Cashier's Training for Recognizing a Reimbursable Meal is now Available
Date Posted: 10/2/2013

NFSMI's new Cashier's Training Resource was developed to assist cashiers in child nutrition programs to recognize and properly credit a reimbursable meal.  

Cashier's Training Resource focuses on recognizing a reimbursable meal at the point-of-service.  It provides short skill-building activities for cashiers to recognize reimbursable meals. 

The Speed Round included in this training is a quick activity for individuals to determine if a series of meals meet the requirements of a reimbursable meal.  The activity is designed to take less than two minutes to complete.  The training can be taught in short intervals or as a 2-hour session. The resource includes a trainer's manual, participants' workbook, and PowerPoint presentation. Published 2013.

Find this new resource here: