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The 4 Best HGH Supplements Reviews On The Market [2019]

Top Rated Growth Hormone Boosters For Body Building

Taking HGH supplements helps to improve your overall health in ways that it starts to lose as you get older. While you may hear mixed reviews about different types of supplements and just how they affect your body or whether they do what they say, HGH is one of those supplements that seems to show positive aspects for those of any age. However, there has been some controversy about this supplement as well.

What is HGH?

HGH, or human growth hormone, has received a bad reputation over the last several years. Most of the reason for this is because of sports personnel taking this supplement as a way to artificially boost their own strength and abilities in their sporting events. This is illegal when it comes to playing professional sports, but for those who aren’t playing on a professional league or team, it’s actually completely legal and, in most cases, entirely safe.

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HGH is a synthetic growth hormone that was originally created to help children who suffer from short stature and poor growth as a result of medical conditions that include Turner’s syndrome, Prader-Willi-Syndrome, chronic kidney disease and HGH deficiency or insufficiency. Children who are born smaller than average for their gestational age may also require this supplement.

For adults, the approved uses of this supplement include short bowel syndrome, deficiency or a muscle-wasting disease that could occur with HIV/AIDS. When it comes to these levels of the drug and the version that is used by doctors for these purposes, it’s not available to the average person. Supplements, however, allow HGH to be used by anyone, because they’re lower doses that are available through online resources as well as health stores.

Produced by the anterior pituitary gland, overall, HGH is responsible for a aiding your immune system, helping to repair tissue and cells and even increasing the strength of your bones. When you start getting older you’ll notice that these levels start to drop off entirely on their own. For some, however, they can start to drop off while they’re still young or while they’re not quite ready to lose some of that overall vitality. Still others want more production for a variety of other reasons. As long as you’re not doing so illegally, HGH and HGH supplements can be quite safe for use by the average person.

Why Should I Take HGH Supplements?

Those who are uncertain about taking HGH should look at the benefits and the ways that it can help. In fact, the several different varieties of HGH supplements have been found to aid in reversing your body’s so-called ‘biological clock’ in several different ways. This occurs when the supplement itself helps to boost the levels of HGH that are produced within the body. When your body produces more HGH it tends to reduce fat, build muscle, increase hair growth and even strengthen the immune system.

On top of all of these things, it can also help to improve your sex life, increase energy, regulate blood sugar, improve sleep quality, and even improve vision and memory. These results, however, have only ever been reported by non-approved studies or individuals who take the supplements and self-report. Full studies, approved by the Federal Trade Commission, have not been conducted or reported and the FTC does not state that any of the evidence they have been given shows similarities between the over-the-counter supplements and true HGH. As a result, the results are unknown and medically considered inconclusive, though there have been many positive reports.

The best thing that you can do is talk with your medical professional and make sure that you’re doing your research. Each individual is different and this means you will need to find out more about what it can mean for you and the specific conditions you’re experiencing. You want to look at the medications, including over-the-counter, natural and prescription medications to see what could cause any type of negative interaction. You want to make sure that you can safely take this supplement without having to worry about side effects from other medications or even health conditions that you’re not getting treatment for.

How HGH Supplements Works

When you take HGH supplements you actually help the pituitary gland to create even more HGH. As it produces even more HGH you’re going to have a level that’s actually closer to what you used to have in your childhood and adolescence. The high levels mean that you’re going to have a lot of the different benefits that you may have had while you were younger and it’s also going to mean that you have health benefits to go along with it. The higher HGH is going to help you in a number of ways that we’ve already talked about and it’s also going to make you feel great too.

After all, if you didn’t have the look and feel of being older you would probably feel better, wouldn’t you? Well with HGH you’re going to have that. You’ll decrease things like wrinkles and dry skin. You’re also going to increase energy and more. All of these are going to make it easier for your body to continue almost moving in reverse when it comes to time. You’ll see fewer of those signs of aging and you’re going to have even more HGH as time goes on. Overall, you’re going to start feeling even better in a short amount of time.

What Happens If I Don’t Have Enough HGH?

If your body doesn’t produce enough HGH and you’re not taking a supplement to stimulate the production of HGH you could notice lower overall health, decreased performance in all areas of your life and increased weight. You could also experience an increase in your risk for disease. All of these are the most common reasons that people seek out HGH from a medical doctor. Those who are experiencing a lowered quality of life due to muscle breakdown or to age may want to look into these supplements for completely different reasons, so they can make their body feel younger again.

