5 Best Online Personal Fitness Trainers: Find the Best Fitness Training Programs

Getting and keeping fit is the ultimate goal for many people around the world. In most cases, being fitter means being healthier and living a better quality of life. Fitness training programs are cropping up from everywhere every day.  

There are a lot of people who call themselves professional personal fitness trainers. While some of them have beneficial fitness programs that are worth paying for, others are not worth your dime or second.

So, how do you separate the wheat from the chaff?

You can do so by reading independent reviews like this one. In this review, we will explore five of what we believe are the best online fitness trainers and their programs.

Even if you do not choose any of these trainers, this review will put you in a position where you can make an informed decision when deciding whether to pay for a particular program.

Before we get started, let’s talk about…

…Fitness Objectives/Goals

Keep it in mind that fitness means different things to different people. Some believe being slender and athletic is what fitness is all about. Others want to pack up muscle and be strong. There those that seek to sculpt their bodies to certain shapes.

All these are fitness goals and they can be achieved by taking appropriate fitness programs.

One thing we can all agree on is that you cannot be overweight and fat and be fit at the same time. As such, regardless of what your objectives are getting rid of fat deposits is a common goal in all fitness programs.

Enough of the hullaballoo! Let’s see what these popular personal fitness trainers have to offer.

We will explore them by their fitness programs.

1. Figure 8 Fitness Program

The Figure 8 Fitness Program is a creation of Jaana Kunitz, a former professional ballroom dancer. The program involves dance-fused exercises that target your core abdominal muscles.

The workout routines involve a wide range of Latin dances. There’s salsa, jive, pasa, doble, merengue, and many more dances.

The Figure 8 fitness program lasts for 8 weeks and has three phases. They are; Learn, Burn, and Sculpt.

The Learn Phase

The learn phase lasts for the first the four days. Since most of the program involves dancing, you will have to learn some choreography. In this phase, Jaana will take you through some basic dancing moves. These dancing sessions are still workouts, and you’ll feel the impact once you start picking up the tempo.

You’ll start off with some simple moves, and you’ll soon get into some complicated dance moves. These moves also seek to enhance your body balance, agility, concentration, and coordination. In most of the moves, you have to coordinate your feet, arm, and hip movements. Don’t feel intimidated though. Anyone can learn the moves, and the tutorials are easy to follow and super helpful.

You can re-watch the tutorial as much as you need to.

Once you feel ready, you then jump into…

…The Burn Phase

Now, this where things get pretty intense!

The goal of the burn phase is to burn calories. Don’t worry if you haven’t gotten all the moves tight yet. Just focus and follow the instructor (Jaana) and the other ladies dancing in the video.

In the burn phase, the workout sessions include dance drills and cardio exercises. The dance and the exercises are pretty fun, especially if you can follow along properly. Each session lasts for 40 minutes.

Be prepared for the impact when you start the burn phase. You will most like be sore after the drills and exercises. Your abs, legs, and arms will get sore but the discomfort should subside when you start getting used to it.

These workout sessions require no resistant equipment. Someone observing from a distance might be quick to think the exercises won’t make any impact. You only appreciate how impactful they are once you start taking part. You’ll be surprised at how effectively the arm movement can tone your biceps and triceps. Most people believe you can only do that with resistance exercises.

When you’ve gotten the hang of the burn phase, the next thing you want to do is sculpt and shape your body. You now get into…

…The Sculpt Phase

The Sculpt phase features more intense dance exercises and a few resistance exercises. You might need some resistant bands, jump ropes, and light dumbbells in this phase. You don’t require any heavy equipment though.

The exercises in this phase zone in on your upper and lower body. The goal is to give your body that perfect shape you’ve always desired. Most of the routines are still dance-related, but the phase features a bid more resistance exercises than the burn phase.

Before we delve any further into the program, let’s explore a thing or two about the person and the brains behind the program. It will give you a better perspective of what the program is all about.

About Jaana Kunitz

Jaana Kunitz is an accomplished dancer in Latin dance sports. She went on to launch fitness programs in collaboration with her husband after retiring from competitive dancing. Her fitness programs have appeared on TV in over 25 countries. She has sold millions of DVD copies around the world as well.

Jaana has a history of excess weight and bullying. As a kid, she had been overweight and was often teased and bullied. She overcame her weight challenges when she discovered dancing. Dancing not only helped her shed off the weight but also made her a world-class dancing champion.

Her workout routines might seem like “just dancing” to a layman, but they are developed by an expert. Her fitness programs are her way of sharing her secrets with the rest of the world. Jaana is the instructor, and you’ll enjoy her energy in each one of the dance/workout sessions.

Now let’s get back to the fitness program.

Let’s answer the most pertinent question.

