CARE Connection: Learning Connection


Just about any early education concept can be learned through food! When children engage all of their senses, they learn in a meaningful and memorable way. Shapes, letters, math concepts, science, and multicultural education are all highlighted in this series of learning lessons.

Counting in the Kitchen
After reading a story about food and counting, children will practice counting as they prepare 1-2-3-4-5 Yogurt Sundae.
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Dividing and Sharing
Children will be exposed to the concepts of division, fractions, and counting through food activities such as portioning and sharing.
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Eating My ABCs
After reading Eating the Alphabet: Fruits & Vegetables from A to Z, providers will be encouraged to use food cards to reinforce the concept of foods beginning with different letters. Children will eat an alphabet snack to accompany this lesson. Revised 2013.
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Foods from Many Places
Children are introduced to multicultural food choices in this lesson.
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The Many Forms of Food
This lesson will introduce children to the concept that foods can be changed by different methods of preparation and cooking.
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The Many Shapes of Food
Children will listen and participate while the leader reads a story that highlights how food can be shaped like circles, squares, or triangles.
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