Boron: Health Benefits, Dosage and Consumption

Unlike many other nutrients, Boron is not critically required by the body. In fact, there is nothing known as ‘boron deficiency’, and the nutrient serves to provide few health benefits that make it an additional ingredient in many health supplements. Also, there isn’t any recommended dosage for Boron as well.

Some of the most common sources of boron include potatoes, apples, coffee, spinach, raisins and nuts. All of these amount to around 1.5mg to 3 mg of boron present. Some of the most significant health benefits derived from boron fall in the category of bon and brain health, nutrient metabolism and a proper balance in the levels of testosterone and estrogen.

However, boron is also associated with various other benefits which have been scientifically demonstrated by much research. All of these findings further led to several clinical trials that prompted scientists to utilize this element in health supplements. You may not need supplements containing boron for overcoming a deficiency, but you would surely need it to provide your body with additional  benefits.

Research has shown that you need up to 3mg of boron each day to obtain its various benefits. Food sources usually provide this much easily, as mentioned.

This article intends to present you a overview of all the health benefits that boron is recognised for. This is backed up with references to the numerous scientific research that have established boron as a potent nutrient for the body. Let us see what boron has to offer.

Health Benefits of Boron

Promotes good brain health

Boron is noted to improve the functional parameters of the brain. An experimental study on elderly subjects included the administration of various doses of boron. It was seen that those who were given doses close to the recommended value (3mg to 4mg), showed very significant improvement in their brain functioning and mental capabilities. This study had proven that boron can be used for dealing with the declining powers of the brain as one ages. As such, boron can be a potential ingredient in supplements meant for Alzheimer’s and Parkinson’s disease.

This element also plays a great role in coordinating the brain with various parts of the body in fulfilling their movements and functions.

Antibacterial properties

Boron can be used to synthesize boric acid. This acid has the potency to act as an antimicrobial agent due to its bacteria killing characteristics. Research has suggested that boric acid can be successfully used to eliminate infections caused by bacteria.

Another study has demonstrated the ability of boric acid in effectively dealing with yeast infections in the body. Boric acid acts to break down the yeast generation at any area and ensure that it does not get absorbed by the body.

Helps to deal with osteoarthritis

Arthritis is a common condition faced by numerous people from all around the world. It basically arises from the inflammation of the joints, wherein white blood cells (WBCs) accumulate at a certain area for no reason. Boron rounds up as a very effective anti-inflammatory agent, and as such, is great for osteoarthritis.

Research has demonstrated that boron can combat inflammation in joints and promote bone health by stabilising the bone density. It is with this regard that boron has been extensively used as a treatment for osteoarthritis for a long time now. It not just reduces the symptoms, but it also noted to help one obtain complete relief from osteoarthritis.

Good for managing diabetes

Various studies have indicated the ability of boron to in helping with diabetes. Boron can be successfully used to reduce insulin sensitivity in people with diabetes. Boron technically aids in the metabolism of insulin, leading to a proper balance in the glucose and insulin levels in the body. This gives a good control over blood sugar and makes the management of diabetes easier.

Deals with kidney stones

The deposition of calcium oxalate in the urinary tract leads to the formation of kidney stones. The excretion of calcium through urine plays an important role in the creation and structure of these stones. Research has established that the consumption of boron tones down this excretion and is an effective means to eliminate kidney stones with lesser amount of pain.

Boosts the action of antioxidants and reduces oxidative stress

The production of free radicals in the body contribute towards cellular damage. This leads to oxidative stress, and can result in several health issues. It becomes critical to detoxify these free radicals in order to maintain a healthy balance in the body. Studies have established the intake of boron a reliable way to not only bring down the oxidative stress, but to also improve the functionality of other antioxidants.

Overcomes the deficiency of vitamin D

If you live in a place that receives good amount of sunlight throughout the year, chances are that you would never have any issues with vitamin D requirement. However, for people living in cold areas or places with low sunlight, vitamin D deficiency becomes a real thing. In fact, this deficiency can lead to various health problems such as diabetes, blood pressure fluctuations, reduced bone density etc.

Furthermore, vitamin D and calcium work together to fulfil a the requirements of the body. Studies have shown that the consumption of boron helps in the metabolism of calcium and improves bone density. This metabolic reaction facilitates the absorption of vitamin D into the body, and it works along with calcium to avoid any sort of problems.

Increases estrogen levels

Good amount of estrogen in the body is linked with many benefits that include  weight management, proper bone metabolism, management of insulin sensitivity etc. Experimental studies have confirmed that boron intake can increase the estrogen levels in the body to a healthy limit.

Increases testosterone levels

Not just estrogen, boron also helps in boosting the testosterone levels. A study demonstrated that the consumption of boron supplements help in almost doubling the amount of testosterone in the body. Increased testosterone levels are associated with huge muscle and strength gains, higher energy levels and better sex drive.


As it has been already noted, there is no set dosage for boron as such. However, a dosage between 3mg to 4mg is sufficient to safely obtain all the health benefits that this nutrient offers.

Side effects

Under the recommended dosage, boron poses no problems whatsoever.

However, overdosing can lead to some severe health issues.

High concentrations of boron may lead to poisoning, skin inflammation, diarrhea, nausea, depression and headaches.

It is very important to stick to the recommended dosage to safely derive the various benefits of boron

Pregnant and lactating women should absolutely stay away from boron supplements by all means.

It is strongly recommended to consult your doctor if you have decided on trying boron supplements.


Boron is noted for a wide variety of health benefits which make it a great addition to health supplements. However, one should always ensure that their consumption of boron in within the limits of the recommended dosage. Overdose of boron can lead to extremely serious side effects.

Food sources rich in boron contain this nutrient well within the recommended dosage. So you can enjoy such foods without any worry. When it comes to boron supplements, get a medical consultation. Once you are approved by the doctor, you can freely have them.

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