How To Make Pennis Thicker And Longer Naturally [2021 Update]

How to get bigger dick naturally?

It is a known fact that your partner will enjoy sex more if you are blessed with a bigger sized penis. Regardless of how good your performance in bed is, size does matter. In a large number of surveys that have been conducted over the years, women has come out and spoken about their sexual preferences in bed.

While many loved the foreplay and experienced intense orgasms during one, many women complained of being left unsatisfied even after a long and exhilarating sex session. Therefore, increasing your penis size is the way to go. Why not use methods to increase your penis size naturally?

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Penis extenders are highly recommended by doctors and researchers. It has been proved scientifically that using penis extenders is the safest way to increase your penis size. We have enlisted the world’s best penis extenders with pros, cons and how to use them.

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Penis enlargement refers to various methods (creams, extenders and pumps) that are meant to naturally increase the size of your penis. There are numerous sexual parameters whose efficiency depends on how long and thick your manhood is. Be it giving pleasure to your partner, duration of intercourse or volume of semen ejaculated, having a large dick helps you in many ways. 

What complicates the matter is the fact that not much is known about female orgasm. It naturally gets difficult (and hard) for a man to determine what a woman want out of their shared sex life.

While many men have resorted to experimenting with their partners to know what works the best for them, a great number of men still intercourse as if it is a routine process that must be done in one particular way. Sounds dull, isn’t it?

We understand how hard it might get for you to withstand such expectations and come up with ideas that can help her orgasm. The opinion of the relating complexities of female orgasm is scattered in the male community. While a good number of men believe in the effectiveness of good foreplay, another good number resort to using sex toys during their intercourse session and the last population resort to using tools that would cause their man tool (the penis) to grow.

In recent years, the trend of using equipment to increase the size of the penis has found its way in the consumer market. With a variety of products ranging from penis extenders to penis pumps, there are also medications that can cause male enhancement in no time. These procedures are more preferred these days over the traditional surgical methods – which were either too risky or were not capable of delivering desired results. Bottom line is, having a dick that makes any women blush is a desired feature that is out in the public but no one really addresses it.

We understand the risks that are associated with surgery and do not recommend it ourselves unless medical professionals suggest otherwise.

We are going to precisely discuss even touchy topics that are unsaid and are also going to give you tried and tested tips.

Today, we are going to talk about ways you can incorporate in your daily routine to naturally grow a penis longer.

The psychological burden of not being tall (and thick) down there

It is a human mind’s virtue to compare. Even while you are walking on the road with nothing serious going on in your head, there will be a space at the back of your head making constant comparisons.

Furthermore, it has been observed that partners who are open to discussing their past sex life with their current partners experience a self-made comparison that draws lines defining differences and similarities. The most common parameter being sexual experiences.

While many partners experience orgasm or satisfactory ejaculation in their new relationships, other less fortunate couples struggle to make each other happy on grounds of sex. In such complexities, many decide to seek help from a professional expert or simply undergo relationship counseling.

Many legal institutions have also anonymously nodded a yes to the fact that unhappy sexual life is a big reason behind years of a marriage ending in divorce. In fact, a small dick is often the reason for many such issues in a relationship wherein the couple are unable to engage in enjoyable and fulfilling sex life. 

Other psychological burdens experienced by a couple may include:

  • Chances of infidelity
  • Differences in general opinion
  • Mood swings
  • Avoidance of performing daily task together
  • Drop in levels of communication
  • Excessive stress and frustration etc.

Does penis size really matters? This is a question that has been on the minds of men from all over the world. 

The answer is yes and no. It should be clearly understood that even a micropenis is more than sufficient to satisfy a woman. However, having a bigger penis just makes things better. One of the best ways to achieve that is by using your own hands. Yes, indeed, you can use your hands to do a lot of stuff with your dick apart from just masturbating! This process is simply referred to as ‘penis stretching’ which is nothing but the use of your hands to enhance the length of your penis. It is important to note that this has also be done by using devices that are meant to safely increase the size of your dick. 

