5 Best Penis Extenders Reviewed!! Get Bigger Dick Size [2019 Update]

Penis extenders, also known as penis stretchers, are non-invasive devices created to increase penis size without surgical treatment. They are available for purchase without a doctor’s prescription, so any man can order them online and try for himself.

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The only danger, however, is that over the past few years the internet has been over-saturated with low-quality penis extenders made from cheap materials and based on ineffective designs. Naturally, they don’t work, and may even cause severe side effects like bruising, nerve damage, and even lead to the development of erectile dysfunction.

If you are interested in trying a penis stretcher to increase your penis size, it’s crucial to look for only the best penis extenders available. Otherwise, you will be risking your health, harming masculinity, and wasting your money and time.

best penis extenders

To help men from all around the world make an informed and responsible choice, we created this massive guide featuring the five best penis extenders we’ve been able to find so far.

We’ll start with a concise rundown of the five most reliable products on the market, then move on to our screening process, the science behind penis stretchers, and a comprehensive FAQ (frequently asked question) on how to increase penis size using penis extenders.

The 5 Best Penis Extenders on the Market in 2019

1. Quick Extender Pro: 

The Strongest and Most Comfortable Penis Stretcher

quick extender pro - best penis extender
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The Quick Extender Pro is the optimal choice for men who value their comfort and want an all-in-one solution. This is possible thanks to the unique design of the device, as it features a patented double strap support (DSS) system that provides a tight grip without feeling uncomfortable.

Why we recommend Quick Extender Pro

It’s also one of the strongest penis stretchers on the market, featuring an outstanding spring force tension of 141 ounces (4,000 g). Thanks to this powerful design, the Quick Extender Pro is effective not only for increasing penis size by up to 36-45% over the first 6 months but also for correcting penile curvature and even treating Peyronie’s disease.

The Quick Extender Pro comes in 4 different packages to choose from. The cheapest one is the basic Value Edition that includes the penis extender plus spare parts—everything a man may need for a quick and comfortable start. The premium package is the Deluxe Limited Edition that contains the penis stretcher plus numerous bonuses: a penis pump for vacuum therapy, a supply of male enhancement supplements, and a set of premium DVDs with exclusive sexual health content, among other pleasant things.

Manufactured in the USA, the Quick Extender Pro is one of the most reliable and universally effective penis extenders at the moment. Notably, it also offers the best possible results for its price, as most other penis stretchers are much more expensive.

For complete information on Quickextenderpro, you need to go through our full review. We have given in-detailed information on its working, benefits, testimonials, real reviews, pros and cons. Click here to go through full review.

2. SizeGenetics:

One of the BEST Penis Extenders Endorsed by Medical Professionals

sizegenetics penis extender
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One of the biggest fears a man faces when choosing a penis stretcher is purchasing a device that would be not only ineffective but downright dangerous for his health. That’s why in the aspect of safety, the SizeGenetics penis extender is on a league of its own.

Why we recommend SizeGenetics

Contrary to many other products on the market, SizeGenetics is a certified medical device tested and certified under the European Medical Device Directive 93/42/EEC. As such, it’s one of the few penis stretchers recommended and prescribed by many European experts in the plastic surgery niche as an alternative to penis enlargement operations.

SizeGenetics features a 98 oz (2,800 g) tension force, making it one of the strongest penile stretchers on the market, second only to Quick Extender Pro.

The traction force provided by the SizeGenetics mechanism is the most comfortable as it is oriented along the shaft of the penis more conveniently than others. In addition, the 3M comfort plaster holds the device better than any other penis extender.

In case you are not satisfied with the performance of the device (which we really doubt will ever happen!), you get a 100% money-back guarantee, without any questions.

Most importantly, this penis extender is made up of high quality medical grade silicon that is supremely comfortable on the skin. This aspect is very important as the penis is a very sensitive and delicate part of the body. As the device ensures the enlargement of the dick in a safe, easy and comfortable manner, the SizeGenetics penis extender is the best of them all and as such, doctors widely recommend it for penis enlargement.

