Cooks for Kids



Cooks for Kids is a series of satellite training programs from the National Food Service Management Institute that celebrates the fact that healthful food for children can, and should, be served everywhere.


We believe that children should have access to healthful food and be able to make healthy food choices wherever they are - at home, in school, and out in the community. Reversing the childhood obesity epidemic is a shared responsibility. And we know that schools cannot accomplish these goals alone. It will take the commitment of parents, the foodservice industry, the media, and schools working together to reverse the childhood obesity trend.


Cooks for Kids is a forum to demonstrate how we can work together. In Season One, episodes focus on healthful food and cooking techniques not only at school but also in restaurants and at home. This integrated look at our children's total food experience is what makes Cooks for Kids unique.


Cooks For Kids Season One


Season Two of Cooks for Kids: Healthy Cooking Across America takes you on a culinary adventure that explores healthy foods and techniques that schools can adopt. Each episode, our chef host shows how to prepare three regional favorite dishes that are real student pleasers, and then the nutrition host shares nutrition insights.


Cooks for Kids Season Two: Healthy Cooking Across America


Season Three, Cooks for Kids: Cooking Green Across America, will take a look at the foods served at schools from seed to table and back to dirt through composting. It shows the connection schools have with local farms to serve healthy meals in school cafeterias, how they are using the school garden to teach children about where food comes from and improve student nutrition, and look at ways schools are becoming more ecofriendly. Chef Marvin Woods will take us into the Cooks for Kids kitchen and show us tasty ways to prepare healthier foods for school children. He will also demonstrate easy classroom activities that reinforce healthy food concepts. Cooking Green also means being economical about food preparation and the foods demonstrated by the chef and prepared by the schools will emphasize seasonal, economical food production, using USDA Foods when possible.


Cooks for Kids Season Three: Cooking Green Across America


Season Four, Cooks for Kids: Chefs Move to Schools takes you across the country to see how schools, chefs, and farmers are teaming up to provide healthier meals for school children. In Episode 1, we visit Viroqua, Wisconsin, to see how Viroqua Area School District has partnered with a French chef and has figured out a fun way to get local, seasonal vegetables on the menu all year long. Then off to Orlando, Florida, in Episode 2 to see how Orange County Public Schools have teamed up with local chefs and really got the students fired up about healthy eating by taking part in the Recipes for Healthy Kids Competition.


Cooks for Kids Season Four: Chefs Move to School


Participants will learn techniques used by culinary professionals to produce high quality foods that are flavorful, nutritious, and appealing. Each episode will feature a school that is putting these principles to practice. Handouts, brochures and discussion guides for each episode are available for free download.