10 Best Sexual Aphrodisiac Foods For Men And Women

Does the term aphrodisiac ring a bell? I’m sure it does. You see, the word aphrodisiac is synonymous with sex. An aphrodisiac is a substance, be it a drug or food that increases sexual urge or instinct. It also increases sexual performance or pleasure.

There is a wide range of medications that claim to boost a person’s libido. But then, some people would rather go for natural alternatives, as they have a very low risk of side effects.

You see, the actions of most aphrodisiacs are purely speculative. They are not evidence-based, meaning that they don’t have any scientific backing. Also, they may have negative effects. As such, if you intend to use a supplement, consult your urologist or gynecologist. They will guide you on the right steps to take.

This article will review some of the best sexual aphrodisiac foods that can help up your libido.

10 best sexual aphrodisiac foods


The aphrodisiac properties of these little creatures have been known for a very long time. oysters are considered aphrodisiacs due to their high zinc content. Zinc boosts sperm production and also heightens a person’s libido.

Research has also shown that oysters are enriched with amino acids that stimulate the production of sex hormones.


Maca is a root vegetable with a sweet taste. It has many health benefits. Maca is used as an aphrodisiac in South America. Its informal name is the Peruvian Viagra. It is cultivated in the Peru mountains. Maca is related to kale, cauliflower, broccoli, cabbage, and other cruciferous vegetables.

Studies have found that consumption of maca increases erectile function and libido in animals. Some human studies have also found that maca has aphrodisiac effects in humans.


Honey contains a whole lot of B vitamins. It also acts as a natural testosterone booster. Testosterone is the primary sex hormone in males. It also boosts orgasm and libido in both men and women.

Honey contains boron. Boron is a trace mineral that promotes the metabolism and use of estrogen by the body. Estrogen is the primary female sex hormone.


The botanical name of this annual plant is Tribulus terrestris. Its common name is bindii. It grows best in dry zones or climates. It also has aphrodisiac properties.

Research shows that Tribulus can increase testosterone production. Some studies also show that it can boost sexual desire in both males and females.


Figs are well-known sexual stimulants. They have a high concentration of antioxidants, polyphenols, and flavonoids. So, when you take figs, you are probably setting yourself up for a long session of sexual desire. History remembers figs as Cleopatra’s best fruit. The ancient Greeks considered figs as symbols of love and fertility.

Gingko Biloba

This herb is derived from the Gingko Biloba tree. It is commonly used as an herbal supplement. Gingko Biloba is used in traditional Chinese medicine for the treatment of several health disorders, such as low libido and depression. It performs its aphrodisiac functions by causing blood vessels to relax, and subsequently, increasing the flow of blood.


Basil is a sweet herb that you can use to spice up your meals. And just as it spices your meal, so can it spice your sex life. The aphrodisiac effect of basil is as powerful as its aroma and flavor. It boosts sexual desire through an increase in heart rate and improvement in blood flow.

Red ginseng

Red ginseng also has a Chinese origin. It is used for the treatment of several ailments in both genders. It also treats low libido.

Research has shown that red ginseng has very high potency when it comes to improving erectile function. This herb is well-tolerated by many, but in some cases, may interfere with drugs formulated for blood-thinning. Studies have shown that red ginseng also triggers constipation, headaches, or stomach upset in some cases.


The aphrodisiac properties of avocado can be traced back to the ancient Aztec era. It was called Ahuciatl by the Aztecs. The fruit is rich in vitamin E which is known for maintaining energy levels and the vigor of youth.

Pistachio nuts

Pistachio nuts were first eaten in 6000 B.C. They have lots of healthy fats, fiber, and protein. They also have many health benefits, such as weight management, blood-pressure-lowering effects, as well as reducing the risk of cardiovascular disease. Pistachio nut also improves erectile dysfunction symptoms.


There are very many foods that can qualify as natural aphrodisiacs. But then, not many have scientific backing. If you want to try the so-called natural aphrodisiac foods, then you should begin with small amounts. If they prove effective, you can then increase the amount you consume, gradually of course. You should also consider your tolerance level when increasing the amount. Also, we have listed the best libido enhancers that work for every woman. Feel free to try those products since they claim no side effects. Another important thing you should know is that some aphrodisiacs interact with certain medications. So, if you are taking any medication, consult your doctor before trying any of these herbs or foods.

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