HCG Triumph Review : Does These Weight Loss Drops Work?


Developed by Triu Naturals, HCG Triumph is a undoubtedly the best HCG weight loss drops out there. Are you worried about losing you weight? It may be for multiple reasons – you might be obese and wanting to get yourself into a healthy weight, or you might have been trying to get soon, exercising day in and day out but it might be taking too long to see yourself in a desired shape.

Note: Due to immense side-effects, we are no more recommending HCG Triumph to our visitors. We strongly suggest Official HCG Diet Drops, the weight loss drops that stands in the top position for quick and safe weight loss . Also, these diet drops are natural with no side effects.

This diet drops is going to help you triumph over that stubborn fat that just didn’t want to leave you.  Not just that, this natural solution also helps you fight various other illnesses like high cholesterol, diabetes and psoriasis. This homeopathic solution is easily the safest weight loss drops you would find. 

The HCG hormone in women is produced by the placenta and the fetus to prevent the accumulation of unwanted fats in the body that can be otherwise harmful to the baby. So the idea that this hormone could be used to lose weight even in adults irrespective of gender was proposed by an endocrinologist Dr Albert Siemeon in 1954. HCG works by reducing the appetite for food and at the same time increases the body metabolism. It is important to take a “HCG diet” when using this drops – it includes a Low calorie meal which we shall discuss.

Using HCG Hormone for weight lose is not approved by the FDA but let us learn why does this particular product stand out and why it is known to be the safest one out there. 

What is HCG Triumph? 

HCG Triumph was the best weight loss product Natural Triu had produced 10 years back alongside many other amazing products they have created so far. HCG Triumph comes in forms where one consists of the HCG hormones and an other that comes without the HCG hormone for the people who cannot take the hormone for any health issue – this form is even approved by the FDA because it does not use the hormone but instead makes use of natural ingredients that blend to give you results same as HCG. 

Our body consists of three kinds of fats

  1. Structural Fat – This fat is very important for the function of vital organs like kidney, liver etc because it provides the bedding to these organs. 
  2. Reserved Fat – The reserved fat is the one that is stored in your body and acts as a fuel and supplies you with necessary energy and stamina when you have not taken a meal. 
  3. Abnormal Fat – As the name itself suggests, this fat is the one you want to get rid off. It gets accumulated in the thighs, belly and waist and is absolutely unnecessary. 

The HCG triumph works in such a way that it signals the Hypothalamus to release the fat into the blood stream and to the mitochondria where it gets used up for giving you the energy required while you are on a low calorie diet during the dieting period and burns out the unnecessary excess fats. 

What are the ingredients present in HCG triumph?

For full list of Ingredients and their concentrations, you need to visit Official Website

HCG Triumph is made using only natural ingredients which are chosen very carefully to work for you in the most efficient way. It decreases your appetite so that you don’t feel the pressure to diet feeling hungry. It is a known fact that taking a diet low in calories makes one feel lethargic and low in stamina so these drops are made with ingredients that increase the levels of hormones required to provide you with increased metabolism which in turn gives you stamina. 

HCG hormones being the primary constituent, the other ingredients include:

  1. A number of amino acids like
  • L Tyrosine
  • L Ornithine
  • L Glycine 
  • L Phenyalanine 
  • L Arginine
  1. Phosphorus
  2. USP Purified Water
  3. USP Corn Grain Alcohol
  4. Calcatea Carbonica
  5. Ammonium Carbonica

Ingredients like L Tyrosine also helps you feel stress free and gives you a pleasant feeling. Throughout the diet plan you are full of energy, a good mood while losing weight successfully without feeling hungry. 

How to use the drops? 

The drops comes in three kits. 

  • A mini kit which would help you lose 10 pounds at least
  • HCG Triumph 26, this is the most preferred one. You lose as much as 25-35 pounds in less than a month. 
  • HCG Triumph 40. You would want to take this if you want to lose a lot of pounds. Obese people who desire to burn lots of fat opt for this. 

People buy them according to their needs. 

The drops is to be stored in refrigerator. 

You should not eat or drink anything – including water 30 mins before using HCG Triumph. You take 10 drops in three doses anytime throughout the day. It is taken under the tongue and you stay with the drops in your mouth for a minute before it dissolves. Again for the next 30 minutes you eat and drink nothing and then you can have your meal. 

This whole diet schedule consists of three phases. 

  1. The loading phase – This phase is the 2 days before you start taking the drops. You should take meals with lots of calories during this period. The fat consumed during this phase is what will give you the stamina required during the calorie deficit diet. 
  2. The weight loss phase – During this phase you start taking the HCG Triumph drops. You should now take a low calorie diet – as low as 500 or 700 calories only. You get your energy from fat consumed during the first phase. The food you take during this time is very crucial. The package you buy comes with a diet plan. The diet plan includes foods that keeps changing so that your body gets every nutrient it requires. You should avoid sugary and starchy food in this phase. Take lots of veggies, not too much of broccoli though. No potatoes, carrots in lesser quantities. Do not take bananas and grapes. You can have tea with a teaspoon of milk and with no sugar or any sugar replacement. You may take coffee too but we advise you to try avoiding or taking coffee in very less quantities. Steamed, boiled and grilled food are preferred. You will have the diet plan in detail in your kit. 
  3. The stabilization or maintenance phase – This is after your drops schedule is completed – I.e, after 26 or 40 days, whichever kit you might have chosen. By now you’ve lost lots of pounds – 21-45, according to the plan you’ve followed plus the exercise you have done. You now gradually start taking in calories. This process should be slow and absolutely not a quick one. You don’t want​ to start gaining weight as quickly as you lost it right? So increase the calories in your diet little by little. Start eating various foods. 

