CARE Connection: Craft Connection


Children are encouraged to play, create, and cooperate as they participate in fun craft activities. As they hop aboard the food train, create food puppet shows, or make a food and play booklet, children will learn about the five food groups and the importance of dietary variety.


Food Puppet Fun
Children will make food puppets that inspire creativity, encourage cooperation, and reinforce the concept of how the foods we eat affect our energy and how we feel.
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Growing and Changing
After listening to the story of The Very Hungry Caterpillar, children will compare themselves to their baby pictures and create a growth chart to monitor their changes throughout the year.
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Hop Aboard the Food Train
Children will create a food train to learn about different food groups. A new take on a favorite activity. Revised 2013.
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My Food and Play Book
Children will create a My Food and Play Book with space for favorite foods, pictures of active play, and a section to record new foods.
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A Rainbow of Flavors
This activity will expose children to a variety of fruits and vegetables, reinforce the concept of colors, and describe the healthful benefits of eating colorful fruits and vegetables.
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Seeds to Veggies
Children will learn that many of the foods we eat come from plants. After listening to a classic story, they will do a simple planting activity.
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