Some individuals, and men especially, will start to get lower HGH as they get older. That’s because they tend to drop as men go through something called andropause. That andropause is very similar to the menopause that women will go through as they get older. For men they may start to lose out on vitality and may start to recognize lower levels of sexuality, strength and more. This is because the body slows down and stops making as much HGH, which means that you’re going to slow down over time and feel less energy.

4 Best HGH Supplements On The Market

With so many different supplements out there it can be difficult to figure out just which one is the right option for you. It can be complicated trying to evaluate all the research for yourself and trying to find the right balance of everything that you need. That’s why the research and information that you need is included here. This information will provide you with more advice on several different options for supplements and why these may (or may not) be the right one for you.

  1. GenF20 Plus (#1 Best HGH Supplement)

genf 20 full review

GenF20 Plus is one of the top supplements available for HGH because it provides a range of benefits that vary from lowering the look of wrinkles that include crows feet, laugh lines and more. It can also affect age spots, make the skin appear firmer and smoother and even increase physical stamina. Weight loss and decreased body fat, strengthened nails and increased lean muscle are also common and the product can be taken through coated tablets or an oral spray. This makes it even more effective and in a shorter time.

Studies show that GenF20 Plus provides higher levels of HGH in clinical trials and with the double blind studies that have been sponsored and conducted by the company. As a result, this supplement provides higher levels of potency and makes for a high level of success in those who are looking to increase their HGH levels. It can also can have some side effects that include increases of lipolysis, increasing fatty acids, and the stimulation of growth related to the bones. Overall, negative side effects aren’t known for this product, which makes it one that you may want to consider a little closer and see how it might work for your needs.

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  1. HGH x2 (#2 Best HGH Supplement)

hgh x2 full review

HGH x2 is a supplement that’s designed to help you boost lean muscle gains, recover faster and burn fat. All of these things are done to a high standard with a compound that’s considered very affective as well as being completely legal and safe. Somatropin is the comparable product, but this one is completely legal instead of the Somatropin compound itself. It’s also made with all natural ingredients, which makes it better for your body and your health overall. You’ll find that it’s also very affordable, which is an important aspect for anyone who wants to start feeling and looking younger.

If you have enough hormones that you’re building up muscles from normal workouts then you don’t need to use this compound. You also shouldn’t take it if you think that you’re going to be able to do whatever you want and still get results. Instead, make sure that you’re continuing to put in some work and effort. That includes eating right as well as working out and holding your own with the general necessities. Overall, there are no negative side effects that are known about this supplement at this time.

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  1. Provacyl

provacyl full review

Provacyl is a type of HGH releaser that is designed to help fight andropause. It is primarily designed for men who are going through the symptoms and effects of something similar to menopause. This is called andropause and it can reduce the amount of testosterone and HGH that is present in the body. For these individuals, Provacyl is considered an anti-aging product. It’s available in pill form and it helps to counter the different side effects and symptoms of this condition. Not only that but it also is made with herbal extracts and amino acids as well as plenty of different nutrients.

Those who are considering using this pill should review the potential benefits and drawbacks. Those who are starting to get a little older and who are starting to lose vitality in their older age are the ones that have the most to gain and they are the ones who should most be using this product. There have not been any reported side effects related to Provacyl at this time, which means that it’s considered safer (by some) than a doctor prescription. It’s considered a type of supplement instead and will take time to work alongside your regular diet and exercise.

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  1. GenFX

genfx full review

The final supplement on our list is GenFX. This supplement uses capsules to transmit a total of 17 different active ingredients. These include things like amino acids and herbal extracts and the research that has been conducted seems to be showing positive results related to each of the ingredients. Not only that but there seems to be direct links between each of the ingredients and the HGH levels that you are working to increase. All it takes is a single capsule to get all of these benefits and you can start to see results within just a couple months.

Overall, this product seems to show significant results and side effects are currently not known. In fact, none have been reported and so it appears that this product is one that can be safely used by just about anyone. As a result, you can absolutely take a look at this product if you’re looking to improve your vision, increase your energy and stamina or build up your muscle tone. No matter what you’re planning to do or how you’re planning to gain the results, if you want to increase your HGH levels you’re definitely going to want to take a closer look at this as an option.

