7 Best Diet Pills On The Market For Weight Loss [2019 Reviews]

With obesity being one of the most pressing issues throughout, more and more people are looking for the best means to shed pounds. While a strict diet regimen and rigorous exercise can serve the purpose, there are several ways to accelerate the process of losing weight. Perhaps the best of them all is the use of diet pills.

Diet pills provide you with a natural, scientific and holistic way to lose weight. These diet pills compile a host of powerful ingredients which not only help in losing weight, but they also amplify the benefits you derive out of your weight loss diet and exercise. In addition, they also work on your metabolism to makes the process of losing weight an easier affair. So it is of no wonder that diet pills have become one of the most popular and widely recommended means for weight loss.

Does all Diet Pills works? Which weight loss pills assure the best results?

does diet pills work?

As the concept of weight loss and dieting are so vast and intensive, scores of companies have been regularly coming up with their own brands of diet pills just for the benefit of creating a market for their products. Most often than not, doctors give a prescription for obtaining diet pills. But there are scores of over the counter diet pills which fulfill the same purpose. And yet, most diet pills are not at all effective and some take ages to even show appreciable results.

With this in mind, we have extensively researched on the various diet pills available out there and have narrowed down on a select few which are well known as the best weight loss pills on the market.. These clinically tested and scientifically proven products are bound to help you achieve your weight loss goals and simplify the entire diet process.

The Best Diet Pills For Men And Women

1. PhenQ

phenq diet pill

PhenQ is the best diet pill in our list. It follows a multifaceted approach to weight loss through a single product in a natural way. With the power of many diet pills in one, PhenQ helps you to get the body of your dreams by losing weight in a natural way. Weight loss pills are surely a controversial topic to say the least, but the PhenQ diet pills are some of the most effective and reliable ones. Aside from helping you shed all that unwanted weight, it also elevates your mood, keeps your appetite in check and makes you feel energized. PhenQ basically operates by burning the excessive fat in your body. In addition, it also speeds up the rate of metabolism in your body.


The main ingredient is called a-LACYS RESET®.

Other ingredients include:

  • Capsimax Powder
  • Nopal
  • Chromium Picolinate
  • L-Carnitine Furmarate
  • Caffeine

Even the best over the counter diet pills don’t have ingredients as numerous or potent as PhenQ.

Working of PhenQ

As mentioned, PhenQ basically works by burning out the excess fat and cutting down your cravings and appetite. But you will be amazed to learn that PhenQ works like 5 weight loss pills in 1!

  • Reduction of fat production
  • Burning of stored fat
  • Suppresses your appetite and cravings
  • Keeps your energized
  • Keeps your mood elevated

Why is PhenQ number 1?

PhenQ has been regarded as the best diet pills in 2016, 2017, 2018, and now 2019 as well. The reasons why this product is number 1 include:

  • The PhenQ is equivalent to 5 weight loss pills in 1 product.
  • The benefits of PhenQ extend way above loss of weight alone. It also elevates your mood and suppresses unhealthy cravings.
  • It is extremely easy to use.
  • PhenQ is suitable for both men and women. Furthermore, the usage of the pills is the same for both.
  • It is suitable for both vegetarians and vegans.
  • These diet pills are 100% safe.
  • It does not mingle with other substances.
  • You do not need a medical prescription for this diet pill.
  • It is a 100% natural product.
  • You get a money-back guarantee with the product.

2. Phen24

Phen24 diet pill

The Phen24 is one of the best diet pills around and is known for its 24 hours functionality (hence the name). This over-the-top counter diet pills helps to burn out the unwanted fat deposits in a quick and reliable manner. These diet pills function 24 hours throughout. While most diet pills perform their functionality during the day, the Phen24 works both during the day and the night in helping you lose weight. The fact that it works on your metabolism even in the night is wondrous in itself and just goes on to show the might of this amazing product.


Day ingredients: Cayenne Powder, Guarana Extract, Caffeine, Iodine, Manganese, Iodine, Zinc Citrate, Phenylalanine, Copper Sulphate.

Night ingredients: Green Tea Extract, Biotin, Vitamin C, Clucomannan, Molybdenum, Chromium Picolinate, Choline Bitartrate, Hops Extract, Griffonia Extract, Vitamins B1, B5, B6.

