The 5 Best Penis Enlargement Creams, Gels and Lotions [2021] Updated


To a considerable number of men around the world, one of the most considered frightened scenarios is not being able to satisfy the sexual needs of their partner. As a matter of fact, the size of the penis is often times a general source of angst and uneasiness to most men. A lot of men have unpleasant feelings regarding penis size as this could significantly avert his sexual pleasure and gratification.

That said, it is not surprising why various male enhancement products and methods have become quite renowned and prolific around the globe. So, if you are having problems with the current size of your manhood, and you are searching for some safe and effective means on how to grow its small size, then one of the best solutions that you can get started with is the use of penis creams.

Editors Tip:

If you are looking for an effective and danger-free means to improve your penile size, penis extenders can be your safest option. Penis extenders are not difficult to find. As a matter of fact, these are found over the counter which means that there is no need for a doctor’s prescription and any man aged 18 and above can use it. However, it is advised to consult a physician first if you have a specific issue that needs to be discussed with a doctor.

Additionally, these are less expensive than surgery. Unlike penis creams, they are scientifically proven to work as claimed and capable of providing long-standing results if you are dedicated to strictly adhere to the treatment procedure and if you’re more than willing to devote time to it since it may call for a longer period of time for you to obtain noticeable outcomes.

The 5 Best Penis Growth Creams

#1. Hard Wood Male Vitality Best LUBE and Male Enlargement Delay Gel

Why you should consider it?

This product is gel-based and it has been proven to work fast and harder than ever before. If you wish to enhance firmness, this is an ideal option as you could feel the difference even with just a small application. This is great for those suffering from premature ejaculation and erectile problems.

In addition, this works as an excellent playtime lube that is manufactured with stimulated menthol feel. You can finally end your suffering from premature finishes and this would also work wonders in improving penile blood flow.

Men who have used this gel-based male enhancement product have improved the size of their manhood by 10% and beyond. So, this could help solve your problems in your sex life. It comes with an unexplainable numbing effect that appears to be the cause of why it becomes possible for you to prolong your orgasm. Not to mention, its peppermint and menthol formulation allows users to enjoy a very long-lasting excitement.

Points to Consider   

On the other hand, a few of the things that you need to be mindful of if you pick this brand include the small-sized container and it seems not filled with gel. Thus, it is not money-wise considering it is literally pricey. It would have been better if the container follows the indicated size just so to give justice to its not so pocket-friendly selling cost. Indeed, if you expect highly of increasing the size of your penis, this may not satisfy your best and might need prolonged use prior to achieving the desired result. 

#2. Viamax Maximum Gel

Why you should consider it?          

This manhood enhancement gel is known for its capability to effectively vitalize the flow of blood in the penis; it works adeptly in terms of enhancing penis stamina and can bring a huge difference in erectile problems.  Many men who have used this product have claimed that this is one of the best options if you wish to increase the size of your penis in a more natural approach.

By the same token, this is formulated to fight off various sexual concerns in men like loss of sensation and premature finishes. And, this is superb in terms of improving male libido. If you want to stir up your sexual drive, then this can help you achieve just that.  This can be your go-to solution to bolster your sexual health. You can now satisfy your partner with extraordinary sexual performance.

This comes with a non-sticky gel texture, it does come with a weird smell and it could be practically utilized as lube too. For the price, this is priced decently.                      

Points to Consider

Still and all, similar to other topical substances, this gel-based male enhancement product loses its effect over time. Also, it mostly works as a stimulating moisturizer which implies that if you are in search of a stay hard type of stuff, this won’t offer you that. And, be reminded that it is not the kind of miracle solution to make the opposite sex go nuts at your manhood size. Do not expect to obtain erection right away once it is applied; you will need to wait a little longer to experience its effects. 

#3. Girth Control Male Enhancement Cream with L-Arginine

Why you should consider it?

This penis cream is highly recognized for its capability to get immediate outcomes that remarkably increase with daily use. If it is your desire to experience having plumper and fuller erection, then this can be your best and safest bet since it is reliable in increasing the penile blood flow naturally.

In like manner, if you dream of greatly enhancing your stamina, vitalize your libido for longer-lasting and stronger results, this dick cream won’t let you down. This can guarantee overall circulation and could effectively maximize the girth of your manhood.

This is particularly formulated with a unique blend of essential oils and herbs that have been tried and tested to be second to none at increasing the natural girth of a man’s sex organ. It can help fix erectile dysfunction issues, Peyronie disease as well as impotence in men. Thus, if you are determined to go long and strong, you can start the change now!

This makes a great male enhancement cream specifically for those who intend to increase firmness and sustain the overall health of their manhood. It is a risk-free investment since it is backed up by a 30-day money-back guarantee offer as well.

