CARE Connection: Cooking Connection


Convincing young children to try new, nutritious foods is a snap with these fun hands-on snack activities. Cooking lessons geared to young children include an emphasis on each of the five food groups. From Banana Pops to Moo Juice Smoothies, children will delight in yummy learning!


Banana Pops
Children will listen to a story about fresh fruits and then prepare banana pops, a snack they can eat fresh or as a frozen pop later. Revised 2013.
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Little Red Hen Bread
After listening to the story of The Little Red Hen, children will participate in a simple whole wheat baking activity. Revised 2013.
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Moo Juice Smoothie
After listening to the story, From Grass to Milk, children will help make smoothies. Revised 2013.
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It's Potato Time
Children experience a variety of vegetables when preparing a creative snack. Revised 2013.
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Vegetables and Wraps
Children will learn about food groups while they make a fun salad wrap. Revised 2013.
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Yummy Hummus
Children will learn about the Protein food group while making Yummy Hummus. Revised 2013.
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