Why should you buy this product?

Phen24 is truly one of the best diet pills that you can find.

Here’s why you should buy this product:

  • Phen24 offers you unique 24 hours functionality.
  • 100% natural ingredients.
  • Promotes good quality of sleep
  • It effectively combats fatigue and keeps you energized.
  • The pills stimulate the breakdown of fats and carbohydrates throughout the day and the night.
  • An accelerated rate of metabolism.
  • It helps in the burning of fats.

3. Meratol

Meratol diet pills

Meratol is an immensely popular proprietary blend diet pill that is a brainchild of the reputed Bauer Nutrition, and has been justifying the quality tag attached with the company. This diet pill makes you lose weight by:

  1. Effectively suppressing your hunger pangs
  2. Keeping a check on your appetite, increasing your metabolic rate, combating fatigue and keeping you energetic throughout.
  3. Eliminating fat deposits.
  4. Stimulating the breakdown of fats.
  5. Increasing the rate of metabolism.
  6. Combating fatigue.
  7. Keeps you energetic throughout.

Meratol is especially renowned to naturally excrete out unwanted fats from the body. This very characteristic of Meratol has earned the product its rightful place among the best diet pills available.


Meratol hosts a wide range of potent ingredients that contribute to its trademark feature of dumping out fats from the body.

These set of ingredients include:

  • Extracts of Capsicum
  • Cactus
  • Prickly Pear
  • Brown Seaweed
  • Caffeine
  • Medicago Sativa L.

Why should you buy this product?

Meratol has made a name for itself due to its amazing range of perks it offers in terms of its amazing functionality:

  • It consists of 100% natural ingredients.
  • The pills intensify the rate of metabolism to increase its weight loss characteristics.
  • The consumption of Meratol helps you to overcome cravings and hunger pangs.
  • It maintains the destruction of body fats.
  • Meratol helps to keep you energetic throughout the course of your weight loss regimen.
  • It enhances the functioning of your immune system and thereby contributes towards the overall health of your body.
  • The pills decrease the time required for the proper digestion of food. This paves the way for the breakdown of fats.
  • It has little to no side effects. 

4. Capsiplex

Capsiplex diet pills

Capsiplex is perhaps the ‘hottest’ product in our list. Armed with the strength and heat of capsicum, this brand of diet pills ruthlessly burns fat and calories, with as much as 278 calories going in smoke. In addition, it boosts your rate of metabolism and improves your endurance levels. It contains a set of potent ingredients which include capsicum at its prime as it is present in its high strength avatar. As such, it burns fat 12 times faster and makes you lose weight quicker than most diet pills. Like Meratol, Capsilex is also a product from the famed Bauer Nutrition and needless to say, it boasts of high quality and efficiency.


This brand of diet pills contains these ingredients

  • Capsaicin (a chemical compound omnipresent in capsicum and responsible for its trademark spiciness)
  • Caffeine (a stimulant)
  • Piperine (another spicy compound)
  • Niacin (keeps you energetic throughout).

Why should you buy this product?

As we have already stated, Capsiplex is probably the hottest product on the list. Here are a few reasons why you should absolutely consider this product:

  • It consists of 100% natural ingredients which effectively fulfill the thermogenic action of the product.
  • The spiciness of the capsaicinoids is excellent for burning fat in the body.
  • The ingredients of Capsiplex serve a multifunctional purpose.
  • It keeps your cravings and appetite in check.
  • The usage of Capdsiplex contributes to the burning of up to 278 calories.
  • It is very easy to use diet pills.
  • The quality of ingredients used is very high.

4. Proactol XS

Proactol XS diet pills

The Proactol XS bears a unique functionality considering that it not only makes you lose weight but to also help you maintain the newly gained body weight. The pills have the tendency to suppress appetite. The patented formulation of these weight loss pills includes all-natural ingredients and this product is specifically known for its composition of NeOpuntia, a potent component for weight loss.

This formulation prevents up to 28% of fat from coming into the body! Furthermore, this product extends its effectiveness even to the enhanced absorption of nutrients in the intestines.


The ingredients present in Proactol are one of the most remarkable features of this product. Aside from the highly potent NeOpuntia, it hosts other natural ingredients such as chitosan, magnesium stearate, silica and hypromellose.

