How to Register for ICN's Online Courses

The Institute of Child Nutrition is developing an exciting range of online courses for professional development and continuing education credit. These courses are described in ICN's Online Course Catalog.

You can see a brief description of the course, the number of hours each course is likely to require to complete, and a link to a more detailed description - as well as a link to register now.

The detailed description page for each course will also provide a link to register for the course.

To register for any of our online courses, follow these easy steps.


Once you have selected an online course, click on the link to register.


This link takes you to a log-in screen.

The instructions say:
Do you have an account profile on the ICN Web site?

If you do not currently have an account profile, you may Create an Account Profile here. After you have created your profile, your course registration will continue.



If you have previously created an account profile on the Web site, please enter your user name and password and click the login option.


The next screen asks you if you are registering for the course for your own use.

Click on the My Own Use button.


You will be taken to an acknowledgement screen, and you will also receive an acknowledgement e-mail. 


 The acknowledgement screen says this:

Your course is now available

You have successfully registered for the course xxx. You will receive an email confirming your registration for this course.
And you may
click here to view your registered courses.


When you follow the instructions and "click here" the system will take you to the list of online courses that you have registered for with the latest one listed at the top. When you click on the title of the course it will take you right into the course. If you are asked to log-in to the Web site again before you gain access to the course, just follow along and the system will take you back to the ICN Main Menu.



You have successfully registered for an online course. When you log-in to the Web site it will open on the ICN Main Menu. There will be a Toolbox on the left side of the screen. In the center of the page there will be a list of the latest resources uploaded to the ICN Document Library.  

In the Toolbox, there will be a section for My Courses








Click on your My Courses link to bring up the list of courses that you have registered for. Click on the course title to get started or to go back right where you left off.




NOTE: in your Toolbox, you also have a section called My Certificates.
Upon successfully completing the course and submitting the course evaluation, you can find your certificate in this section.
It will be here for you to print when you need it, today or next year.

Your online course will stay in your My Courses section after you complete it, so you can track your progress.
You can always go back to the course for a quick refresher any time you want.