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What to Know About HGH Supplements

When it comes to taking any of these types of supplements it’s also important to know the potential downside and risks. As with anything, there is always a risk when taking something orally and especially something that will change the way that your body produces chemicals and more. With HGH supplements this is no different. However, knowing the potential risks and the potential side effects to watch out for will help you to achieve better results and to cut down on the risks that you put yourself in.

Mood Swings:

Mood swings are the most common thing that you’ll get when you get too much HGH in your body at a time. This can happen when you have a sudden increase as well, even if you’re not actually to high in HGH at all. These mood swings could come on quickly and they could come on quite strong. You want to make sure that you are prepared in case it happens, which could cause you more serious side effects or reactions as a result.

General Side Effects

Side effects like nausea, stomach pain and even constipation, bloating and diarrhea are also possibilities when it comes to getting too much HGH in the body or getting it in too fast of increments. Keeping an eye out for these types of side effects is an important step and you’ll also want to make sure that you know how to treat them quickly if they do pop up. The best thing you can do is introduce more HGH into your body slowly and make sure that you’re taking it easy if you do have any side effects.

What’s In the Supplements? [Ingredients]

When it comes to the supplements that you’re looking for you want to take a look at what’s actually included in them. You want to look at different parts of the supplement. You also want to make sure you are paying attention to the dosages of the different compounds to make sure you’re getting every bit of power out of them.

Alpha GPC :

This is a compound that helps your body to produce the HGH that it needs. By increasing the levels that are put into your system you’re going to increase the way your body continues to produce even more.


This is a compound that will help your body to increase the level of HGH but it’s also going to help you get more sleep. This is important because it actually helps your body to produce more HGH, at a time when it’s doing the most that it can. After all, that’s where you’re to get the best results and make the most HGH.

Glycine :

This is where you’re going to get the most stimulation for protein production and it’s going to help you with your mental focus as well. All of this means that you’re going to have even more health in your overall body and you’re going to feel better as well.

L-Arginine :

This is primarily going to be used to help males with potency issues, but there are other aspects that are important as well. This is going to help other muscles to gain even more benefits and strength at the same time.

L-Glutamine :

With this compound you actually help to increase your overall metabolism and you’re going to get the HGH distributed throughout your body as well. You want to make sure that you are getting enough of this one to make sure your entire body gets the HGH.

L-Isoleucine :

When it comes to healing wounds and it comes to building up muscle you’re going to have no problem with it with this one. You’ll be able to increase your overall quality of healing and body health while you’re at it.

L-Dopa :

Here you’re going to get an improvement to the HGH that you’re getting. You’re going to have a larger boost when you get a little bit more of this, which is going to be an important aspect for your health and your muscle growth while you’re at it.

L-Tyrosine :

This is a compound that’s designed to help control mood swings, which is going to be an overall help for your mental health.

Natural Ways to Increase HGH Production

When it comes to HGH your body is actually going to produce a good amount of it on its own. But if you’re starting to get to the age where you’re not producing quite enough you can take a look at some of these methods for increasing your body’s production and output. Each of these will allow your body to start to improve in different ways. Some may be more dramatic than others and some may be only slight, but each of them are going to make a difference.

gaba supplementsUse GABA Supplements:

This is one thing you may not have heard of before, but it can be beneficial in a number of ways on its own. This is a type of non-protein amino acid that can actually help to send the right signals to your brain. Though it doesn’t actually relate directly to HGH, it seems to relay different messages to the brain that actually indirectly improve levels. In fact, research from the Medicine and Science in Sports and Exercise shows that it can increase levels by up to 400% when at rest of up to 200% with exercise.

lose weightLose Weight:

This is one of the best pieces of advice for just about any health condition that you may be struggling with. When you lose weight you actually impair the production of HGH in your body, but lowering the amount of body fat you’re carrying can greatly increase the amount of production, by as much as twice. That’s according to studies by the Journal of Clinical Endocrinology & Metabolism, which has found that those with three times as much fat as reflected in the control group likewise had half the production of HGH.

Intermittent FastingIntermittent Fasting :

Doctors and other medical professionals rarely recommend this. However, HGH levels do seem to decrease. Following a study by The Western Journal of Medicine, it was found that patients who participated in fasting for three days were able to see over a 300% increase in HGH and a full week program showed over 1250%. This clearly shows that this process is definitely something to consider. When it comes to something simple that you can do, this is a great way to get a jumpstart. But not too much.