Why should you buy this product?

This all-natural diet pills brand hits the right spots and rakes p as a top-notch product. The following reasons contribute to the popularity of the product:

  • It consists of 100% natural ingredients.
  • Its chief ingredient is a highly potent fiber derived from a plant which is super effective in dealing with body fat.
  • Does not contain any gluten, milk proteins or cholesterol.
  • Prevents the digestion of fats.
  • It has no side effects.
  • The pills are small and easy to swallow.

5. Forskolin 250

Forskolin 250 diet pills

The Forskolin 250 is a renowned herbal diet pills brand that keeps things simple by using just one ingredient to fulfill all of its weight loss functionalities. This single ingredient (more on that later) effectively cuts down the unwanted fat deposits and thereby helps in decreasing your body weight, making it one of the best energy diet pills.

The most noteworthy point regarding this product is that it activates fat burning by triggering the cAMP molecule (cyclic adenosine monophosphate), which effectively achieves various functions such as losing weight in a natural way, increasing your metabolic rate, retention of lean muscle mass and the breakdown of the unwanted fat deposits in the body.


Forskolin 250 uses a single ingredient- Forskolin, a substance found in the Coleus Forskohlii herb. This is super effective in paving the way towards rapid weight loss whilst also preserving muscle mass.

Why should you buy this product?

Forskolin 250 offers you a range of benefits which make it an attractive weight loss pills product to get for yourself:

  • It consists of just a single effective ingredient to achieving its weight loss functionality.
  • It utilizes a 100% natural product in its composition.
  • The product activates the hormones responsible for the burning of fat, energy and satisfaction.
  • These diet pills trigger your thyroid, resulting in the burning of fat even without the intake of everyday supplements.
  • It is very easy to use diet pills.

6. Raspberry Ketone Plus

Raspberry Ketone Plus diet pills

Who doesn’t love raspberries? Did you know that raspberries are a rich source of ketones? The Raspberry Ketone Plus comes with the distinct fruity aroma and flavor of raspberries to make it one of the most popular diet pills out there. These diet pills rake up as a supreme fat burning product owing to its amazing effectiveness.

The fruity background of this product makes it a remarkable antioxidant that increases the rate of metabolism in your body. In addition, the consumption of these weight loss pills also elevates the levels of adiponectin in your body, which boosts the energy needed to cut down unwanted fats. Last and not the least, Raspberry Ketone Plus is a brainchild of Evolution Slimming, a company that has been operational for more than a decade and has been continuously coming up with high-quality health supplements. This is one of the best diet pills for women.


Raspberry Ketone Plus, as the name suggests, uses Raspberry Ketones as the primary ingredient. These ketones are supremely effective in fat burning and the boosting of the metabolic rate.

Apart from the Raspberry Ketones, this product contains other ingredients such as caffeine, extracts of mango, green tea and acai berry, apple cider vinegar, kelp, and grapefruit pectin.

Why should you buy this product?

One of the most vibrant diet pills brand, the Raspberry Ketone Plus finds immense popularity among weight loss pursuers and online. Here’s why:

  • It consists of potent natural ingredients which are highly effective for weight loss.
  • There are no side effects.
  • The consumption of the product helps in the release of adiponectin, a hormone which helps in the burning of fat.
  • It boosts the rate of metabolism in your body.

Beginners Guide to Diet Pills:

How we determined the best diet pills in the list

Diet pills form one of the largest markets on a worldwide level and are also backed by the medical community. Naturally, there must be countless weight loss pills in the market, all of which promise to help you lose weight. However, not all of those diet pills are effective. In fact, most of them don’t work and can even do you more harm than good. so, how did we choose the 7 best diet pills that are featured in this article?

The following presents an analysis of the procedure that we have adopted in order to determine the best diet pills in the market:

A detailed coverage of the ingredients

The functionality of any diet pill is derived from its composition of ingredients. Many diet pills don’t work or are harmful because the ingredients tend to include harmful chemical additives, preservatives and coating material. Some even contain ingredients which do not have enough research to support its usage in the pills.

The diet pills presented in our list have only 100% natural ingredients and are free from any synthetic additives or chemicals. Furthermore, all the ingredients used have been scientifically tested by experts and are approved for use by the FDA.