If you still have a doubt and are a newbie into dieting, you absolutely needn’t worry. The HCG Triumph kit comes with an Official HCG Triumph Guidebook to help you with everything. 

Pros of using HCG Triumph

  • Both the kits comes with a guidelines book, liquid vitamin B12, oral syringe and a measuring tape. 1 ounce HCG diet drop with the 26 Days HCG Triumph kit and 2 ounce HCG diet drop with the 40 days HCG Triumph kit. 
  • It offers 7 days free trial. This way you can be sure that the product actually works for you. 
  • It is made of only natural ingredients so you need not worry about any harmful effects on your healthy. HCG Triumph is proven to be one of the safest ways to lose weight. 
  • There is absolutely no caffeine in the product. 
  • The drops do not interfere with other medications. So you can continue the medications if you do take without worries. If you are still worried, you may talk to a doctor before starting HCG Triumph. 
  • HCG Triumph is good for all types of skin, in fact nourishes your skin and cures flaky skin. So it is advantageous to people suffering from skin diseases like psoriasis. 
  • The product improves mental health and concentration so the lack of calories during this plan does not make you feel stressed. 
  • These drops also improve cardiovascular health and is known to reduce blood sugar levels. 
  • The HCG drops increase testosterone levels – this in addition to the reduction in weight helps increase the sex libido in men. 

Cons of using HCG Triumph

  • Pregnant women cannot use these drops. Consult a doctor before use. 
  • It is quite expensive but then it’s worth the money. 
  • May experience headache which often goes away once your body gets used to the change in diet. This shows the headache is not because of the product itself but due to the low calorie diet. Follow the diet instructions from the guidebook. 

Where buy the official HCG Triumph from? 

Note: Due to immense side-effects, we are no more recommending HCG Triumph to our visitors. We strongly suggest Official HCG Diet Drops, the weight loss drops that stands in the top position for quick and safe weight loss . Also, these diet drops are natural with no side effects.

Some testimonials from real users

“Due to an health issue I had gained a lot of weight and became obese. I tried many methods but they had negative effects on me, like rashes. I talked to my doctor who suggested me to use HCG Triumph. I’m very impressed. It comes along with a diet plan which I strictly followed and lost 27 pounds in my one month use itself and the best thing is I experienced absolutely no side effects. I’m so in love with the product. I will use it again because I want to lose some more weight.” 

Charlotte Smith

“I have been bodybuilding for years but recently I’ve started gaining a little weight and I wanted to get rid of that extra chunk. I came across this product called HCG Triumph on the internet. So many positive reviews made me order it immediately and I gotta say I was not disappointed. The diet plan had a variety and even recipes so losing weight was a fun ride. I had diabetes so was initially scared but after using the drops even my sugar levels have become normal. Would totally recommend it.” 

Alex Evans

Frequent Asked Questions

Q. Is it safe to use HCG Triumph?

A. HCG Triumph was developed by Natural Triu and they use only natural ingredients to create this formula. It is totally safe to use. In fact, HCG Triumph not only helps you lose weight, it also improves your overall health and increases the body metabolism. 

Q. Does HCG Triumph come with a guarantee?

A. HCG Triumph allows users a 7 days free trial. During this period you will understand if the product is for you. You will have started losing some pounds already. But in case you don’t see any results, you can decide and not buy the product. (spoiler: it does work. No user has reported unhappy using it till date)

Q. I’m on my diabetes medication. Can I still use HCG Triumph drops? 

A. HCG Triumph is known to reduce sugar levels in patients who have high sugar levels. So it is indeed good for your diabetes. You may talk to a doctor before using the product in case of any doubts

Q. Can a heart patient use HCG Triumph?

A. HCG Triumph do no interfere with other medications or other health issues. Since HCG Triumph removes the harmful Heavy Density Lipoproteins, it could actually be good for your heart. You may consult a doctor before using it if you so desire. 

Q. How much weight can I lose by using HCG Triumph for a month? 

A. We sure cannot give an exact answer since it depends not solely on the product. The amount of calories you take, the foods you consume, the exercise you do play an equally important role. You may expect to lose anything between 25-40 pounds accordingly. 


HCG Triumph is easily the safest HCG diet drop you will find. You need worry about getting so frustrated over losing weight anymore. HCG Triumph will help you get the desired weight without stress. It takes care of all your needs while reducing your appetite and increasing your body metabolism. After completion of the diet you’ll feel both confident and healthier. So what are you waiting for? Let us come up trumps! 

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