High-Intensity ExerciseHigh-Intensity Exercise :

While this is only sometimes recommended by doctors and other medical professionals, it seems to show extreme increases in HGH levels. Following a study by The Western Journal of Medicine, it was found that patients who participated in fasting for three days were able to see over a 300% increase in HGH. Those who continued for a full week were increased by over 1,250%, which shows that this process is definitely something to consider for yourself. When it comes to something simple that you can do, this is a great way to get a jumpstart, as long as you don’t jump in for too long.

Cutting Down Meals Before Bed for weight lossCutting Down Meals Before Bed :

When you eat right before bed you actually increase the levels of insulin that your body produces. While this might not seem like a problem, it also decreases the level of HGH that your body produces. When you sleep normally you’ll actually produce large amounts of HGH, according to the Journal of Clinical Investigation, which is why many children are advised to get 8-10 hours of sleep each night. These hormones will occur naturally if you don’t eat at least 2-3 hours before you’re getting ready to go to bed.

Arginine SupplementsArginine Supplements :

Arginine is a type of amino acid that can help to increase HGH levels when taken without exercise. Though this may seem like a strange correlation, where adding exercise actually decreases the level of effectiveness of arginine supplements, it has been reflected in the Journals of Gerontology. By taking this type of supplement it’s possible to increase the level of HGH over a shorter period of time. In fact, this level of arginine should be based on the weight of the individual to be around 6 – 10 grams per day.

Get More Sports Drinks :

Sports drinks are full of electrolytes and they can be a great benefit for any athlete for that reason. But they can also help to increase your HGH levels by as much as twice, according to a study from the International Journal of Sports Medicine. Not only that but the drink can help to increase to levels of HGH later on in a workout. For those who want to lose weight and calories, take note. These high sugar drinks and the amount of calories that go along with them will only yield negative results.

eat less sugarLess Sugar :

When you are producing too much insulin you can lower the amount of HGH that your body produces. When refined carbs and sugar are ingested too much this is one of the things that will actually increase your insulin levels and before you know it, your HGH is dropping as reported in the Journal of Clinical Investigation. As a result it’s important to decrease the amount of sugar that you are taking in. This is yet another simple method to help increase the production of HGH within the body and also to aid in overall health as well. If you are able to eat a more balanced diet you’ll be better prepared and more healthy overall.

Better Sleep :

Getting better sleep is going to be a crucial element of increasing your HGH levels, which we’ve already talked about partially. You’ll get most of your HGH while you’re sleeping and this is based on circadian rhythms within the body. By getting to sleep at optimum times and sleeping better overall for quality you’re going to get the best pulses possible. This is from the Journal of Psychiatry and Neuroscience, which shows that pulses occur the most prior to and right around midnight, which is when you should definitely be getting as much sleep as possible.

natural supplements for weight lossNatural Supplements :

These are yet another possibility that can help to increase your levels of HGH by varying levels. Some, like glutamine, increase in the short-term by up to 78% according to the American Journal of Clinical Medicine, while others may increase over time. Creatine, ornithine, L-dopa and glycine are each chemicals and natural supplements that can help to increase the levels of HGH that are in the body naturally. However they tend to be most effective in the short-term rather than showing added progress and support over the long term.

Take Melatonin :

Finally, melatonin is a hormone that’s produced naturally in the body but helps to get you to sleep and also helps regulate your blood pressure. By taking supplements around bedtime you can actually help to increase the quality of your sleep as well as how long you sleep. This is according to research from several studies, including the Journal of Pineal Research. This compound is completely non-toxic and is considered safe for most users. There is some risk associated with brain chemistry and this is why it’s important to talk with your doctor before you begin taking any type of supplement, including those that are relatively natural.


If you’re looking to increase your levels of HGH you should be taking into consideration all of the factors discussed here. Look into your own physical and physiological makeup as well as any medications that you are taking. Discuss the possibility with your doctor and also make sure that you evaluate some of the natural methods that you can use. Also, make sure that you evaluate each of the different supplements we have discussed for yourself. While one or more of them may not be the right fit for you, you may also find one that is by evaluating our more in-depth research links.

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