Adult Day Care Fact Sheets


This series of fact sheets provides nutrition related guidance for providers of adult day care. Information includes CACFP meal patterns for adults, nutrition needs, feeding techniques, and food safety. Published 2006.  Fact sheets are PDF files and require Adobe® Acrobat® Reader software.


CACFP Meal Pattern for Adults
Breakfast, Lunch/Supper, Supplemental Food (Snack), Types of Meal Service, Offer Versus Serve, Special Nutrition Needs
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Nutritional Needs of Adult Day Care Participants
Do a Nutrition Assessment; DETERMINE The Warning Signs of Poor Nutrition; Follow Nutrition Guidelines for Carbohydrates, Protein, and Fat; Focus on Fiber; Meet Vitamin and Mineral Requirements, Limit Sodium Intake
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Feeding Techniques for Adult Day Care Participants
Create a Pleasant Dining Atmosphere, Maintain Proper Positioning, Provide Special Foods and Eating Aids, Use the Team Approach to Identify and Solve Mealtime Problems, Verbal Cues, Physical Cues
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Food Safety Basics
Common Causes of Foodborne Illness, Start with Safe Food, Store Foods Properly, Keep Hot Foods Hot and Cold Foods Cold, Remember Time, Prevent Cross-Contamination
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