Points to Consider

For all that, since this penis cream is formulated with some essential oils and herbs such as maca root that is known for being a potent natural ingredient, it comes with strong smell; fortunately, this vanishes with time. Also, another drawback that you need to look into is this cream’s ability to work gradually and not as fast as what was advertised.    

#4. “Man1 Man Oil” 4 oz.- Natural Penile Health Cream

Why you should consider it?

If you are currently in the hunt for a penis cream that can effectively restore sensitivity, then this is a must-try for you. This manhood product is formulated using penile-specific formulation that relaxes red, dry and itchy penile skin. So, if you are one of those who frequently experience penile skin problems, this can be the ideal fix for your concern.

This is designed with skin smoothening formulation and can also act as a natural antibacterial agent. Once used on a daily basis, this cream would help enhance penile sensation, boost penile blood flow and recondition or rejuvenate the penis skin. It comes with very potent healing properties that could moisturize your penis skin as well. So, if you are worried about your ugly-looking sex organ, this can solve the problem.

Moreover, this product leaves the skin feeling and looking healthy, with a well-improved skin tone and color on your private part. This can assist you to acquire the longevity, elasticity and sensitivity you have been longing for.

Points to Consider

Even so, you need to be aware of the fact that this dick cream cannot make miracles if your manhood comes with some permanent scars- as you know, this would be impossible to get rid of even if this product does a stellar job at moisturizing your penis skin. In line with this, there have been reports that the result or effect may vary particularly to men with very sensitive skin. Some men experienced stings upon using this product.

#5. Signature Black Bottle – Penile Moisturizer Cream                                              

Why you should consider it?

This dick cream is made using premium quality formulation such as essential vitamins, shea butter, L-arginine and amino acids that are proven to be quite effective at deeply moisturizing the penile skin. What sets it apart from other penile creams out there is its being dermatologist and urologist approved making it a safe investment not to have second thoughts with.

Basically, if you seriously hope to reduce irritated, chafed and dry penis skin, this cream will help you solve all that. It is an unordinary moisturizing and conditioning cream that soothes dryness, irritation, chaffing, and itching in your private part. Whether you wish to make your masturbation and intimate moments more pleasurable, this can help you bring back the excitement.

And, the best of all, whatever skin type you have, this is safe to use even for those with delicate skin. It is scent-free and does not contain ingredients harmful to the skin. Using this cream would make the penis skin becomes soft, smooth, and looks healthy. This is a penny-wise investment since it is supported by 100% discreet and a risk-free purchase.

Points to Consider   

Be that as it may, take in mind that this penis cream is slightly overpriced than its counterparts and it is only for moisturizing and smoothening penis skin which means it won’t solve sensitivity and circulation issues if these are the problems that you want to solve at once. It would have been better if it could also solve other penis-related concerns during sexual intercourse.                                        

Why are Men Buying Penis Enlargement Products?       

Different men surely have different reasons for buying penis enhancement products. However, the most common ones are basically for them to improve their sex life and make every intimate moment satisfying for both genders. As you might already know, men find it embarrassing and degrading not to satisfy his sexual partner during sexual intercourse just because of having small-sized sex organ. This does not only affect his physiological or sexual needs but this also has great mental, emotional and psychological impacts.

With the help of male enlargement products such as penis creams, they can boost their self-confidence again and take pleasure in their love life.                        

 Types of Penis Enlargement Products

Penis Creams, Lotions and Pills

These are generally formulated with minerals, hormones, vitamins or herbs that have been proven to remarkable aid in enlarging the male reproductive organ.

Extender or Stretcher Devices

These are built to help execute some stretching exercises. These are also known as penile traction devices. They are specifically designed to help the man’s genitalia to exert mild tension.

In point of fact, some research has revealed that with the aid of these devices, the size of a penis can be enlarged from half an inch by up to two inches. Regardless, more rigorous studies are seriously required to guarantee safety and effectiveness. 

Vacuum Pump

This male enhancement product could help make a man’s sex organ look bigger temporarily. Please be guided that utilizing the pump for an extended period of time and more frequently could damage the penis’ elastic tissue and this could result to fewer firm erections.                                      

 Advantage of Cream over other Types

It is worth noting that penis creams are perceived to be safer, easier and more effective to use than other types of penis enlargement products. And, since these are applied topically, there have been no many negative reports of disadvantages when using such products.

The use of penis creams come with lots of perks and these consist of:

  • These are safe to use for oral activities and there is no need to worry about swallowing hazardous chemicals since they contain natural ingredients.
  • They are manufactured to be safe and natural alternatives to medicines and pills.
  • Dick creams make sexual intercourse more pleasurable with a pleasure ring.
  • These are capable of providing tactile and noticeable outcomes.
  • Penis creams help men improve their ability to last longer during intimate moments.
  • They could afford a broader array of play activities including oral sex.
  • Creams designed for the penis are good at expanding the overall girth of a man’s sex organ.
  • They could be utilized with condoms to guarantee more protected sexual activity.
  • Penis enhancement creams considerably bolster a man’s confidence during sexual intercourse.
  • These commonly come in a compact container so they are convenient to carry around with you.
  • Dick creams are practical to use during anal intercourse.
  • If you are the type who is into tantric sexual activities, manhood creams can do wonders in prolonging a very pleasurable sensation.
  • Many penis cream brands do not come with strong and irking scent or fragrance.
  • They serve as an effective solution to ensure exiting foreplay activity when applied by your sexual partner.