A review of the scientific tests or clinical trials of the products

Even if a product has the right ingredients, it can still have side effects on certain consumers. As such, a diet pills brand is known to be safe and effective only after testing their usage on real people. All the diet pills here have been proven to be safe for consumption, effective in working and reliable for results. in addition, all the necessary parameters for safe consumption, the correct dosage and the application of the pills have been clearly understood for these products.

Knowing the company’s reputation

There are many fraudulent and fake companies selling products that are expired or not genuine. So, it is very important to only choose diet pills which are manufactured and sold by top-grade companies. All the top companies make their diet pills in FDA approved laboratories and therefore, supply only genuine products. Plus, the money-back guarantee, return policies, offers, discounts and the trust of the quality of the companies make these diet pills an obvious choice for being the best.

Checking the product reviews and testimonials from customers

In the end, it is the customer who uses the product and gives feedback. Customer reviews are very important as they give the potential buyer a genuine and unbiased review of the product that they are interested in. We have gone through the customer reviews of the diet pills in this list on several platforms such as Amazon, ebay, GNC and the official websites. These diet pills have the best reviews, more satisfactory feedback, good testimonials and the highest reorder rate when compared to other diet pills.

Some points to be considered regarding diet pills

Before you diet to buy diet pills for yourself and include them into your weight loss regimen, there are some important considerations to be kept in mind regarding these products:

1. Regular exercise

It is very important for one to understand that diet pills are not miracle products. You cannot expect to simply consume diet pills and lose weight magically. In order to reshape your body to the way you have dreamt of, you need to work out in the gym and engage in intense exercise.

2. Proper diet

Many people tend to starve during their weight loss regimen. While starving technically makes you shed the kilos, it is not at all healthy. The point to be noted here is that a good weight loss plan should help you in losing weight, but not muscle mass. losing muscle mass will take off all the natural core strength and stamina of your body. As such, it is important to include a balanced high protein diet into your diet schedule.

3. Consult your doctor

While the diet pills presented in this article are completely safe, it is still recommended to have a medical consultation with your doctor regarding possible side effects, directions for usage and if you are on some other medication.

Our reasons on why you should consider losing weight using Diet pills

A human’s body is the most developed in terms of biology. It can think, act and even make its own food. But as time passed and food became a part of the celebration, the human body sadly could not match up with the need of having an immensely active metabolic rate.

It was at this juncture when weight gain happened. A change in the body that happens as a result of excess fat storage in the body which is not digested by the normal metabolic rate of the body.

Diet pills are indeed an amazing solution to this problem but for you to understand why weight loss is crucial holds more value.

Here is why you should consider diet pills:

  • The optimize your appetite so that you eat only when the body needs food.
  • When coupled with a regular exercise routine and healthy eating habits, diet pills can give remarkable results.
  • These are natural and safe.
  • Taking diet pills helps in forming a routine that over the course of time becomes a habit.
  • Formulation of diet pills are tested and are sure to help in burning excess fat depositions.

The perks of losing weight:

  • The body feels light and you can go about the day without feeling tired.
  • A healthy weight keeps the mood in check.
  • Confidence and self-esteem boost.
  • You become conscious about your eating habits, an act that maintains the weight

List of foods that can help in weight loss

Eating the right amount of everything is important. The human body is such that it requires everything for its being. Few of our highly recommended foods include:

  • Food items that are high in water content like watermelon, peach, coconut, celery, muskmelon, etc. When the body works overtime to burn stored fat, it may feel exhausted. Water-rich foods supply adequate amounts of roughage and water to the body without adding calories.
  • Items that are rich in Vitamin B12. B12 holds the responsibility of ensuring the proper functionality of the immune system. While the body is getting rid of excess fat, it may feel weak as a result of size decrease. B12 gives immense strength to the body during this phase and prevents diseases. These include beef, fish, yogurt, eggs, etc.
  • A protein-rich diet is always going to benefit the body. Consumption of protein provides strength to muscles. As you start losing weight, there is a possibility that muscles can collapse. Protein ensures that does not happen. Foods that are rich in protein include oats, chicken breast, cottage cheese, eggs, greek yogurt, etc.