Does Figure 8 Fitness Training Program Work?

All indications show that it is an effective program. Would it be effective for you? If depends on what your fitness objectives are.

Remember we mentioned something about fitness objectives at the beginning.

If you are looking to shed off weight, sculpt and tone your body, the Figure 8 program will work for you. Also, if you seeking to develop some agility, body-balance, and body-coordination, it is the perfect program.

However, for someone who wants to build muscle mass, we don’t think it is the most effective program. If your objective is to build muscle, you are better off combining the program with other muscle-building oriented programs. The agility and athleticism benefits it offered will still come in handy in your quest to build muscle.

We also think the Figure 8 program is better suited for women than men. That does not in any way mean that men should not take the program.

Where can you find the Figure 8 program?

The Figure 8 Fitness Training program is part of Body FX. Body FX is a larger program by Jaana Kunitz that involves nutrition plans. The Figure 8 program is available on the official Body FX website. You can also access the program on the Body FX mobile app.

Once you get in the program, you’ll get access to the Body FX community and expert fitness coaches. You can share your experiences with the community. You can also gather more inspiration from it. The fitness coaches are there to answer any questions that you might have.

How much does the Figure 8 Fitness program cost?

The Figure 8 fitness program costs $47. It is a one-off payment that grants you lifetime access to the program. You’ll get access to the workout sessions and the community. If you want to receive the workout sessions on physical DVDs, you’ll have to pay for the shipping.

Our next program is Body FX. The interesting part is the Body FX program is also created by Jaana Kunitz. It seems like a broader version of the Figure 8 program.

2. Body FX.

As mentioned above, the Body FX fitness program is a creation of Jaana Kunitz as well. In fact, the Figure 8 fitness program that we have just described above is part of the Body FX program.

Since we’ve already gone through the Figure 8 fitness program, we’ll just look into the other sections of the body FX program.

Body FX has three parts;

  • The Figure 8 program
  • JNL fusion exercises
  • Diet Progam

Let’s explore the JNL fusion exercises.         

JNL Fusion Exercises

The JNL (Jennifer Nicole Lee – The instructor) Fusion Exercises include routines that focus on not only building strength but also allowing your body to relax. The exercises allow your muscles to release the tension they might have built up during the intense movement in the Figure 8 program.

Think of the JNL fusion exercises as the exercises a long-distance athlete does after a race to relax their muscles. The exercises focus on three key areas. Strength building, cardio fitness, and focused rest. The JNL Fusion workouts are done after you’ve been on the Figure 8 program for a while.

Jennifer Nicole Lee is the instructor in these fusion exercises. She is Jaana’s partner.

Jennifer says that these exercises can help shape your body as well. She says that they trigger the body’s natural shaping abilities. The JNL Fusion routines feature some very common exercises, including resistance exercises. They are not dance-oriented, and you won’t have to learn any choreography.

The Diet Program

The Body FX Diet Program is an elaborate nutrition plant that you take with the Body FX program. You have to combine the workout programs with the diet plan for best results.

A lot of the people who take the Body FX program have an objective of losing excess weight. They want to burn off those excess fat deposits.

As such, the Body FX diet plant is primarily focused on helping your body shed off excess weight. The diet plan focuses on metabolism.

It is a whole book of nutrition advice and meal plans. Its main focus is to help you get your metabolism process in a state where it burns the energy it needs and discards the excess instead of storing it.

This book is one of the most resourceful things you will get on this program.

The Body FX official website has everything you need to know about getting started with Body FX program.

How much does the Body FX Program cost?

The Body FX program is more comprehensive and it involves more personalized help. It is offered on a subscription basis and goes for $11.9 a month if you chose to be billed monthly. If you choose annual billing, you will pay $9 a month.  

Once subscribed, you will get access to up to 100 videos tutorials and workout sessions. You will also have the privilege of talking one-on-one with fitness coaches. You’ll also receive daily guides through your email.

A 30-day free trial is offered. You also get a 60-day money-back guarantee.

The Figure 8 exercises form the better part of the Body FX program. The personalized help and one on one interaction with fitness coaches is a great thing. You don’t get that when you go for the Figure 8 one-off payment program. The personalized help you get from the program is worth paying for the subscription.

The Body FX program is suitable for all kinds of people. Not all the exercises and suggestions will be helpful to your personal fitness objectives, but it will deliver some form of benefits to anyone who takes part.

3. The 6-Minute Body

The 6-Minute Body is a fitness program by an olympian trainer called John Abdo. The program features small 6-minutes workout that you can easily follow.

Here is a bit of background information about John Abdo.

John was obese when young. He spent most of his time in the gym but he didn’t get the results he was hoping for. He worked so hard but he still remained overweight.