How does penis stretching work?

Whether it is using your hands or devices, the exercises employed for enlarging your dick basically follow the same principle. The procedure uses the traction force to apply a tensile force along the shaft of your penis. This tension stretches the penile mass and the various cells within it are elongated. As a result, there are microscopic tears throughout the shaft, which elongate along the penile axis. The tears are quickly healed by the supply of blood which ends up increasing the length and size of the penis as a whole. 

Applying this tensile force for extended periods of time gradually helps in making the size increase a permanent one. Since the tears are microscopic and slow, there is no reason for the development of pain or strain in the shaft of the penis. As such, this process is pretty much dependable and natural for increasing the size of your dick.

How to stretch the penis?

Let us get into a brief outlook of how you can use penis stretching methods using either your hands or a penis size increasing device.

Stretching of the penis by using your hands

The manual stretching of your penis by using your hands is very similar to masturbation. It involves the massaging of the penis shaft by using your fingers and gently pulling it. The skin around your penis is subjected to a tensile pulling force that causes tiny tears in the tissues. Gradually, these torn tissues heal and become swollen. The numerous swollen up tears leads to an overall swelling of the penis which directly gives rise to increased size and length of the penis as a whole. Regular massaging of your penis by manually elongating them can result in the effects being permanent in the long run. Same concept has been used by penis stretchers to enlarge penis naturally.

Stretching of the penis by using devices

There are two broad categories of devices that are used to elongate the dick. The first one is a penis extender. These devices use the principle of traction in its mechanism to directly apply tension on the shaft, resulting in micro tears, just like it does by the hands. In addition to the length and girth, penis extenders and penis pumps also help in modifying the curvature of the penis. Therefore, these devices are often regarded as treatment options for Peyronie’s disease. Moreover, it does so in a painless and efficient manner. While some doctors straight away recommend the usage of penis extenders for Peyronie’s disease, the approval for this method is not widespread. 

The second most popular penis enlarging device is the use of penis pumps. As the name suggests, it is a device that pumps blood into the penile chamber by inducing a vacuum pressure into the cylindrical chamber of the device where the penis fits in. These devices produce an immediate erection and with gradual usage, the length of your penis increases. 

It is worth noting that the usage of these devices are safe, painless and effective in the long run with dedicated usage. However, there is no adequate research to support the practical application of these devices. Nonetheless, with proper usage, there is undoubtedly a temporary increase in the size of the penis.

Over the course of the years, the following findings have been reported from various real life applications of penis enlarging devices:

  • Subjects wearing penis enlargement devices for a period of 9 hours throughout the course of the day experienced a increase in length of about 1 inch at the end of 3 months (link)
  • Another report demonstrated that the usage of these devices indeed produced a modification in the curvature of the penis, further establishing its usage as a possible treatment for Peyronie’s disease. However, it didn’t contribute to an increase in the length (link)
  • Again, subjects using penis enlargement devices for 6 hours a day over the course of 4 months saw an increase in their penis length (link)

It is evident from the extensive research conducted on these devices that using them properly for prolonged periods of time a day over the course of a few months can surely give you a noticeable increase in the length as well as the girth and curvature of the penis. 

Guide on stretching your penis the right way

First of all, let us note some precautions before you actually attempt to subject yourself to physical exercises to naturally increase the size and length of your penis naturally. Keep these points in mind at all times:

  • Make sure your penis is clean and maintain. 
  • Shave or trim off your pubic hair if it gets into the way of the device. 
  • Do not attempt these procedures if your penis has had an injury in the past.
  • If you feel pain or discomfort at any point in the procedure, stop it immediately. 
  • Start this procedure only when your penis is no erect. 
  • In any case, you are advised to have a consultation with your doctor over the usage of such devices and methods.

Now that you are pretty clear about the various points that you need to keep in mind before trying penis enlargement procedures, let us get into the directions for undertaking these procedures. 

