ACP 105 SARM : Dosage, How to use, Pros and Cons


Have you been stressing over wanting to look muscular? Working out in the gym 10 hours a week with no quick results? 

ACP 105 is probably just what you need. Millions of people all around the world struggle to achieve a perfect shredded physique. Bodybuilders are often in a persistent scout for a better product.

Steroids were once the most sorts after drug till many users started criticizing it for the detrimental effects like liver damage it caused.  Soon SARMs started gaining popularity after researchers observed it helped people suffering from bone disorders by promoting muscle development. Bodybuilders exploited this property.

What is ACP 105?

Nine years ago, a company – Acadia Pharmaceutical Inc had developed a Selective Androgenic Receptor Modulator (SARM) called ACP 105. This SARM is a partial agonist which was primarily created as a potential treatment for bone degenerative disorders like osteoporosis and arthritis etc. It is greatly known for its highly powerful efficiency in promoting an increase in muscle mass.

ACP 105 is one of the best, potent and yet safest means to help you gain lean muscle, endurance and strength. And what makes it stand out is the lack of harmful side effects.

How? Keep reading.

What are the benefits of using ACP 105?

ACP, like other SARMs, though maybe not as potent comes with multiple benefits. It being a partial agonist actually is a plus point.

  • It urges the body to get rid of the abnormal fat. Our body has three types of fats, namely, reserve fat, structural fat and the abnormal fat. The latter is unhealthy. ACP 105 works in such a way that this stubborn fat gets utilized and burnt.
  • Prevents muscle wasting and promotes muscle growth. This property is what makes it a suitable product for possibly curing osteoporosis and other bone disorders.
  • Helps in quick recovery from injuries and exhaustion.
  • ACP 105 provides your body with immense energy and stamina. Meaning you have longer endurance and hence can workout for extra hours without getting tired easily.
  • Greatly enhances memory and cognitive skills by increasing the levels of Androgenic Receptors (AR) in the hippocampus region.
  • Though as a SARM it is comparatively less potent, ACP 105 starts working from its very first dose. You can notice a significant gain in lean muscle mass in just a weeks’ time. You can gain 8 – 10 lbs in only 30 days.
  • The drug is 66% stronger than all popular testosterone pills.
  • It is many times safer than androgenic anabolic steroids.
  • A potential cure for breast cancer, prostate cancer and cachexia.
  • Does not cause any water retention since it does not aromatize.

It is clear how beneficial ACP 105 is. It is for the same reason ACP has gained popularity among the athletes and bodybuilders.

What are the side effects of using ACP 105?

Every body enhancer comes with side effects. Now what we want is a product with the least side effects and effects that are relatively harmless. So what are the downsides of using ACP 105?

  • A mild headache. It usually occurs when you first begin using the product. As soon as your body gets used to the drug, it stops. A higher than advised dose and using it for longer periods will leave a constant headache though (quite obvious)
  • Little suppression in the testosterone levels. This usually begins from the 7th or 8th week of use. This is when you need to stop the cycle and go for a Post Cycle Therapy (PCT)
  • You may experience fatigue and nausea.
  • User may feel exhausted quicker in the 7th or 8th week.

None of the side effects are permanent and are all reversible. Once you go for the PCT cycle, your body gets refreshed. And this time stronger, thanks to ACP 105. This shows that ACP is so much safer than anabolic steroids like Dbol, Winstrol, Clenbuterol and Deca Durabolin. Steroids cause very harmful irreversible symptoms like damage to the liver and kidneys, shrinkage of the testicles and abnormal hair growth in both men and women.

How does ACP 105 work?

ACP 105, like other SARMs work by mimicking the role of the androgen – testosterone. It selectively binds with the androgen receptors (AR), working uniquely on each one of them. This ensures that it only does the necessary work and does not cause damage to vital organs and functions.

ACP 105 reduces the High Density Lipoproteins while increasing the fat free mass. This is how you grow muscles but don’t get obese. Lack of aromatization ensures there is no elevation in estrogen levels, hence no water retention.

It interferes with the negative feedback loop of the Hypothalamus – Pituitary axis. This results in an increase in testosterone levels. This is why using SARMs for longer periods disrupt the hormonal balance and causes a testosterone suppression. A PCT corrects this easily.

Thus, ACP does the necessary work. You have achieved muscle growth while maintaining a healthy weight. Your body looks shredded, fit and healthy.

ACP 105 dose explained

We advise you to take the product after a meal and at least half hour before you hit the gym (or workout at home).

Women: Taking 5 mg per day for 8 weeks does the required work.