Composition of a Penis Enlargement Creams

The main ingredients contained in penis cream products comprise of:


This is a form of amino acid that occurs in fish, poultry and meat. This serves as a brain chemical stimulant that boosts sexual desires.

Botanical Components

These refer to plant-based elements that come with enzymes that are the ones responsible for allowing the gel to penetrate the semi-absorptive membrane of the skin.

Peppermint Leaves

These are clinically acknowledged by scientific research to function as a vasoconstrictor.

Artificial Flavors

These are commonly added to most dick creams to make oral-based activities more pleasurable.


Such components occur naturally and are primarily found in plants that are known to help bolster sexual arousal and mood as per clinical research. 

How to Apply Penis Enlargement Creams?

Here are the proper guides on applying penis creams:

  1. Apply it on a small area of your skin first to examine if you do not have allergic reactions. Stop applying it in case of any skin rashes, burning or inflammation.
  2. Check the label of the penis cream and only apply the specified amount to your penis.
  3. Use your index finger and thumb to mildly cover your genitalia and make sure to make gentle movements.
  4. Refrain from making any masturbatory type of stroke as this would negatively affect the function of osmosis.
  5. Maneuver gradually if your sex organ got curves or is bent. This is to possibly obtain all the spots of your penis.
  6. Your hands must not be cold and are warm to touch.
  7. Wait for a few minutes so that the osmotic process can carry out the action.
  8. Consider utilizing silicone-based anal lube if you are partaking in backdoor sex positions.

Success Stories of Men who Tried this

Wesley Kramer Jones tried Girth Control Male Enhancement Cream with L-Arginine. And, according to him, this does a good job at making the penis a little plump on the outer skin, it helps heighten the nerve endings and gives you a feeling of enhancing your sex organ’s girth. However, this product is not meant to help increase the size of your penis.

Pierre Don used Viamax Maximum Gel and claimed that this serves a very stimulating moisturizer but won’t work as a penis enhancer product. It helps the penis skin become softer and smoother but if you intend to make your manhood bigger, this may not be the solution to consider.        

Frequently Asked Questions

Can penis creams cause skin irritations, burning sensation or inflammation?

This would depend on the skin type of a man. While penis creams do not contain harmful ingredients, still there are men who have very delicate or sensitive skin and may suffer from some allergic reactions once the cream is applied.  

Are dick creams expensive?

The cost of penis creams will vary on the manufacturer. In general, they are slightly pricey but well-worth the money considering the effectiveness and safety they could guarantee to their customers.

Where you can buy penis enlargement creams?

These are not difficult to search for. You can start your search in well-stocked drug stores, some you can get from physicians who treat various male-related diseases particularly concerning sex and in a few credible online shopping sites. 

Can you obtain fast results once penis cream is applied?

Just like all products, penis creams do not work like magic. You need to strictly adhere to the manufacturer’s instructions when applying the product. And, there are those that need to be applied before sexual activities, those that must be used on a daily basis and you will need to wait for some time for them to effect.

When used in oral sex, penis cream does not come with strange taste?

These are generally made with non-scented ingredients and are commonly manufactured with artificial flavors. The taste is not something to abhor but could actually help boost sexual mood.

Is it okay to use condoms when penis cream is applied after a few minutes?

Yes. It won’t intervene in your sexual activity at all.

Are dick creams really safe to use and have no adverse effects?

Yes. These are formulated with natural ingredients. Unlike other types of penis enhancement products, these won’t pose any risk to your manhood. 

Are there dick creams designed to help improve the hideous look of a penis?

Yes. There are some penis creams that could help make penis skin softer smoother, and look healthy. But, permanent scars can’t be removed.      

Are there penis creams that are scented?

Yes. These are designed to be scented to urge sexual mood and desires.


As mentioned earlier, penis creams are generally formulated using herbs minerals and vitamins that are not potentially risky to one’s health. Aside from this, manufacturers of these products claim that these are safe and effective to use. However, the claim that dick creams really help in enlarging the size of your manhood somehow remains a mystery.

While it is true that a great number of men who have used penis enlargement creams have claimed that such products can help solve issues that have something to do with small penis and help in boosting one’s sex drive;  still these are not scientifically proven yet. And, there are a few cases where users suffer some sorts of discomfort, sting feeling and some allergic reactions.  To greatly help in achieving your goal of enlarging your penile size, another way for you to consider is the use of penis extenders.

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