The Mission and Vision of
The Institute of Child Nutrition

The ICN's Mission
The mission of the Institute of Child Nutrition is to provide information and services that promote the continuous improvement of child nutrition programs.

The ICN's Vision for Child Nutrition
The vision of the Institute of Child Nutrition is to be the leader in providing education, research, and resources to promote excellence in
child nutrition programs.

How does ICN accomplish its mission?

As a national center, the Institute provides information, conducts applied research, and offers training and education opportunities using appropriate technology.

Who does ICN serve?

The Institute serves anyone connected with the
child nutrition programs: school lunch, school breakfast, summer feeding, and Child and Adult Care Food Program.  

When was ICN established?

The Institute of Child Nutrition was authorized by Congress in 1989 and permanently authorized in 1994. Section 21 of the National School Lunch Act contains complete information about the Institute.