Creatine: Nutrition health benefits, side effects, and dosage!!

Athletes are in constant need of delivering top class physical performance. In fact, any physically demanding task requires your body to produce an overall satisfactory performance. To meet all the physical and mental challenges of everyday, both athletes and people in general need nutrition in a way that their bodies and minds are able to persist. While a properly planned diet can surely meet the expectations, it becomes difficult at times to stick to the schedule of a diet and get the correct amount of nutrition necessary. Creatine, an organic chemical compound, is one such supplement that is the solution to all forms of challenges.

What is Creatine?

Creatine is often recognised as one of the best supplements to boost general health. In fact, many athletes regard Creatine as the best performance boosting supplement. Research conducted by several scientific organisations have also confirmed the supreme effectiveness of Creatine. The findings of various studies on Creatine can be summarised as under:

You can see where this is going. Creatine is a highly potent compound that is naturally associated with a whole range of health benefits. Naturally, extensive research has been conducted on all the possible health benefits that one can derive out of the consumption of Creatine.
This article presents all the health benefits of Creatine and the various units of research backing them up. Accordingly, we will find out just why Creatine is so widely used among the ingredients in numerous health supplements.

Health Benefits of Creatine

Produces energy at a cellular level

Studies have shown that the usage of Creatine supplements help in increasing the phosphocreatine concentration within your muscle mass. This leads to the appearance of new ATP, thereby providing your cells with a surplus of energy to use for various bodily functions.
Further studies have evidenced that Creatine aids in producing more ATP and as such, reinforces your muscles to take on high intensity workout sessions. This happens due to Creatine’s functionality of making sure that there is enough ATP for usage when needed the most.

Promotes proper functioning of the muscles

Creatine helps in attaining huge muscle gains which correspond to huge strength gains. Research has demonstrated that Creatine produces a variation in the pathways and contributes towards the growth of muscle mass.
More research has indicated that Creatine supplements improve the cellular hydration within your muscle mass. In other words, the water content within your muscular tissues increase and cause the bulking up of the muscles. Moreover, it does so by only increasing the size of your muscles without disturbing the distribution of fluids throughout the body.
Additional studies suggest that Creatine inhibits the functionality of a molecule known as myostatin, which is documented to reduce the growth of muscle. As such, Creatine helps muscles to grow faster.

Helps to take on high intensity physical tasks

Studies have demonstrated that the high levels of ATP synthesis by Creatine helps your body to participate in high intensity workout sessions. The benefits of this aspect range from higher strength levels, delay in fatigue, high endurance and improved mental alertness. Furthermore, studies have proven that this functionality of Creatine is applicable both to athletes and normal people. Ultimately, it has been reported that the high intensity physical performance improves by almost 15%.

Huge gains in muscle mass

Studies have showcased Creatine’s ability to contribute towards huge muscle gains. In fact, it was found that taking Creatine supplements for just a week provided considerable muscle mass gains.
Further research indicated that the initial phase of muscle gains are due to the higher concentration of water within your muscle mass. With due course of time, there is growth of muscle fibers that reinforce your muscle with higher mass concentration and strength gains.
An experimental study conducted for a period of 6 weeks on subjects displayed that those who consumed Creatine supplements achieved muscle gains up to 2kg!
Another similar study put forward the fact that muscle gains by subjects who took Creatine supplements were much higher than those who did not.
Ultimately, an extensive study on the world’s top grade supplements proved that Creatine is indeed the best supplement for enhancing your physical performance.

Helps to deal with neurological issues

Many neurological disorders are characterized by a decrease in phosphocreatine. The consumption of Creatine is related to a significant increase in phosphocreatine and as such, it may help in neurological disorders.

Useful in Parkinson’s Disease

Parkinson’s Disease is a rather common condition that involves the decease in dopamine in your brain. Dopamine is an important neurotransmitter. This leads to the death of cells in the brain and may subsequently cause various disorders related to speech and muscles. Animal studies have shown that the intake of Creatine prevents the reduction of dopamine levels in 90% of the cases.
An experimental study revealed that consuming Creatine with weight training on subjects with Parkinson’s Disease led to a significant improvement in physical performance.

Lowers blood sugar levels

Studies have indicated that Creatine decreases blood sugar levels by facilitating the transport of blood sugar to the muscles.
A study conducted for 3 months showed that subjects who took Creatine and indulged in regular exercise successfully attained control over their blood sugar levels.

Improves the functioning of your brain.

It is a pretty logical fact that your brain requires a certain amount of energy when faced with tedious mental tasks. Research has shown that Creatine helps to increase the reserves of phosphocreatine in your brain, which automatically produces more ATP to provide energy to your brain. In addition, dopamine levels are also boosted by Creatine.

Reduces fatigue

Studies have revealed that the intake of Creatine supplements helps your body to combat fatigue and exhaustion.
Another study on people facing sleep deprivation showed that Creatine caused lesser fatigue and better overall health.


The dosage of Creatine is very simple.
Creatine is available in the form of creatine monohydrate powder.
The recommended dosage is 3 grams to 5 grams per day.

Side effects

One of the most remarkable features of Creatine is that it has absolutely no side effects to be concerned about.
Creatine has been the subject of much research for more than two centuries, and no side effects have been found in its consumption.


Creatine has many accomplishments to its credit. For starters, research actually supports its position as the best supplement for improving physical performance. It comes with a vast set of health benefits that truly contribute towards the overall good health of the individual consuming it.
It gets even more remarkable that not only is its dosage easy and straightforward, but it is one of those rare supplements to worry about! This indeed is amazing. Creatine has many reasons to be included into your daily diet and we strongly suggest you to do so right from the next meal onwards!

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