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Read our full review for benefits, product specifications, how to use, pros, cons and faq’s.

3. JES Extender:

A Premium Penis Stretcher for Rich and Refined Men

jes extender review

The matter of increasing penis size is usually seen as intimate and extremely personal—for obvious reasons. Some men feel uncomfortable resorting to treatment in the first place, even if it doesn’t involve seeing a doctor. The JES Extender treats this issue in an unconventional way: with luxury.

Why we recommend JES Extender

Besides being a highly effective penis extender based on a modern Danish design, the JES Extender is an object of status. Offering models coated in titanium, silver, gold, and even platinum, JES Extender turns the delicate matter of penis enlargement into a matter of style and refined taste. This approach helps to reframe the perception of penile treatment from something cumbersome and unpleasant into a pampering experience in the pursuit of male excellence.

Of course, there are also two value models that provide the patented JES Extender quality without the precious coating. Perfect for the man who is after the essential results and does not care about external details.

Every item is made by hand, assembled in Denmark, and featuring a 2-year warranty. Another notable detail about the JES Extender policy is that the company offers a double money-back guarantee if you are not satisfied with the results after a period of diligent documented use.

Read our full review for benefits, product specifications, how to use, pros and cons and faq’s

4. ProExtender:

European Quality Penis Stretcher for Guaranteed Results


The ProExtender is one of the first penis enlargement devices created. The earliest studies on its effectiveness were conducted and presented by European doctors on the Symposium of Genitourinary Reconstructive Surgery in 1998. Since then, it has been one of the most widely used penis enlargement systems in Europe.

Why we recommend ProExtender

Although its construction may seem somewhat outdated compared to modern devices, the value of ProExtender lies in the simple fact that it works. It was effective 20 years ago, and it’s still effective now, so perhaps there is no need for changing its construction.

In other words, the ProExtender is an excellent option for those men who want guaranteed results even if that would mean using a somewhat outdated device with little to no bonuses, as is often seen in modern penis stretcher packages.

Read our full review here

5. MaleEdge:

An Affordable and Modern Penis Extender

male edge buy

Compared to many other similar devices, the Basic version of MaleEdge features a fairly affordable price tag. As a result, it has become increasingly popular over the past years.

Why we recommend MaleEdge

One notable MaleEdge feature is that it’s made of 100% hypoallergenic components, namely medical grade polycarbonate plastic and silicone. As a result, some people perceive this product’s design as less solid and durable than its competitors’, but that’s not the case. MaleEdge provides a stable stretch and a firm grip while being gentle to the penile tissues at the same time.

Manufactured in Denmark, MaleEdge is a CE-certified product, meaning it has been officially deemed safe by the European authorities and allowed for distribution across all European countries. Classified as a Class I (lowest risk) medical device, this penis stretcher is currently pending registration by the American Food and Drug Administration (FDA).

Last but not least, the effectiveness of MaleEdge-type devices has been studied and reported to be effective in the British Journal of Urology International (BJUI) in April 2011.

Read our full review here

Beginners Guide To Penis Extenders:

How we determined the best penis extenders on the 2019 market

If you’ve been searching for a top-class penis stretcher, you may have noticed that there were dozens of different devices fighting for your attention. How did we manage to pick just five of them and decide they are the best of their kind, for any man with any kind of issue?

Below you’ll find a brief overview of our evaluation process.

Step 1: We included only medical-grade devices witch scientifically proven performance

Penis extension should be considered a treatment, so we included only those devices that have been medically and scientifically tested over the last years. Products that had particular endorsement from leading surgeons and urologists got extra attention.

Step 2: We evaluated the long-term comfort of each product individually

As you may know, penis elongation is a long-term goal that takes months of dedication. We evaluated how comfortable each device would be to wear on a daily basis for hours in order to ensure any man would experience as little discomfort as possible while wearing them.

