Figure 8 Fitness: Everything You Need To Know About It

The proponents of Figure 8 Fitness have attested to the efficacy of this workout method. They agree that there is nothing like it. Our team of researchers has examined the details of this program as well as its scientific basis.

Here, we present a review summary of Figure 8 Fitness and everything you need to know about it.

Overview of Figure 8 Fitness

Let us begin by saying that Figure 8 Women’s Fitness is a “dynamic core training” specially designed for ladies. There are three levels to Figure 8 Fitness – learn, burn, and sculpt. It is not a drug or something, but a workout program similar to Booty Max or Billy Planks.

This implies that you will do some intense workouts, but with more focus on your core muscles. You are assured of fat loss. But are these claims true? Well, let us examine the perks of Figure 8 Fitness:

  1. Fitness guide
  2. Nutritional blueprint
  3. A success tracker as well as a belly fat report.
  4. Workout and coaching sessions (DVDs)

Figure 8 Fitness id a product of BodyFX and Bravado Ventures LLC. The company is based in Las Vegas. It has been in existence since 2016. Figure 8 Fitness is becoming quite popular on social media. Already, its Facebook page has gathered over 200,000 followers.

Who is Jaana Kunitz?

Well, she is a renowned Latin ballroom dancing professional and the brain behind Figure 8 Fitness. She is a specialist choreographer who also creates exercise fitness programs and home exercises to help with weight loss, fitness, and fun.

How does Figure 8 Fitness work?

The package consists of DVDs that teach the art of “dynamic core cardio training.” It also teaches you how to perform three-dimensional exercises. It is important to note that each workout is about half an hour long. Your core muscles are targeted in this exercise – including your external obliques, rectus abdominus, internal obliques, transverse abdominus, and back muscles.

And here’s the fact – Figure 8 Fitness is backed by some scientific research.

A study published in the Journal of Physiological Anthropology and Applied Human Science examined “Low impact aerobic dance as a useful exercise mode for reducing body mass in mildly obese middle-aged women.” According to results from the study, weight loss with low impact aerobic dance is as effective as cycling or jogging with regards to improving aerobic power and body composition for obese women.

Training with Figure 8

Once you purchase the system, you will have full access to the full set of training materials produced by the company. As we mentioned above, the training materials include 14 workouts and coaching sessions, all on DVD.

Figure 8 Fitness strengthens your core via your body’s fluid movements alongside basic exercise routines. And the workouts in this program are not painful at all.

Other materials included in the system are a workout journal, a success tracker, and a nutrition/fitness guide.

Can I learn Figure 8 Fitness workouts on YouTube?

Of course, you can! Figure 8 Fitness has an official YouTube Page with 31.3k subscribers. It is free for everyone, whether you’re a dieter searching for free workout videos, or a potential customer who wants to see what Figure 8 is all about.

What are the side effects of Figure 8 Fitness?

Does this program have any side effects? Let’s consider it briefly. First of all, it should be understood that this cardio program is designed for women irrespective of age, body types, or fitness levels. No drawbacks have been indicated to the best of our knowledge.

We’ve skimmed through the comments and user reviews to see what the customers think of this service/product. Some users think that it is quite tasking or do I say, challenging? And it is not very cool for women with back problems.

There is also the risk of injuries – which is pretty common with any intense workout or fitness system.

Benefits of Figure 8 Fitness

The fitness benefits of Figure 8 include:

  • Fast metabolism
  • Improved cardiovascular health
  • Improved flexibility
  • Stronger core muscles

Does the fitness program yield good results?

You could lose up to 11.5 pounds after 8 weeks of this fitness program. Results are visible within the first week of the program. It is also worth noting that the results vary, depending on one’s diet and efforts. So, everything is on you.

What’s in Figure 8 Fitness for men?

It might be shocking but, frankly, men can also try out Figure 8 Fitness. It is a regular workout program after all.

There’s a testimonial on the official website of a man who lost 55 pounds within 8 weeks of engaging in Figure 8 Fitness.

How much does Figure 8 Fitness cost?

The cost is reasonable – starting at $47. Also, you can get it from the following platforms at no extra cost:

  • Roku
  • Apple TV
  • PC
  • DVD
  • Chromecast
  • iPad
  • iPhone
  • Android

You will pay some $9.95 if you request for the DVDs. You probably won’t need any major equipment Except maybe a “light resistance band.”

There is also an official app from Body FX, the parent company of Figure 8 Fitness. The app offers free access to the workouts videos as well.

The system offers a 60-day money-back guarantee. Of course, you are at liberty to cancel it. Just email Jaana and it’s done.


So, having gone through these, can we then say that Figure 8 is worth it?

Well, the good news is that the system encourages core strengthening and exercise. This can enhance muscle building and burning off calories.

The cons include:

  • Complaints about the exercise being too difficult.
  • Not suitable for people with back problems
  • Does not involve the use of any supplements.

Daily, we are striving to live healthily, and we understand that maintaining a healthy weight can be difficult at times. that’s when you need a clinically-proven system.


After going through 100’s of testimonials from various websites, we came to the conclusion that the Fitness 8 Weight loss program is for serious people who really want to get rid of excess weight. Not only women, but many men are also participating in this program. After all, it’s just a training exercise. You must try this program if you really to lose weight quickly. Don’t worry about the fee structure. Click here to avail 60 days money-back guarantee package.

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