDLife became strong with their science, they researched various ingredients and supplements for 17 years.

As they grew, they became more specific about what they wanted to achieve. They now focus on weight loss, energy gain, and confidence.

All these work together.

To lose weight, you need the energy to exercise, and the result you get during your weight loss journey boosts your confidence.

So, they released more products to help people achieve their goals such as IDLife Hydrate for Hydration, and IDLife Sleep Strip to help you rest and recover better.


We can’t list all the ingredients in IDLife products, because their products are tailored to suit their users, and they use over 90 special ingredients to achieve these.

Most of these ingredients are unique. You won’t find them in your local drug store or grocery store.

Here are some of the ingredient used in IDLife Nutrition:

  • Elderberry Extract
  • Pygeum Bark Extract
  • Rosehip Powder
  • Saw Palmetto Extract
  • Broccoli Seed Extract

Elderberry Extract

Elderberry is a purple berry from the European elder tree.

Various products contain Elderberry extract because it boosts the immune system and helps treat illnesses like toothaches, allergies, fatigue syndrome, and flu viruses.

Although there is no good scientific evidence supporting some of its health benefits, people still include it in their supplements.

We don’t know why it is included in IDLife Nutrition, but we suspect that it is used to boost energy and improve performance.

Pygeum Bark Extract

Pygeum Bark has anti-inflammatory properties that protect you from oxidative stress and cellular damage.

Oxidative stress increases your susceptibility to diseases and organ problems.

Also, this extract from the Pygeum tree has been used to treat men susceptible to prostate problems and boost their libido. It has also been used to treat stomach aches, fever, and kidney diseases.

Rosehip powder

According to a study published in the journal Australian Family Medicine, Rosehip is a vitamin C rich compound with anti-inflammatory properties. It has been used by many people with osteoarthritis to help them deal with the pain.

Its anti-inflammatory properties also prevent you from various diseases and keep you strong.

Saw Palmetto Extract

A study recorded in the journal ZNKN (National Journal of Andrology) showed that Saw Palmetto fruit helps promote prostate health.

We assume that this ingredient is only included in the products for people with prostate health problems. So, you can decide not to select it if you don’t have such problems.

Broccoli Seed Extract

Broccoli contains sulforaphane, a compound that has been used for treating various ailments of the digestive system. Broccoli is also a good source of nutrients including carbs, protein, fat, fiber, selenium, phosphorus, and vitamins.

It contains potent antioxidants that will aid blood sugar level control, prevent diseases and cellular damage, and also bioactive compounds that will reduce inflammation in body tissues.

IDLife Claims

What was surprising about this agency is that it makes no medical claims.

Unlike other supplement companies that make bogus medical claims, IDLife doesn’t have unrealistic claims swarming around their products and website.

This isn’t necessarily a good thing. We need these studies to know if the products work.

However, some of the products are said to support various systems in your body. For instance, IDLife Energy supports the cardiovascular system directly.

Also, it is said that IDLife weight loss products will help you lose a lot of fat and also support the growth of lean muscle tissue.

We don’t know how much of their claims are true, so, we decided to take a look at what customers have been saying about the services they offer.

IDLife Side Effects

There are several IDLife products, and some may contain ingredients you are allergic to.

Some users have experienced headaches from using their products.

Before you use any IDLife product, study the ingredients it contains. If possible, consult your doctor first to understand all your concerns and know if you are allergic to any of the ingredients.

Does IDLife Work?

IDLife uses three main techniques to help you achieve your desired goals.

These techniques require you to consume the right nutrients in the right quantities, and these are provided to you after you fill in details about your challenges and present lifestyle.

Let’s see the reviews from IDLife users.

IDLife Results

Many people have used IDLife products, and there have been controversial reviews about their products.

Some people say that IDLife shake tastes like chocolate and gave them the results they were looking for, while others say it tastes terrible, doesn’t work, and even gave them a headache.

So, the results of using IDLife products are personal. Just like other supplements, some people see results, and some don’t.