Step 3: We tested each company’s customer service and money-back guarantee

To make sure you will always be on the safe side, we got in touch with each product’s customer support team and checked if they provide a top-class assistance service to any man who may need it. We also confirmed that the money-back guarantee on each company’s website isn’t just for show, but a real promise of your satisfaction.

Step 4: We read through hundreds of customer reviews and checked the average results of each device

In the end, the most important thing about any kind of product is its effectiveness—and how satisfied are its customers after using it. We checked hundreds of real customer reviews for every penis stretcher we found, and included into this list only those devices that showed excellent performance for all men, with all kinds of goals or problems.

Step 5: We took into account if the company offers special deals and discounts

Although penis extenders cost way less than penis lengthening therapy, $200 to $400 is still a significant investment for most people. That’s why we preferred those brands that run regular discounts for the general public, allowing you to get an excellent device for as little as $120 if you are lucky enough to land on the company’s website during promotion time.

Now, before you make your choice and decide which penis extender is the best for your specific goals, there are a few things you should know about penis elongation in the first place.

What you should know about penis stretchers before purchasing one?

In such intimate matters as increasing penis size, it’s important to know exactly what you’ll be dealing with and make sure you are ready for the challenge ahead. Otherwise, there is no sense in purchasing even the best penis stretcher in the entire world, as you won’t be ready to use it as intended.

Here are some of the most important things to understand before you consider the products on our list:

  1. Penis stretching takes a lot of time. Although penile elongation through the use of penis extenders has been scientifically confirmed to be universally effective, it’s important to understand that this approach takes a lot of time. At the very least, you should be ready to wear the device for 5-6 hours per day for several months.
  2. You will feel uncomfortable at first. Imagine a force of 4.4 to 8.8 pounds (2 to 4 kg) being applied to your penis for hours, day after day, month after month. Naturally, every man feels some degree of discomfort in such a scenario during the first few days or weeks of his treatment. Luckily, modern penis extenders are built in a way to minimize the initial discomfort, but you’ll still have to get used to it and be patient for the results.
  3. There’s an average limit to penis extension. After 4-6 months of daily usage, scientific studies report an average of 28% increase in penis length and about 19% in penile girth. In theory, you could wear the device for more months and achieve an even greater length, but this would require an enormous amount of determination, diligence, and patience.
  4. It’s important to start slow. The official instructions for many penis extenders feature a universal recommendation to limit your time using the device to a single hour on the first week and gradually increase the daily time in the weeks to follow. Such a slow start is important to give your body enough time to adapt to the extender and minimize any possible discomfort.

If you are comfortable with the four essential principles listed above, you have nothing to worry about. Since there are no contraindications or dangerous side effects to penis elongation with medical-grade trusted devices, you can start anytime and just wait patiently for your results.

But how does penis stretching work in the first place?

How the best penis extenders work, according to science

The human body has amazing adaptive potential, meaning that it can adjust all of its functions, processes, and organ structures to better fit the external conditions it faces.

For example, when you spend too much time under the sun, your skin becomes darker. The resulting tan comes from the cells in your skin producing more melanin, a pigment that absorbs sunlight preventing in from reaching the deeper tissues in your body. In short, this is your body’s way of adapting to increased sunlight levels and protecting its tissues from UV radiation.

Another example is the Ethiopian tradition of inserting wooden or clay plates into a woman’s lips. Scientists argue as to how this practice appeared in the first place, but the process itself is simple:

  • When a girl reaches the age of 15 to 18 years, her lip is pierced, and a small wooden peg is inserted into the orifice
  • When the wound heals, the first peg is switched from a larger one
  • Eventually, the hole becomes large enough for a clay or wooden plate to be inserted
  • In the Ethiopian culture, the bigger a woman’s lip plate is, the more attractive and wanted she is among the men of her tribe

The process through which the Ethiopian women can stretch their lips to fit whole plates inside them is the same mechanism that allows increasing penis size using penis extenders. Specifically, it’s the body’s reaction to constant traction force.