Maintaining weight after the loss

If compared, maintaining weight is a lot easier than said. Here is what must do after you have successfully lost the desired amount of weight:

  • Have an exercise routine. Include exercises that you enjoy doing so that you do not get bored with the plan.
  • Cook more at home. Cook in advance and store it for days when you are too tired to cook. By doing so, you will be eating healthy food.
  • Experiment with salads and smoothies. They are easy to make and keep you full for long.
  • Plan your meals in advance.
  • Go grocery shopping on a Friday. By doing so, you can plan a healthy meal for the weekend (surveys report that most binge eating happens on weekends) and the week ahead.
  • Enroll in short term gym programs so that you truly enjoy your time while there. Also, a short term membership lets you explore other forms of fitness training.
  • Walk whenever you can.

Low impact exercises that you can do anytime, anywhere:

  • Walking. It can be brisk or, it can be slow-paced.
  • Yoga. It does not require you to sweat tremendously. It also makes the body flexible.
  • Skipping ropes. You can start by doing two sets of 10 reps and gradually increase.
  • Enroll yourself in a Zumba class. The dance form is energetic and burns calories as you do it.
  • Swimming is another low-impact exercise that does wonders on your body.

Scientific Research On Diet Pills

A tropical fruit, Garcinia Cambogia is rich in the content of hydroxycitric acid. It yields citrate ions that completely block the functionality of the ATP enzyme: adenosine triphosphatase-citrate-lyase. The molecular attachment of the citrate ions to the ATP block triggers the activation of fat-burning energy that affects the lipid profile and contributes to the metabolism of the fatty deposits. In addition, it also causes the release of serotonin in the brain, which keeps your appetite in check. The metabolism of the ingested carbs is achieved by the blocking of the alpha-amylase in the pancreas and the alpha-glucosidase in the intestines.

Raspberry ketones are widely used in supplements that help you to shed weight. Even a minor dose of this compound is sufficient to reduce visceral adipose tissue weights and the induction of high lipid fat content. This is done with the inhibition of fat layers on the periphery of the liver, resulting in the reversion of leptin concentration and the normalization of lipid abnormalities. The inhibition of lipid abnormalities mediates its peroxidation and inflammation. The increase in adiponectin levels serves as a welcome bonus as the resultant energy effectively burns fats.

Scientific Research (Part 2):

Another prominent ingredient is Apple Cider Vinegar. Rich in acetic acid (a fatty acid), it helps in losing weight in several different ways. The enzyme AMPK (adenosine monophosphate-activated protein kinase) is activated by the dissolution of acetic acid into acetate and hydrogen. This automatically leads to the reduction in the storage of fat in the belly and the liver.

Most ingredients in weight loss pills have potent effects in terms of pharmacology. reveal that there are significant reductions in fat deposits, thereby reducing weight. Side effects were minor, such as dry mouth, anxiety, insomnia and headache. Proper exercise helps to reduce these problems. In addition, a diet rich in proteins, antioxidants (such as green tea) and flavonoids (capsicin) help to not only manage the stress of weight loss but also provide natural ways to preserve health during the entire weight loss regime.

The thermogenic effect of weight loss pills is a topic that has undergone a lot of scientific research. Also known as Specific Dynamic Action (SDA), the thermogenic effect of any substance is the amount of energy utilized above the basal metabolic rate to burn fat in the body. Thermogenic effects of the diet pills are a direct implication of the ingredients. These ingredients give several potent nutrients and components that work to increase the net entropy of your body.

This leads to an increase in your gross internal energy and as it is an established fact, an increase in the internal energy increases the temperature of the body. Consequently, higher temperatures help to literally burn the unwanted fat deposits. In addition, surplus energy increases your energy levels as you lose weight. Adding on the workout factor along with a well-planned diet, and then you have more tendency to lose weight naturally.


The significance of diet pills in today’s world cannot be expressed enough. Fat accumulation in the belly and muscles mass is a common issue faced by countless individuals around the globe, and diet pills offer a mixture of fat burning components to naturally shed fat and help you to lose weight. That being said, the effectiveness of these weight loss pills is optimally done by complimenting them with a proper diet and exercise schedule. The combination of these 2 factors magnifies the functional characteristics of diet pills and lets you enjoy weight loss in a healthy way.

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