John sought the help of his doctor, and they found the problem. He wasn’t allowing his body any time to relax and recover. As such, his hormones were always out of balanced.

What was the solution?

Instead of working out for hours, John started working out in intervals during the day. He would work out in short spurts, allowing himself some time to relax in between. He calls it “snacking on exercises”.

His weight started dropping and he started getting the results he had always hoped for. That’s the idea behind the 6-minute workouts.

According to John, if you work out for more than 6-minutes your body goes into a “preservation mode”. Apparently, your hormones and nervous system responses are less when in this mode. Your exercising efforts then do not yield much.

The 6-minute body program is focused on maintaining hormonal balance, not over-stretching your body’s ability, and preventing injuries. This puts you in a better position to make the most out of your workouts next time you get to them.

The 6-minute body program has three phases.

Building the Foundation

The foundation phase involves learning about the program and how it works. John will take you through some introductory exercises as he explains how the program is supposed to help you shed off weight.

According to John, in this phase, he will activate your hormones, and ignite your metabolism. He will help you fill your body with a lot of energy for the upcoming exercises. The exercises involved are simple and anyone can do them.

Gaining Energy from Hormones

The next phase is meant to improve your focus and concentration. It will also help you get rid of anxiety. Each set of exercises lasts for 6-minutes and it will fill your body with energy. The exercises are meant to cause a “feel-good” effect without causing your metabolism to go into “conservation” mode. These exercises give you the energetic feeling you get from caffeine or sugary stuff.

Getting the Results

The third and last phase involves getting visible results. Since you are feeling energetic and your metabolism is in “release” mode, you can now engage in more impactful exercises. This phase involves a series of cardio exercises that push your metabolism to the extreme. The result is rapid fat-burning.

The 6-minute body program costs $47. John promises 100% satisfaction guarantee, and there is a 60-day money-back guarantee just in case you feel like you did not get value for your money.

Is the 6-minute body program effective?

There is some truth to the idea that you need to give your body some time to recover in order to get the best from your workouts. It is not good to wear out your body completely.

However, the promoters of the 6-minute body program almost make it sound like you don’t have to work out a lot in order to lose weight. We don’t buy that. You have to put in some hard work if you want results.

The program offers a money-back guarantee. You can try it if you want to. It might just work for you.

We have two more fitness trainers to explore. These trainers are more of a brand themselves, than their training programs. We’ll explore them in brief.

4. The Body Coach TV

The Body Coach TV is a fitness program by Joe Wicks. Joe has built the Body Coach TV fraternity from nothing to having over 600000 clients in 10 years. Today, his fitness program and other fitness-related products are quite popular. 

Joe started the Body Coach TV by running around with dumbbells in his Richmond neighbourhood. At the time, nobody was interested in joining him. He started posting recipes for easy home-cooked meals on Instagram and managed to get some followers with whom he could share fitness tips.

Joes sells a 90-day workout plan. The plan is in the body coach app that you can download after paying for the workout plant. The plan has attracted over 600000 subscribers and has transformed the lives of many.

PE with Joe is his latest creation. It has a daily workout show on his YouTube channel. He has managed to raise over half a million pounds for the NHS through the channel.

The Body Coach app features a lot of helpful resources for anyone who wants to be fitter and live a healthier life. It features workout sessions, diet plan, fitness guides, and so many other exciting things.

5. Meg J Fitness

Meg J is a popular fitness coach with a huge following on Instagram. She has designed one of the most comprehensive fitness programs for women. She says her goal is to help self-driven women achieve their fitness goals and feel great about their bodies.

You have to check out Meg J Instagram page and then get in contact with her in order to get started with her fitness program. She offers personalized coaching in the program.

The program includes videos of all the exercises you can engage in. The workout sessions are classified based on time, fitness level, and available equipment. The workout plan is set up for you when you sign-up for the program. You just need to follow it and you’ll see some results.

If you have any question, you can ask Meg and she’ll be happy to answer you.

The program also includes personalized workout sessions. You’ll get 2-3-hour workout sessions with Meg to ensure you can really drill down on those fitness goals. One on one workout sessions are usually more effective than anything else.

What we love most about Meg J’s fitness program is the ability to fully customize your program. The program will take into consideration your schedule, movement abilities, the equipment you have access too, and so many other aspects. You will get a fitness training program that is tailor-made for you.

Parting Shot

If we must name one fitness program/trainer as the best, we would go with Jaana Kunitiz and her Body FX program. The program is comprehensive and you can get a lot of the help you need to realize different fitness goals. The other programs are unique in their own ways and would be ideal for different kinds of people. For the last two, the trainers are quite popular on social media platforms. It would be smart to first follow them and get a feel of what they have to offer, and then decide whether you should pay for their programs.

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