Arbonne Review: Is Arbonne the Weight Loss Solution You Have Been Looking for?

Losing weight is the goal to achieve for many people in the modern world. Most people would give anything to be able to shed off weight naturally. However, that’s always easier than done.

Arbonne is one of the most popular weight loss solutions out there. The question is, is it natural?

We decided to dig a bit deeper into Arbonne to establish what it really is and whether it works.

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What is Arbonne?

Arbonne refers to a line of weight loss, skincare, hair, and beauty products. The name also refers to the multi-level marketing company that sells these products.

Today, we are only interested in weight loss products.

Before we explore the products, here is a little background information.

Arbonne, the company begun its operations in 1975. It was founded by Petter Morck. Arbonne has a multi-level marketing program that gives people the chance to make money by selling their products.

There is an active debate concerning the legitimacy of Arbonne products because of the multi-level marketing program. Some people say it is a pyramid scheme and the products are not any good.

We sought to find out what Arbonne’s products contain.

Arbonne Weight Loss Products

Arbonne’s weight loss formula is known as Arbonne evolution. It comes in two packs. The Full-Control, and the Metabolism Support.

Arbonne says that evolution will help you achieve the following;

  • Increased basal metabolic rate
  • Body fat mass decrease
  • Lean body mass
  • Better body shape

Arbonne claims that evolution suppresses your appetite. When you eat less, you get a calorie deficit and be in a better position to lose weight. They say that it will also help you manage your cholesterol levels and blood sugar.

So, what does evolution contain?

The information about the ingredients of Arbonne products is quite scanty. However, they’ve revealed that the evolution full control is majorly made of glucomannan. On the other hand, the evolution metabolism support is majorly made of green bean coffee extract.

What is Glucomannan?

Glucomannan is an extract of the roots of a plant known as Konjac. It is a water-soluble fibre that is used as a dietary supplement by chefs and many weight loss supplements. You can find it in foods such as flour and pasta.

How does glucomannan work?

Here is where things get exciting. Glucomannan is highly water-absorbent. When ingested, it absorbs the water in your stomach and forms a gel that fills up your stomach and keeps you full for long. What follows is a suppressed appetite.

We can confirm that glucomannan is one of the most vicious appetite suppressants you can get. It will certainly aid weight loss. Here is why;

  • It has a small number of calories
  • It takes up space in your stomach and keeps you full for long
  • It hinders the absorption of fats and proteins
  • It feeds on friendly bacteria and converts them into short-chain fatty acids

Green Bean Coffee Extracts

Green bean coffee extracts are known to have high levels of chlorogenic acid. The acid is said to have the ability to reduce the uptake of glucose and fat in the gut, thus lowering insulin levels and improving metabolism. It has high caffeine content and is, therefore, a stimulant as well. Its ability to aid your weight loss process is in no doubt.

Going back to the claims made by Arbonne, does evolution really increase your metabolism rate?

It seems so. Evolution metabolism support seems to have the capacity to improve your metabolism, which would go a long way in promoting your weight loss journey.

Evolution full-control mainly suppresses your appetite and hinders digestion. That reduces the uptake of fats and proteins in the gut. Glucomannan does not supply your body with any meaningful amount of nutrients.

Arbonne also claims that evolution can help control blood sugar. As mentioned above, green bean extracts can indeed control blood sugar by reducing the uptake of glucose. There is some truth to Arbonne’s claim.

Can Arbonne’s Evolution Help You Lose Weight?

Given that evolution full-control is majorly glucomannan, it is almost certain that you will lose weight if you start using it. Evolution metabolism support will make it even better by improving your metabolism rate.

Keep in mind that losing weight is not just about taking a supplement. Supplements only aid the process. Dieting and exercising are still very important.

Here are some sentiments from people who’ve used Arbonne’s weight loss products before.

Sheryl Says;

When I first can across Arbonne about a year ago, I was very skeptical about it. A lot of the discussions about it online were about its multi-level marketing programs and whether one can make money from them. I was just interested in a supplement that could help me lose weight can couldn’t give a hoot about its marketing programs.

Given that it was not all that expensive, I decided to give the Arbonne weight loss formula a go and see how things would turn out. The results were amazing I have been losing weight consistently every month, albeit a small amount, for the past eight months. I have lost up to 25 pounds over that period. The best part is, I have never had to deal with any harsh side effects.

Moses Says;

Finding a weight loss supplement that actually works can be a daunting task. I had tried dozens of supplements before I came across Arbonne. Deciding to start using Arbonne’s products was a difficult decision given where I had come from, and in the face of all that online talk that about Arbonne might be a scam. At that point, I did not have anything to lose.

I couldn’t have made a better decision. It’s been six months now and I have been losing up to five pounds every month. That’s very exciting for me, and I can wait to see where I will be in a year. Occasionally, I suffer bloating after taking the supplement, but that’s a small price to pay for the amazing results that it has provided

The testimonials about evolution are overwhelmingly positive. We have not found a reason to believe that Arbonne’s is not legit, or its weight loss products do not work.

However, keep in mind that glucomannan is a brutal dietary fiber. Some people might not be tolerant of it.

Does Arbonne Evolution Have Side Effects?

Any side effects caused by evolution would most likely be caused by the glucomannan and the green bean coffee extracts content in it.

We have seen any record of green bean coffee extracts having side effect, although we know that it has very high caffeine content. You should use evolution metabolism support early before bedtime to ensure you do not suffer insomnia.

Glucomannan has can cause the following side effects;

  • Bloating
  • Flatulence
  • Diarrhea

Many of those who have suffered these side effects have reported that they were mild.


Arbonne’s products have not been evaluated by the FDA, and they should never be used for diagnosis or treatment. Also, you should seek the advice of a doctor before you start taking them.

You must take evolution full-control with a lot of water. You need to quickly wash down the capsules to your stomach. As mentioned above, glucomannan absorbs a lot of water. It expands considerably when it absorbs that water. If the capsule happens to burst while in your throat, the glucomannan could start expanding before it reaches your stomach. You could choke is that happens.

Both glucomannan and green bean coffee extracts hinder the uptake of sugar into the blood. If you are under any diabetes medication, you should seek advice from your doctor first. If they give you the green light to use evolution, you should take the medication at least for hours before using the supplement. The will prevent the supplement from interfering with the action of the medication.

Evolution is not to be taken when you are pregnant or nursing. It should also not be taken or given to minors.

Final Thoughts

There is little to no doubt about what Arbonne’s evolution products can do. However, the truth Arbonne won’t tell you is that they can be brutal. The issues surrounding Arbonne’s multi-level marketing programs erode many people’s confidence in their products. There are just too many complaints that Arbonne is a pyramid scheme.

In light of all these uncertainties and the unorthodox manner in which evolution causes weight loss, you should go for natural weight loss supplement whose effectiveness has been proven. PhenQ is a great option for males and leanbean is the best for females. These supplements will give you a much better experience, instead of having to deal with a product that is surrounded by too many uncertainties. Also, PhenQ and Leanbean are taking top positions under our diet pills and fat burners research sections.

We reiterate that the only sure way of losing weight naturally is dieting properly and working out regularly. There’s no magical supplement that makes weight disappear.

If still want to try Arbonne’s evolution, or you’ve already tried it out, we would love to hear about your experience with it.

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