Food Service Assistant...You Are Important 

Food Service Assistant...You Are Important online course consists of 4 lessons focusing on the important roles of the food service assistant and the skills needed to achieve the school nutrition program's goals. The food service assistant is a key player in achieving the nutritional, educational, and financial goals of the school nutrition program. This course is designed to help food service assistants expand their knowledge, develop new skills, and understand the importance of their role in the school nutrition program.

The suggested target audience for Food Service Assistant ... You Are Important is the school food service assistant. In this course, the food service assistant will learn the important roles and the skills needed to achieve the goals of the school nutrition program, how to effectively communicate with co-workers, and why it is important to work as a team.

The course is based on ICN's research on competencies, knowledge, and skills required of effective school nutrition assistants. This course is based on the following functional areas and competencies:

Functional Area 1: Food Production
Competency 1.1: Maintains high standards of control for quality food production and service.
Competency 1.2: Follows operational procedures for efficient and effective food production and service.


Functional Area 3: Customer Service
Competency 3.1: Maintains quality standards for the presentation and service of food in a pleasant environment.

Functional Area 6: Professional Excellence
Competency 6.1: Performs all duties and responsibilities in an ethical and professional manner.
Competency 6.2: Communicates effectively with unit manager and other employees.
Competency 6.3: Provides leadership as a team member of the school community.

Food Service Assistant... You are Important