When a body part is subjected to constant traction, microscopic tears are formed in the stretched tissue. The cells around these ruptures release cytokines, molecular messengers that promote cell division in the area. Over time, local cells divide to fill in the gaps and thus reduce the effect of traction on the tissues.

If traction is prolonged and intensified gradually, the described process is enough to make any body part longer—if only it has the ability to stretch in the first place. All in all, this is why the use of penis extenders is currently the most effective non-surgical approach to increase penis size effectively, according to scientific studies.

Treating Peyronie’s disease with penis extenders

Not all men want to increase their penis size. Instead, some men want to cure the unnatural curvature of their penis, such as in cases of Peyronie’s disease.

Peyronie’s disease (often abbreviated to just PD) is a condition in which an unhealthy curvature forms in the penis as a result of fibrous plaque being formed in the organ. The plaque constricts the soft tissues of the penis in its direction, bending the organ to the respective side.

Although doctors and scientists argue about the exact cause of the condition, it seems that traumas and bruises on the penis are a major risk factor for developing Peyronie’s disease in the future. Genetic predisposition may also play a role.

In general, men with Peyronie’s disease may develop a penis with over 50 degrees of curvature on their organ. In many cases, this change severely impairs their sexual performance, confidence, erectile function, and quality of life in general.

The good news is that studies have reported that penis extenders are effective in treating Peyronie’s disease. Specifically, penis traction therapy may reduce the curvature of Peyronie’s disease by over 38 degrees if the device is worn for at least 6 hours daily.

Treating erectile dysfunction with penis extenders

A man who is absolutely satisfied with the length of his penis may still benefit from using a penis stretcher. Studies have reported that penis extenders improve erectile function in 9 out of 13 users without side effects after 9 months of wearing the device.

In this case, the penis stretcher works as a training device that makes the tissues of the penis more sensitive to stimulation and more compliant to blood influx during erection. Often, the use of a traction device proves to be much more effective than pills, supplements, or even surgical treatment for many men.

As a result, most men who use penis extenders eventually report harder erections, increased stamina, and better sexual performance in general. These changes, along with the fact that penile traction therapy devices are arguably the most effective way of increasing penis size without surgery, and it’s evident why this form of treatment has become so popular among men all around the world.

Frequently asked questions (FAQ) about penis extenders

Q. What are the side effects of using penis extenders?

A. Top-quality penis stretchers, like the ones listed in this guide, do not have side effects and don’t cause any complications. Fake products and low-quality devices may cause skin irritation, bruising, and even cause tension trauma. That’s why it is highly recommended to avoid such products at all costs and trust only the best penis extenders on the market.

Question: Are there any contraindication to using penis extenders?

A. Since the device will be worn directly on your penis, the only contraindications are skin irritations, infections, wounds, and bruises on the penis shaft. We also suggest avoiding penis extenders if you have issues with blood clotting, but as soon as these problems are fixed you can use the device once again.

Q. Can I purchase the cheapest product and expect positive results?

A. Even the cheapest product in this list is guaranteed to yield great results for any man. However, we recommend investing at least $200-400 into your penis extender kit, as this will significantly increase your results in the long run thanks to the better performance of the product plus the bonuses that usually come with such a price tag. If this amount of money looks like a serious investment, remember that penis elongation surgeries are usually at least 10 times more expensive. Most other strategies of increasing penis size (besides surgery and penis stretchers) don’t work at all, so it’s either one approach or the other.

Q. Can I have sex during my penis elongation treatment?

A. As long as you take off your penis extender before the act, it’s perfectly fine to have sex during the course of your penis elongation treatment. In fact, many men experience a significant improvement in their stamina and erectile function, so it would be just natural to test these changes in a real-life scenario.