Men: 10 mg per day for 8 – 12 weeks is just the right duration for desired results.

Please do not use more than advised. You obviously don’t want side effects to kick in.

Stacking ACP 105 with other SARMs

While ACP 105 alone can help you with both bulking and cutting, SARMs are generally stacked to give you an enhanced benefit of each SARM used. These stacks work faster and more efficiently.


Stacking ACP 105 with Ligandrol LGD 4033 is perhaps one of the best bulking stacks. You may also go for MK 677.


Ostarine MK 2866 when stacked with any SARM is an excellent option. It promotes fat loss higher than any other product. So stacking it with ACP 105 is definitely our favorite.

Does ACP 105 require a Post Cycle Therapy?

ACP 105 essentially does require a PCT. After using it for 7 – 8 weeks, a testosterone suppression is observed. In addition, you start feeling easily exhausted and may feel nauseated too. This is the signal that you now need to stop using the SARM and begin the PCT cycle.

Since ACP 105 is not  a very potent product, it does not require using powerful PCTs like Clomid or Nolvadex.  A certain product called Red PCT is made from only natural ingredients. Contents like Bisporus, Luteolin, Resvaratrol, Grape Seed Extract and some other natural extracts make it the healthiest option. Using it for 4 weeks will do the needful.

Where should I buy ACP 105 from?

SARMs should always, with no exception, should be bought from a trustworthy reliable source.

SARMs store is a website that sells pure products.

You can buy a bottle of ACP 105 5mg which comes with 90 capsules here: Click Here

Some Testimonials by real users

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Q. Is ACP 105 a legal product?

A. Despite all its positive benefits, the Food and Drugs Administration (FDA) has not approved ACP 105 or any SARMs yet. They are still under research and are unclear about long term effects on our body. But with what users have reported till date, none have experienced any harmful irreversible effects. It is safe to say that SARMs are definitely not going to harm you as long as you take doses as per advised.

Q. Why choose SARMs over anabolic steroids?

A. Anabolic steroids are extremely potent and sure give you muscle growth faster than an other existing product but it is infamous for its permanent and harmful effects on one’s body. Steroids interfere with vital functions and damages the liver and sometimes the kidneys. Males develop breasts and there have been reports of men experiencing a shrinkage of testicles. While some go bald, some develop hair growth at abnormal places (both men and women).
On the other hand, SARMs work selectively on the Androgen receptors and only interferes with the negative feedback loop of the Hypothalamus to increase Testosterone levels. This ensures that none of your vital organs gets effected. You may notice Testosterone suppression, headache and nausea – all of which are only temporary. Once you start Testosterone Boosting Supplements or PCT, everything gets normal.
It is clear as day that SARMs are safer than anabolic steroids.

Q. Can I stack ACP 105 with RAD 140?

A. Yes, you absolutely can. In fact, you can stack ACP 105 with any SARM you want. Users experiment and keep changing stacks to see which one works best for them. You have the freedom to switch stacks and decide what works best for you.

Q. Can a heart patient use SARMs?

A. SARMs are still under research and we do have a scientific statement as to how exactly does these effect your health. So whatever we say, take it with a grain of salt. You might want to consult a doctor or physician if you are a heart patient willing to use SARMs.

Q. I am diabetic. Can I use SARMs?

A. Some users report saying that using SARMs has helped improve the sugar levels. That being said, we do not have a scientific study stating this. So please do consult a doctor or physician before you start using any SARMs.

Q. Which is the best SARM for muscle growth?

A. We do not have an exact answer. Some may RAD 140 is the best, some say MK 2866 is and some others might say nothing can beat ACP 105. What we know is, this depends completely on the user. Every person’s metabolism is different and so is the effect of each drug on one’s body. But yes, you can be sure that no SARM is going to harm you. You are free to experiment by changing the SARM you use each cycle.


ACP 105 is undoubtedly an excellent product when it comes to help you get muscular, stronger and healthier. Although it is a relatively lesser potent SARM, taking it in the right doses while also following a proper diet and exercise schedule gives you the results you desire. ACP 105 is both a good bulking and cutting product. But why not aim for the best? Stacking SARMs enhances the benefits and so is a popular culture among Bodybuilders and athletes.

It is important to keep in mind that SARMs are not approved by the FDA. Therefore it is advisable to talk to a physicist or a doctor prior starting the dose. Always stick to the recommend dose.

Following the rules and keeping yourself healthy will let you achieve the reward in no time. Now that you know everything you need to know, what more are you waiting for? Let your body be as strong as you are with ACP 105 today.

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