We know that some of their products contain proven ingredients to do the work required. For instance, one of the IDLife weight loss products, IDSlim contains xylooligosaccharides which are used as probiotics to improve gut microbiota.

However, we expected that since IDLife products are tailored to suit each user, we should see more positive reviews on their product.

IDLife for Weight Loss

The first problem IDLife ever tried to solve was weight loss. So, they created recipes to help people achieve their desired body goals.

Some users have mentioned having positive results (but we assume this may be because they keep a healthy diet and also exercise while using it). Out of 100 verified customer reviews, we have got only 12 satisfied replies. Because of this reason, we havent mentioned this product in our “Best diet pills” page.

We’ve conducted extensive research on the various diet pills that are available on the market. We’ve narrowed the list down to include a select few that are known for being the best weight loss pills on the market. These clinically tested and scientifically proven products are bound to help you achieve your weight loss goals and simplify the entire dieting process.

Where to get IDLife Products

You can get IDLife products on their official website. There, you’ll get access to their Life Hack Stack, Weight Loss Stack, Workout Stack, and Power Couple among others.

We see no discount on their products, but they offer a 30-day money-back guarantee and free ground shipping on orders over $100.

You can also become an associate for IDLife. It is an MLM company, so you can earn from them while you use their products.

According to them, you don’t have to be a salesperson or have all the skills in the world. They also handle the shipping. You will get a personalized IDLife website and automated business tools to help you sell. All you need to do is signup.

Best Alternatives to IDLife for Weight Loss

If your main reason for using IDLife is to lose weight, then you can try other products that are clinically proven to work.

Here are the two best fat burners we found:

PhenQ is the best fat burner for men. Not only will this product burn stored fat, but it will also increase your metabolism and reduce your carbohydrate and sugar cravings.

According to the manufacturer, you’ll burn fat from every area of your body. It contains unique ingredients like Nopal, caffeine, L-carnitine fumarate, and calcium carbonate that will give help you with the cutting stages of your bodybuilding process.

So, if you decide to grow muscles, you’ll only end up with lean muscle mass.

Learn more about PhenQ

LeanBean is a fat burner that has been used by female professional athletes for many years. We agree with the makers when they say that if you get this supplement, it will be the last weight loss supplement you get.

It contains natural ingredients like Turmeric, Garcinia cambogia, glucomannan, and chloride that are scientifically proven to help you lose weight by decreasing brown fat cells, improving fat metabolism, preventing bloating, and suppressing your appetite.

Learn more about LeanBean


Q. What is IDLife?

A. ID Life is a health and fitness agency that sells various health products to give you desired results.

Q. Who owns IDLife?

A. Logan Stout owns IDLife.

Q. Is IDLife an MLM agency?

A. Yes, IDLife is a multi-level marketing (MLM) agency with a unique approach to product sales. It tailors each product to the needs of its customers.

Q. Does IDLife have any product warnings?

A. If you have any underlying medical conditions, consult your doctor before using any IDLife products.

Q. Where can I buy IDLife?

A. You can get IDLife products from their official website.

Q. What are the most common user complaints about IDLife?

A. Users complain that IDLife products are very expensive.

Q. What are the side effects of IDLife products?

A. There are no listed side effects of IDLife products. But, some users have mentioned having headaches when they use the product.

Q. Are IDLife products FDA approved?

A. IDLife Products are not FDA approved.

Q. Can I use IDLife for weight loss?

A. You can use IDLife weight loss products while maintaining a healthy lifestyle.

Q. What are IDLife ingredients?

A. IDLife ingredients contain Broccoli seed extract, Elderberry extract, Saw palmetto extract, Rosehip powder, and Pygeum bark extract.

Bottom Line

IDLife might not work for everyone, even though it tailors each nutritional products to suit the needs of the users. We were quite skeptical about the products because we couldn’t find any scientific studies or clinical research on them. If you have a medical condition, consult your doctor before you get any of the products.

The best way to lose weight is by maintaining a healthy lifestyle and using a clinically-proven supplement that works such as LeanBean and PhenQ.

To lose and maintain your weight, ensure you maintain a healthy lifestyle by improving your diet and exercising regularly.

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