Q. Can I wear my penis extender at work or at the gym?

A. The general principle is to avoid wearing a penis extender during physical labor, exercise, and types of work that require mobility. Such activities increase the risk of penile trauma and are generally not worth the invested time. Therefore, we absolutely don’t recommend using a penis extender at the gym. That said, if your work is a sedentary job and you can attend it with loose clothes that would fit the device inside, we see no problem in wearing a penis stretcher in such a scenario. To find out if this approach works for you, we recommend putting on your penis extender and the clothes you usually wear for work—and then spend some time in this attire at home. If you feel comfortable, you can try wearing you device at work.

Q. Can I sleep with my penis extender on?

A. In general, we recommend to take off your penis extender before going to sleep. As a rule, most men tend to move in their sleep, turning from one side to the other. In theory, this could lead to some uncomfortable positions or maybe even penis trauma, so we can’t recommend such an attitude. The final decision is up to you, however, so if you don’t move a lot in your sleep, you could probably try sleeping through a few nights with your device on.

Q. When will I see the first results?

A. Most men can expect to see an increase of about 10 to 12% after their first month of using a penis extender for 4-6 hours per day. However, it’s important to remember that individual results will always vary from one person to another. Be patient, follow the provided instructions, and wait for the results.

Q. Will a penis extender work for me?

A. Penis stretchers work on a principle that is universal for all men regardless of their age, physique, initial size, or general health. There have been no documented cases of penis traction therapy inefficacy. In other words, it willwork for you; the only question is how long will it take for you to reach the desired results.

Q. What is the minimum penis length that penis extenders can work with?

A. As a rule, most penis stretchers require a minimum penis length of about 1.5 inches (4 cm) to be effective.

Can I increase penis girth using a penis extender?

Yes, penis girth is increased in the same principle as penis length. The effectiveness of penis extenders in enhancing penile girth has been confirmed by multiple studies throughout the last years.

Q. Is there an age limit for using penis extenders?

A. In most cases, you have to be at least 18 years old to purchase a penis stretcher. There is no upper age limit, luckily, and many men in their mid-seventies report using penis extenders to finally reach the length they had dreamed for all their life.

Q. Do I have to see a doctor before purchasing a penis extender?

A. Penis extenders are freely sold as over-the-counter medical devices, so you don’t need a doctor’s approval or prescription to purchase one. If there is a particular issue you want to discuss with your physician, however, it’s always a good idea to schedule an appointment.

Q. How long do the results last? Will I have to wear my penis stretcher forever?

A. As soon as the increase in length and girth is achieved, the change is permanent. None of these improvements will go away after you stop using your device.

Q. Is it dangerous to have an erection with a penis stretcher on?

A. No, modern penis extenders are built with potential erections in mind. You may feel a bit uncomfortable and uneasy at first, but there is no danger in this station at all.

Q. Do you have to be circumcised to wear a penis extender effectively?

A. The five best penis extenders we mentioned in this guide work both on circumcised and non-circumcised penises. Studies have failed to find a difference in effectiveness between these two cases.

Q. Can I use a penis vacuum pump at the same time as a penis extender?

A. It’s impossible to wear the two devices at the same time, but you can use both at different times throughout the day. For example, some men use a penis pump in the morning and then a penis extender in the evening, or vice-versa. There have been no studies to say if such an approach increases the devices’ effectiveness, but neither there have been any reports about side effects or complications as a result. You’re free to try and see if it works for you.


which penis extender to choose

For any man looking for a safe, effective, and comfortable way to increase his penis size, penis extenders are the optimal strategy to follow. They cost much less than surgery, are scientifically proven to be effective, and provide long-lasting results if you are patient enough to wait for them.

Make sure to read through our individual penis extender reviews before making your final decision, as the device of your choice will become your loyal companion for at least several months.

In the end, no matter what penis stretcher you choose, rest assured that it will come with an excellent level of customer support, the best possible performance on the market, and an ironclad money back guarantee in case you’re not satisfied.

We strongly recommend opting for one of the best penis extenders listed in this guide and never settle for fake alternatives, as this attitude may have long-running consequences for your health, sexual performance, and quality of life in general.

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