Katie Wilson Received Silver Friend Of Child Nutrition Award At National Fame Award Ceremony
Date Posted: 1/24/2014

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Wilson has dedicated her career to an ideal that all children in the United States and around the world should have access to safe, healthy food inside their school.  Wilson has spent many years in school nutrition as a director and assistant director in several school districts.  Wilson began to carve her mark in the industry during that time by making improvements in her school nutrition programs that had long-term benefits.


Today, Wilson is charged with training professionals in the industry through NFSMI.  She has combined collective expertise, resources and compassion to offer training to NFSMI members that reach many students in the United States.  She has created regional training teams to allow her organization to reach and train thousands of school nutrition employees.  Last year under Wilson’s leadership NFSMI trained over 7,550 employees face-to-face and she expanded an online training program that is available free of charge.

Wilson’s career has allowed her to use her vision to revolutionize and reinvent what was once considered “old-fashioned” foodservice into a legacy of programs that provide nutritional education and healthy meals for students.  Her contributions to child nutrition are changing how education and training are viewed, distributed and used by millions worldwide.


Although her position places a high demand on her time, Wilson has found time over the years to hold numerous positions in the School Nutrition Association – including national and local president and national foundation board chairperson.  Wilson is known for the way she contributes to her profession by encouraging and mentoring colleagues.  She has continued to convey a positive message about child nutrition by helping others develop personal leadership roles and participating in child nutrition education.  Wilson has a gift for teaching and is truly an advocate of child nutrition today and for the future.


For 25 years the FAME Awards have been honoring school nutrition professionals who raise industry standards by tackling challenges within their school districts and communities. This prestigious program is sponsored by Basic American Foods, Schwan’s Food Service, Inc. and Tyson Foods, Inc.   For more event details, visit or