Manual stretching of the penis by hands:

  • Hold the tip of the penis firmly. Make sure that the glans of the penis is held properly between your fingers and palm. 
  • Stretching the penis in the upward direction along the vertical axis and hold it for a while (around 10 seconds).
  • Then, with the same stretching force, move your penis to one side and hold it for a while. Repeat the same procedure in the other side.
  • Practice this daily 1-2 times a day. 

You can also achieve the same results with another procedure:

  • Hold the tip of the penis firmly like highlighted before.
  • Pull the penis by stretching upwards and keep it at that position. 
  • Simultaneously, apply pressure near the base of the penis and gold it for a while. 
  • Just like earlier, repeat the procedure at different sides. 
  • Practice this once daily for about a minute or two. 


Jelqing is a special massage procedure for the penis which involves massaging the entire shaft of the penis by using the hands. It involves gentle stretching in a way to promote the flow of blood into the penis. This is believed to increase the length and size of the penis in a safe manner. Originating from ancient times in the Middle East, this practice has garnered wide popularity among men and is used extensively as a manual technique to increase the length of the dick. Let us check out how you can practice jelqing on your dick:

  • Touch your index finger with your thumb and form an OK symbol. 
  • Place the circular space between your index finger and thumb at the bottom of the shaft of your penis. 
  • Narrow down the circular shape formed by the thumb and the index finger until you feel a certain amount of pressure on your penis. 
  • Now slowly stroke your penis with the same pressure till the tip of your penis. 
  • Do this once for about half an hour on a daily basis.

Now that it is pretty clear on how to manually achieve the stretching of your penis naturally, let us get into the techniques to stretch your penis by using devices:

Using penis extenders

  • Attach the base of your penis into the end of the device.
  • Fit in the tip of your penis between the two provisions provided towards the other end of the device. 
  • Put on the silicone tube around the length of the penis. 
  • With the tube firmly attached, apply a stretching force to the penis along the top of the penis. Do this until you feel discomfort. Leave it at the position where you feel comfortable. 
  • You can wear trousers over the penis with the device on. Leave it this way for the rest of the day to a maximum of 6 hours. 

Using penis pumps

  • Fit in your penis comfortably inside the cylindrical chamber. At this time, the chamber is filled with air. 
  • After enclosing the cylinder, use the pumping mechanism to draw out all the air from the chamber. The vacuum generated brings in blood into the shaft of your penis, making it hard and erect. 
  • The ring that is provided with the device should be attached to the base of the penis. This lets the penis stay erect for at least half an hour and you may have sex at this time. 
  • Once you are done with your sexual intercourse, remove the ring.
  • You can repeat the same procedure between multiple sex sessions. 


It is very important to be gentle on your penis while performing any of the dick enlarging procedures, whether it is manual or through devices. Being too rigorous can potentially injure your penis and prevent you from engaging in sexual intercourse.

Always keep your penis and hands/device clean before using these techniques. Any risk of infection should always be avoided at all costs. 

The erections obtained from using penis pumps are essentially a vacuum-induced natural hard-on. Keep your tool erect and have sex within half an hour from attaining it. Keeping your penis erect for prolonged periods of time can cause various complications with respect to your penis. 

In the end, it is always a wise decision to consult your doctor before you try any penis stretching exercises or procedures.


The importance of having a properly functioning penis cannot be emphasized enough. At the same time, it should be clearly understood that facing problems with erections and your sex life is s very natural thing. Countless men from all over the world go through issues and it is totally all right to seek help from your doctor and talk about it. As such, it is wise to adopt methods that increase the size of your penis naturally.Forget orget

Penis stretching procedures are one of the best means to safely increase the size of your penis naturally over the course of time. However, this only applies if you do it safely after exercising every form of precaution. [Tip : Must checkout world’s famous penis extenders on the market]

With dedicated usage, patience and safety, you can see a significant increase in the length and size of your penis in a matter of 4-6 months. Consult your doctor about the usage of such methods and going by the advice given, go ahead with the stretching procedures. It is all worth it! Every man deserves to enjoy good sex. Go and get your worth, gentlemen! 

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